How to Find True Love: 10 Creative Ideas

It\’s often said that love is a fickle creature – and perhaps it\’s true! So what can you do if you\’ve spent weeks on the top dating sites in Montreal and haven\’t had any joy?

Online dating sites can work wonders for your romantic experiences. Still, the Best10Dating experts recognise that a lot depends on the type of relationship you\’re looking for and the quality of the dating platforms you\’re using!

Dating fatigue is a real thing and common when singles keen to establish a new romance feel like they\’re making zero progress across the Ottawa online dating sites.

Today we\’ll explore some of the most creative ways to enhance your journey to true love and make sure you\’re having a blast while you\’re there.

1. Create Opportunities To Meet New People

The first way you can make love a priority is to decide that you will make things happen. 

Throwing a party, starting a book group, initiating a network – anything that attracts like-minded people into your circle and makes it possible to engage with new singles that might be perfect!

Some of the great dating sites in Montreal offer events, such as singles parties, which are equally fantastic ways to shrug off your nerves and practise your best pick-up lines.

2. Revisit Your Existing Social Circles

We often assume that love exists \’out there, but it might be sitting right next to you all along!

Romantic prospects are often friendships that turn into something more, so don\’t reject possible matches out of hand.

Think about:

  • Your regular coffee guy who always makes a special effort.
  • A fellow commuter who always smiles when you step onto the train.

It might come to nothing, or it could be a chance to get to know someone special.

3. Accept Matchmaking Efforts

Ok, so most singles would say they have a way better chance of meeting a match through Ottawa online dating sites, but set-ups can work, provided you are clear about what you\’re looking for.

Often, friends won\’t put themselves out there and suggest a date they think would be right, as they\’re concerned about it going wrong and getting the blame.

If you make it known that you aren\’t against any introductions, it enables people who know you best to suggest dates they feel are compatible with your personality.

4. Take The Initiative in Making Contact

It\’s so easy to spend hours filtering through matches on Charlottetown dating sites, waiting for someone cute to get in touch – but why don\’t you make the first move!

You don\’t need to start DMing, someone, through a dating platform, either – you can use social media as a way to contact people whose accounts you resonate with (more on social media next!).

5. Explore The Power of Social Media

Our social media accounts say a lot about us, and some innovative dating apps recommend matches based on your posted Instagram content.

In essence, the app looks at your tastes and interests and creates suggestions based on those – so if you spend more time on social media than on Ottawa online dating sites, it\’s well worth a try!

6. Try Gene Matching & Let Science Do The Work!

Here\’s something a little less ordinary – have you ever heard of gene matching?

Most of these services require a DNA sample, and they look for things like serotonin to get an idea of your personality, mood and potential relationship wish list.

You\’ll still need to complete an online dating profile but can see if your genes are compatible, as well as your other interests.

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7. Join A Pheromone Party

Another exciting new concept is a pheromone party, coming to a city near you!

Pheromones are chemicals we all produce and are unique to each person. The idea here is that you bring a shirt you sleep in for a few nights with you and get to select potential dates based on their scent.

8. Break Out of Your Comfort Zone With Paper Bag Speed Dates

Speed dating is often super cringe-worthy, with all the pressure and the added panic of needing to get to know someone in just a short period!

Paper bag speed dates are creative and a great way to focus on personality and compatibility rather than solely on physical appearance!

Each participant writes something on their bag, either something vital to them or about their personality, and gets to have a quick chat and make decisions based on that – a bit like a blind date, but with far more people involved.

9. Take A Break From Dating

Our following recommendation is quite the opposite.

If you\’re burned out from boring nights on Charlottetown dating sites and feel like it\’s becoming a chore, step back from the screen and let yourself reset for a while.

Dating boredom is never helpful and means you might dismiss a match because you\’re assuming it won\’t work out, so a break is always a good idea.

10. Spend Some Time Assessing Your Relationship Values

Finally, if love isn\’t entirely knocking down your door, spend a few days analysing what it is you\’re looking for and what would be a deal-breaker in a new relationship.

Until you\’re clear about what you want and what a successful relationship looks like to you, it\’s tough to make meaningful connections!

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