What is Submissive Sex and how Does it Help you Feel More Feminine?

The MeToo campaign is assisting many people in speaking out about sexual harassment and the gender structures that accompany it. As a result, encouraging women to have submissive sex could seem to be incorrect. After all, isn\’t this going to make it harder for women?

Playing with power during sex turns out to be empowering and something you can do – at least once!


The Dynamics of Dominant and Submissive Power

The concept of power relations of sexual relationships could not appear relevant to you.

However, if you look closely at your present partnership, you can see that there are clear power structures at work. When it comes to women, there are always submissive or dominant mates. None of these are you? What is your companion?

Couples may have one aggressive and one submissive member. Alternatively, two submissive partners or two dominant partners. However, in most cases, one participant is the dominant sexual partner and the other is submissive.

During intercourse, partners who play the dominant position normally take the lead. As a result, they take the initiative, direct, and advise, and are usually more assertive than their spouse. Submissive spouses, on the other hand, choose to follow the lead and answer to their mate.

It is important to note that only because you or your partner are authoritative (or submissive) in the bedroom does not imply that you or your partner perform such positions in the majority of the life – or all aspects of the relationship. Although, in most cases, certain force relations can emerge spontaneously while you\’re under the covers.

But how can these inherent power relations play out in submissive sex?


What Exactly is Submissive Sex?

Submissive sex emphasizes the natural power relationships between dominant and submissive sex partners.

So, if you\’re normally the submissive kind, you can potentially swap roles and become the dominant one. Alternatively, whether you are typically the dominant kind, you should fully immerse yourself in your position and act out your fantasies.

In brief, for submissive sex, one partner wields authority and commands the other. And, although you might not like it outside of the bedroom, it can be a huge turn-on for both people during sex.


Why is Submissive Sex so Popular

According to Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D., women undergo a sexual paradox. He claims that “all of us tend to have subcortical circuits for both sexual domination and submission.”

As a result, even though women (and men) might switch positions, Seltzer and other researchers discovered a \”very complicated connection with [a woman\’s] ability to be dominant or submissive.\”

All of this is to suggest that if you want to be either submissive or dominant, you can look into it. Not only is it a biological aspect of the human psyche, but it can also be a lot of fun to discuss with your mate.


How to Maintain Comfortable and Pleasurable Submissive Sex

It\’s important to remember that not all submissive sex is created equal. After all, when one spouse violates power relations and exploits the other, psychological, physical, and emotional damage may result.


As a result, it Is Critical That Submissive Sex Be Consensual And Desired By All Parties

Furthermore, it can be quite arousing and rewarding if you already have a caring and trustworthy friendship.


How Submissive Sex Will Help You Feel More Feminine

If submissive sex is unfamiliar to you, it can be difficult to understand that it is empowering for women. But here are five explanations why experimenting with power dynamics will improve femininity.

Submissive Sex Allows you to Explore your Whole Identity

Humans are extremely complicated, but we typically articulate only one aspect of ourselves. Submissive sex allows you to explore other aspects of your nature in a comfortable and intimate environment.

And, since submissive sex is so distinct from how you usually act in daily life, it will greatly enhance your experience as a woman.


You Become Fearless as a Result of Submissive Sex

This form of sex will help you transcend your fear of judgment and rejection, whether you want to be the dominant or submissive spouse.

Nothing is more empowering than a fearless woman in bed.

Submissive sex removes the blame and embarrassment from sex.

And the fact that we are encouraged to have plenty of awesome sex, people often feel ashamed and humiliated about sex.

It\’s quick to censor yourself and adhere to the usual practice in the bedroom, whether it\’s their erotic dreams, enjoying, or trying to pursue submissive sex.

When you pursue submissive sex with someone you know, it provides you and your sexual desires with a secure haven free of embarrassment or shame.

Instead, you both add a great deal of interest and vulnerability to your sexual relationship, which can result in some pretty hot and inspiring encounters.


Submissive Sex Assists you In Relinquishing Control

Submissive sex can be immensely rewarding whether you are a Type A personality, have a lot of anxiety, or want to be in charge. Why is this so? And, for once, you will give off the reins to someone else and relax.

Submissive sex, in particular, will provide psychological relaxation. The same may be said about men who play the submissive part.


You\’re Irresistible When you\’re Having a Submissive Intercourse

When it comes to submissive sex, there is an intriguing paradox. On the one handresultou are in the submissive position, it may seem that you have little power – and to some extent, this is correct.

However, becoming submissive gives you a lot of control. According to Seltzer, women\’s willingness to be submissive might be motivated by a desire to be irresistible. In brief, women expect a guy to be unable to contain himself during sexual acts.

And, as long as there are certain constraints, as well as reciprocal consent and voluntary understanding, submissive sex may seem like a kind of empowerment for many people, since their allure causes a man to lose control.

Submissive sex will conjure up a slew of derogatory and prohibited connotations. However, once you plan to do it for your girlfriend, it will open up a whole new level of intimacy that seems to empower you result

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