If You Like to Try Rough Sex, Are You a Freak?

Sexual fantasies are common, however, your kinky dreams can frighten you. And if you want to pursue rough sex, you might not know how to permit yourself. Furthermore, you will be hesitant to bring it up with your mate.

Nobody likes to be refused, particularly when it comes to anything as private and personal as sex. But, if you\’re curious about rough sex, do you consider yourself a freak?


What is Rough Sex?

You\’ve already heard about submissive women. It occurs when one participant assumes a dominant position during sex while the other partner assumes a submissive role. During intercourse, the superior party assumes the initiative, initiates, and is more assertive.

Submissive sex, in a nutshell, takes the inherent balance that already happens in a partnership (dominant and submissive) and allows one party to further amp up their supremacy.

This is the foundation for rough sex. When it comes to rough sex, one participant is not only dominant, but also wild, raw, and sometimes offensive.

Rough sex varies depending on who is getting it, but in general, it consists of spanking, hair dragging, chewing, and scraping.

Rough sex may even include moderate throttling, gagging, and even playing mind games with your lover, forbidding them from orgasming before you encourage them to. Some partners like using props such as whips, handcuffs, and paddles during rough sex.

The rough sex you like to have with your wife would be determined by the two of you, what you are happy with, and, most significantly, what you plan to do together.


Rough Sex can be Voluntary

Most of the main reasons we\’re afraid of rough sex are because of the taboos that accompany it. It appears filthy, naughty, violent, and sometimes brutal.

And that is just what it is when it is not consensual. Given the #In The MeToo campaign, women must speak out on what they are comfortable with within the bedroom and what makes them feel relaxed and motivated.

You\’ll hear a variety of stories on how much people like rough sex. However, sex is very personal and private, and not everyone is turned on by the same thing, which in this case is rough sex.

There\’s nothing wrong with being excited about it or trying to give it a shot, so it\’s important that all parties are involved and willing to give it a shot. And if one partner is dominant and hard, sex is a two-way path.

Rough sex may be physically destructive, coercive, and sometimes harmful if it is not consensual.

So, before you go wild and insane, make sure you and your buddy are on the same page.


Determine What Dominance Means to you

There are many avenues for people to have rough intercourse, but you do not like them all.

Do you want your companion to be more assertive and take the initiative, for example? Do you want him to discipline you, or do you want him to restrain you?

Try imagining various situations to see which ones pique your interest. Now, decide which one you\’d like to do for your mate.


Accept Liability for your Fantasies

Whether you and your wife are new to rough sex, start slowly. To begin, bring it up in a discussion with him to gauge his interest. Then, after you\’ve decided on the kind of rough sex you prefer, tell him.

Be casual yet truthful, telling him what gets you excited in bed. Then, ask him if you should check it out on a future night or weekend.


What Do You Do if Your Companion is Hesitant?

It\’s normal for your companion to be wary. Overall, you may have been embarrassed to discuss your hard sex dreams. But be prepared for him to need some time as well. Most notably, do not compel him to engage in rough sex if he is not interested. You wouldn\’t want him to do anything like that to you, would you?

Recognize this and consult with the mate to determine what he is compatible with. You may start with tiny steps in dominance and rough sex. When you\’re no longer okay with the rough sex, you should devise a code word to use.

Just be careful not to use terms like \”No!\” or \”Stop!\” since these may be misinterpreted as \”Yes!\” and \”Keep moving!\” Instead, choose a neutral term that all of you know as the prompt to end the scene.


Assure the Mate of The Desire to Explore Rough Intercourse

For a variety of causes, the girlfriend might be offended if you mention rough intercourse. For one thing, he or she might be concerned that you are being bored with them. Or that he or she is no longer appealing or suitable for you.

Assure your mate that you are not engaging in rough sex when you are lonely.

Instead, tell them you want to pursue rough sex with them because you trust them and want to discover some aspect of your sexuality with them.


How to Stay Healthy During Harsh Sex

You do not want to go into the specifics of rough sex. You\’d rather say, \”Let\’s get rough and gritty,\” but if you\’re just starting, it\’s necessary to be far more specific.

What do you want him to do? And to what extent? This must be addressed such that neither you nor he has a negative sexual encounter. It\’s fine to start tiny to see if you\’re all happy with it and want to take it forward.

There\’s no doubt that rough sex is hard, but it can also be exciting if both of you are on board.

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