Is It Possible That Your Ex Has Lost All Love For You?

Is it possible that your ex has lost all love for you? Are you concerned that the more you are separated, the fewer feelings your ex would have for you? Many people call us, concerned that their ex has lost all of his emotions. They believe that anything must change immediately or they will lose all of their emotions and it will be too late.

It stands to reason that if you and your ex split up a decade (or more) ago, odds are they have forgotten all love for you. But the notion that anyone would have abandoned their feelings for you within a few weeks or months is absurd. Feelings should not go down in a brief amount of time. No one has the potential to easily lose all love for another. It takes a long time to lose all love for others.

There is no easy cure, no miracle drug, just time. Many people are concerned that their ex may lose interest in them straight away, which is untrue. Sure, they can easily meet or get intimate with someone else, but it doesn\’t imply they have forgotten all affection for you. This is why so many people make the error of getting back with a guy immediately after a breakup. If he hasn\’t had time to let go of his feelings for his ex, he will abandon you to rekindle his relationship with her. Regardless of how bad he assured you things were with his ex or how bad he says to her. If he hasn\’t given himself enough time to let go of his love for his wife, there\’s a fair possibility they\’ll get back together.

Your ex will behave as though he has lost all feelings for you, but this is not the case. Playing, like pretending to be Captain Kirk, isn\’t true. Consider this. You may have had an ex that cheated on you, mistreated you, lied all the time, and didn\’t have time for you. Were you willing to easily lose all of your love for them as a result of all of this? No, it does not. It will take time, not just a few weeks or months. Then why would you think your ex has easily lost all affection for you? He is not a mutant, nor does he have any extraordinary abilities. He, like the majority of us, is a human being. Whether he has moved on to another woman or is behaving as if you don\’t matter, that doesn\’t suggest he is sexually accessible to someone else.

Now, if an individual has been in a relationship and has been emotionally distant in the relationship, it is a different tale. Is your ex been asking you for a long time that he isn\’t comfortable or that he isn\’t sure what he feels? Had your ex warned you that if you keep doing what you\’re doing, you\’ll take him too far? Is he physically or mentally distant from you for a long time? In certain situations, the ex may have been losing his affection for you throughout your relationship. As a result, when you split up, he is well ahead of you. It might seem that he soon abandoned all affection for you, but this was not the case. Before you ever split up, your ex had lost a lot of his feelings (or any of his feelings).

Your ex will only lose all of his love for you in just a brief time if he never had them in the first place. If he said and said all right in the beginning, talked about your future, and you thought you always had a bond, and then he turned off like a light switch, you were duped.

Make no mistake, there are plenty of guys who like the start of a dream, watching somebody fall for them, just to vanish without a trace. Why is this so? Since they have no intention of staying. They certainly seemed as though they might. They said they will. They fed you a lot of lies. They, moreover, cheated. You can persuade yourself that everything they said and did was genuine, however, you were duped. This occurs regularly. Feelings will only vanish easily if they never existed in the first place.

So, if you\’re afraid that your ex has forgotten all love for you after a few weeks, take a deep breath and relax. It would take a lot longer for me to get over you.

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