Is Forbidden Sex the Best? 10 Reasons Married Men Are Happier.

The horror and agony of discovering that your husband is having an affair with another woman are difficult to put into words.

Women are also nuts for married men, considering the reality that affairs shatter confidence and may even ruin a friendship. Why is this the case? Why are married men so seductive to women?


Gender With no Strings Attached

Sex with married men is appealing since there are few if any, constraints. He goes his way after the romantic intimacy, and you go yours. You are free to do anything you want, work anywhere you want, and be whoever you want.

And, to be honest, he has nothing to tell about it. But you get to have a lot of sex without having to deal with the compromise and sacrifice that comes with a typical partnership.


Affair Intensifies Sex Rivalry

When you have an affair with a married guy, you might not know his partner. You may have no idea what she looks like. In reality, you may just know what she\’s like based on what he says.

No, more than certainly, he would not sing her praises. Instead, he would make fun of her and set her down. This makes her seem to be a weaker lady, whereas you appear to be the superior, more attractive one.

So, in your opinion, you\’ve earned. You\’ve defeated her, and you\’ve triumphed in the race for this one guy. This can give women a sense of control. After all, you\’ve successfully enticed a married man away from his child.


Married Men With more Life Experience

Single men are fantastic. After all, while they aren\’t shacking up with married guys, most people sleep with them. The benefit of conducting an affair with a married man is that he is still familiar with a woman\’s body.

He already understands what women require and want in general. He couldn\’t help himself. He shares a home with one.


Anything Banned is Simply more Appealing

Don\’t even consider chocolate chip cookies.

What came to mind after reading this sentence? Even if you weren\’t meant to think of this quintessential American cookie, chances are you did, and you imagined how delicious they are fresh out of the oven.

Consider Belle, who was specifically banned from joining the Beast\’s castle\’s West Wing. What exactly did she do? She went right there.

In brief, when we are advised not to do anything, we not only consider doing so, but we even glorify it. And the more prohibited anything is, the more attractive it becomes.

So, getting intercourse with a married man is much more appealing if it violates a significant social norm. And after you\’ve done that, you\’ll know you can outsmart the machine.


Affair adds to the Drama of Your Life

Some people like suspense, mystery, and hanging out with the \”bad guy.\” And conducting an affair with a married man provides a good balance to all three.

When you\’re having an affair, you don\’t have to watch any episode of your television sitcom or reality TV show. You may also sample it as well.


Affairs Reenact Relational Patterns From Adolescence

Women with unresolved emotional problems from their childhood may pursue these trends in their adult relationships.

Unfortunately, several women have mentally unreliable parents. As a result, they search out men who are often emotionally unreliable.

Married men suit the bill well. After all, they can\’t open up to you because they\’re too preoccupied with their wife and baby if they have any.

In certain ways, you feel better this way: you and he are less exposed to the risks that come with being in a stable partnership.


The “Good Ones” are Married Couples

We tend to idolize something we don\’t have. And if it seems that all the guys out there are afraid to commit, or do not seem to be respectable enough, you look to where the \”healthy ones\” are: married, with other people.

However, this does not discourage any ladies. You want a good, stable man, and even if that means he\’s already taken, what\’s to stop you from bending some laws to enjoy him as well?


Women Provide Men with What Their Mothers do not

Nearly half of all American marriages are sexless, and there are a variety of reasons at work. Although, by the end of the day, neither husbands nor wives are getting much sex.

And it\’s not like these guys aren\’t into women. In certain situations, it\’s just because they don\’t get along with their wives. When this occurs, having intercourse with a married man implies that you are offering him everything that his wife is not.

Again, this gives you the impression that you are superior, strong, and that you are winning a competition that does not even exist.


Married Men offer you a Sense of Importance

A single man will date you, make love to you, lavish you with presents, and make you feel like his wife. However, the danger associated with all of this is almost non-existent.

A married guy, on the other side, would do all in private. And the secrecy of your affair makes you feel unique and significant. After all, he needs to go to great lengths to meet you for dinner, buy something exclusive for you, or sleep with you.

The complexity of the commitment brings meaning to it and helps you feel as though he is loyal to you – may be more than a single man might.


He is Unable to Divorce His Wife from you

Many people long for a guy who would respect and dedicate themself to them. However, not all women want this. In reality, many women are turned off by a man who desires a long-term, serious partnership. In reality, having an affair with a married man makes you feel comfortable because you realize he would never abandon his wife for you.

There is no clear explanation for why married men are so appealing to other people. The ten factors addressed here do not make the situation any less damaging or painful for anyone concerned.

They can, though, tend to understand why married men are more desirable than single men.

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