Prostate Cancer and The Robotic Procedure for Prostate Surgery

Prostate Cancer and The Robotic Procedure for Prostate Surgery

Prostate Cancer and The Robotic Procedure for Prostate Surgery

Cancer, a disease, is taking the lives of many because of lack of money and care and to others because of getting reported at the later or the last stage. It is a disease that happens because of the cells growing in an abnormal manner, caused by the division of cells in an uncontrollable manner that reaches the surrounding tissues. It is not only one disease but a lot bigger group of it. It is amongst the deadly diseases that have been discovered to date.


Patients with Prostate Cancer

The center victim of prostate cancer in older men. Most of the prostate cancer cases are amongst men of the age 65 or more than this, but it is also detected in men of around 50.

Though uncommon, there were chances of having prostate cancer in the 30s and 40s. There are more chances of developing prostate cancer than men with a history of prostate cancer compared to the general population.

There is no particular reason for developing prostate cancer, but many of the experts agree that the diet of a person contributes to having more risk.

Those who are more into consuming a lot of fat may be more likely to develop prostate cancer. Fats increase the production of hormones such as testosterone and some other, the testosterone speed up the growth of cancer named prostate cancer. It is a quite common disease in countries with meat and dairy products as their staple food.


The Signs of Prostate Cancer

Early signs

There are not any specific signs which state that one has prostate cancer. There are possibilities of having unknown to the disease for years, and because of this, there is the requirement for the regular screening of prostate cancer.


Once the spread increases beyond the prostate, one may see some symptoms such as :


  • Trouble while initiation and the ending of urine
  • The requirement of peeing very often
  • Leaking pee at the time of laughing and coughing
  • To able to pee while standing
  • Pain/burning while peeing
  • Pain/burning while ejaculation
  • Blood while peeing
  • Pressure in the rectum


The symptoms are not of prostate cancer in itself, but all these symptoms come when cancer growth is blocking the prostate. 

Signs of having advanced prostate cancer


  • Pain and stiffness in pelvis, ribs, lower back, or thighs
  • Vomiting or fatigue
  • Loss of appetite and weight
  • Problems in the bowel


Robotic Surgery

The robots carry out robotic surgeries to remove the prostate gland. The surgery is done by the surgeon but with the use or help of robots. Under general anesthesia, the surgery is done with the help of a robot.

There is special training for the surgeons to be given to surgeons to carry the robotic procedure for prostate cancer surgery. This is There are two machines used for the surgery, these are:


Patient Unit

The patient has to lie down on the operating table with the unit beside the patient with four arms where one arm is holding the instruments related to the surgery while the other keeps the camera.

The surgeon, with the help of the robot, cuts five small cuts in the abdomen. The control unit controls the patient’s unit

Control Unit

This unit is the area of the surgeon, separated from the patient unit. The surgeon can watch the operating area through the screen, which gives the 3D view. And just after the screen, there are controls to be used by the surgeon for moving the instruments.

The usage of the instruments through the screen helps in reducing the shaking and gives an accurate cut. The procedure of cutting and stitching is far easier in the robotics methods. In this way, the prostate gland is removed from the patient’s Body.

Although there are many diseases with time and with the help of inventions and scientific research, there are also many methods to cure and save lives. But above all, it is required to take care of one’s health and get some essential regular screening.

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