Everything you Need to Know About Dentures

Everything you Need to Know About Dentures

Everything you Need to Know About Dentures

Dentures are a means of replacing damaged teeth, either wholly or partly, with specific artificial material. In today’s world of excessive sugar intake and improper dental hygiene, many people suffer from tooth issues. This type of defect is found among all age groups without any discrimination. Hence the use of dentures has become quite common in every circle.

Despite its popularity, there are still many lesser-known facts about dentures that people usually tend to overlook. This article is here to express in detail those facts so that at the end of this read, you will have a clear understanding of what dentures are.


Dentures: Pros and cons

Of course, before entering into any medical procedure, however small it might be, it is better to analyze its pros and cons. So let us not leave dentures as an exception.

Pros: A denture is way more affordable than an implant if you are looking to replace a few missing teeth. They are more aesthetically appealing and provide a better match with your natural teeth. They can almost be mistaken for natural teeth, at least visually, provided that they are designed and fit appropriately according to individual specifications. You will be able to cut and bite into food without much hassle. They will work not exactly like your natural teeth but almost close to them.

Cons: Though dentures replace the natural teeth, they can never function to the full capacity in all the areas like the natural ones. This functionality is mainly affected by the chewing criteria. The replaced denture teeth have around 75 percent less efficiency in chewing than the average natural teeth. The taste of food may also change due to the presence of dentures. You will have to experience an initial period of mild to moderate pain before your body system gets used to the company and the effects of dentures. And the dentures also have to be replaced on a regular basis every few years are so. Despite these apparent cons, dentures are still preferred by a lot of people. What can be the reason? Who does not want a fully teethed mouth? If you get an opportunity to fill in your missing teeth, will you not go for it? And even though full functionality cannot be recovered, at least a small percentage can be, and this is an advantage in itself.

Types of dentures

  • Complete Dentures: It has a set of full false teeth with an acrylic base. It is used for the total replacement of teeth.
  • Partial Dentures: This is used in cases where there are only a few missing teeth and a full replacement is not necessary. These fill the gaps and all help the other existing natural teeth to remain in their position.
  •  Immediate Dentures: This is not exactly a type, but a method where the insertion of denture and tooth removal happens on the same day.
  • Implant Retained Dentures: This makes use of a titanium root implant that is placed in the gums or jawbones. A new artificial tooth is then attached to this root canal. These types of combination dentures are more durable and more natural-looking.
  • Precision Dentures: These dentures are more focused on fitting issues. They are specifically designed and molded for every particular individual.


Other denture info

Here are a few other exciting things that you may like to know.

  • The chewing process will never be the same with dentures.
  • The toothpaste for regular teeth may abrade dentures. So particular sensitive kinds of toothpaste have to be used.

Along with age, the denture will change its color and lose its natural appearance. In that case, we will be forced to replace it. If not returned in due time, it may lead to other serious issues.

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