20 Inspiring Relationship Quotes to Lift Your Spirit

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but being in a long-distance partnership is not pleasant.

Couples must prioritize date nights, quality time, and contact even though they are not in the same place, which may be difficult. According to research, long-distance partners are happiest because there is an end date for the distance, but attempting to find out whether and how the gap will be closed certainly brings some strain to a partnership.

So, what should you do? When it comes to holding passion alive, language and the written word are important weapons.

Relationship quotations have the power to transform and uplift our spirits, to reinforce our resolve, and to inspire us to remain faithful and committed to our spouse – particularly though we are in a long-distance relationship.

Here are 20 relationship quotations to get you going when things get tough in your LDR.


1. “The Simple Absence Of You Is More Essential To Me Than The Existence Of Others.”

Thomas, Edward

One of the reasons relationship quotations are so wonderful to think about is that they help you translate your feelings into sentences. The lack of the one you enjoy the most will also appear more real than the involvement of other friends and relatives.


2. “The Agony Of Leaving Is Nothing Compared To The Pleasure Of Reuniting.”

Dickens, Charles

This quotation is brilliant because it reminds us to search on the bright side of our LDR. Instead of getting sorry to say farewell, think of how excited you would be to see your S/O again.


3. “Distance, Contrary to Popular Belief, is Not for the Timid; It Is For The Daring. It Is Intended For People Who Can Sacrifice A Significant Amount Of Time Alone In Return For A Small Amount Of Time With The Person They Love.”

Meghan Daum is a Model

Love is not for the faint at heart. Particularly not when it comes to long-distance love! Take solace in the fact that what you\’re doing needs courage and spirit.


4. “The Absence Of Affection Sharpens It. Presence Bolsters It.”

Fuller, Thomas

Being in an LDR allows one to get to know our partners on the deepest level imaginable before becoming physical with them. Allow this period to help you improve your love and communication skills.


5. \”We Were Together and Thought We Weren\’t Together.\”

Shannon a. Thompson is an American Businesswoman

This is such a lovely love quote. Only because you can\’t see your partner in person doesn\’t imply they\’re not there for you.


6. “Love Knows No Bounds; It Has No Continent; Its Gaze Is Fixed On The Stars.”

Gilbert Parker\’s Formal Name is Gilbert Parker

When you\’re feeling anxious, depressed, or lonely, gaze up at the sky\’s waterfall of stars. These are the very stars that your soulmate is gazing at.


7. “Love is Not Seeking Anyone With Whom to Work. It\’s About Meeting Someone you Can\’t Do Without.”

Rafael Ortiz is a Man With Many Talents

Allow these terms to soak in. You are very fortunate to have met someone who fills your soul.


8. “Although Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, it Sure Makes The Rest of You Lonely.”

Charles M. Schulz is an American Cartoonist

Long-distance partnerships can be fulfilling in several respects, but just because you\’re in a good partnership doesn\’t guarantee the distance won\’t bug you.


9. “Distance Means Nothing Because Somebody Means Everything.”

Mcneal, Tom

Make it a priority to dwell on the positive aspects of your partnership. Make a note of the things you adore about your partner and think about it while you\’re feeling sad.


10. \”I Hold Your Love With Me (In My Heart).\”

Cummings, E.E

This partnership quotation reads like poetry and tells us that our hearts are well-cared for while we are in love.


11.“The Scariest Part About Isolation is Not Knowing if They Would Miss You or Forget About You.”

Nicholas Sparks is an American Author

Many LDR couples have questioned whether being separated for too long would trigger their partnership to fail. Don\’t let these feelings cause you stress. You and your partner can never abandon each other\’s minds or hearts if you are meant to be.


12. \”I Don\’t Cry Because We\’ve Been Divided By Space for Years.\” Why Is This So? Since We are all Together as Long as We Inhabit The Same Sky and Drink The Same Air.”

Hope, Donna Lynn

Is it worth it to be in a long-distance relationship? Loving anyone while you are physically apart from them may be a daunting task, but it can also be very satisfying.


13. “In Real Love, no Gap is Too Big to Cross, and no Distance is too Great to Cross.”

Hans Nouwens is a Dutch philosopher.

If you will see your partner in person again, make sure you are bridging the void in your LDR through exceptional communication skills.


14. \”How Fortunate am I to Have Anything That Makes Saying Goodbye so Difficult?\”

Winnie The Pooh is a Fictional Character Created By A. A. Miln

One of the strongest feelings in a long-distance partnership is landing at the airport and beginning the first day of a long weekend together. The hardest feeling, though, is saying goodbye at the end of the stay.

Instead of seeing this as a negative (“When can I see you again?”), consider it as an opportunity. Mind this Winnie the Pooh quotation and aim for the good about your situation. You are fortunate to find somebody you adore.


15. \”I Live in Two Locations: Here and Where You are.\”

Margaret Atwood is a Writer

Relationship quotations have an incredible potential to take you to a realm of poetic verses that express just how you feel. Often what we want to do is reach out to transport ourselves to wherever our love lives, where we will rest forever.


16. “Where You Used to Be, There is a Vacuum in The Universe That I am Always Wandering Around Throughout The Day and Slipping into at Night. I Miss You Very Much.”

Millay, Edna St. Vincent

When you\’re in an LDR, it\’s important to think positively, but sometimes all you want to do is wallow in your misery. This lovely quote tells us that we are never alone in our suffering.


17. “The Ocean Divides Continents, Not Souls.”

Munia Khan\’s Formal Name is Munia Khan Khan

This is one of our favorite love quotations because it tells us that the only obstacle standing between us is a piece of ground. Our bodies, spirits, and minds do not divide us.


18. “Love Can Go as Far as You Want it to Go. it Has No Bounds.”

Dee King\’s Formal Name is Dee King

Technology doesn\’t either! Use the Internet and your devices to your benefit by increasing your emotional (and physical!) intimacy through video chats and cool love applications like Rabbit, which helps you to watch videos with your sweetheart at the same time.


19. “The Practice of Devotion is, in Several Respects, The Art of Perseverance.”

Albert Ellis is an American Businessman

You and your partner must remain consistent in long-distance partnerships. When you don\’t have a tangible bond to fall back to, it\’s the secret to keeping a stable, stable relationship.


20. “When Two People\’s Hearts are Joined, The Distance Between Them is Insignificant.”

Dhliwayo Matshona

This quote is one of our favorites because it tells us that as long as you and your partner work together to preserve your profound commitment to one another, your love can never disappoint.

Will you allow these meaningful relationship quotes to penetrate your heart and make you look on the bright side of your situation if you are feeling sad regarding your long-distance relationship?

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