Are You Concerned About Losing Him?

Are you worried about missing him? Is the guy in your life acting strangely, and something inside you tells you that you may be missing him? Has the emotional or physical gulf between you developed to the point that you believe you might be losing touch?

It\’s possible that you\’ve done something you regret and believe has brought irreparable harm to your partnership. You may believe that the man in your life has had enough and that this is the last straw. You will believe that he may never forgive you and that what you have said or done has made you fearful of losing him forever.

What if the guy you love is always breaking up with you? Sure, you still get back together, but any time you split up, you are scared that this time will be different and you will not be able to get back together. He\’s out having fun, not hurting, and you\’re tormented the whole time and you\’re scared of missing him and he won\’t return.

Any individuals have confidence or fear problems that are unrelated to their current partnership. They stem from previous relationships or their upbringing, and they have an effect on any relationship they join. These confidence issues, and also abandonment issues, may cause a person fearful of losing the man or woman they love for motives that do not occur in fact. And if the partnership is great, people like this are only waiting for the other shoe to drop. They really build the things they are most scared of. Their obsessive behavior, caused by their fear of missing him or her, pushes the person they love insane before they have had enough. The truth is that if you are fearful of losing him, you must first identify the source of your anxiety.

If you are really scared because of him, you must focus on your friendship. A stable partnership does not instill terror in the couple; rather, it helps them feel secure. This is most definitely the result of poor conduct from one or both sides, and it must be addressed before any harm is done. It cannot proceed in this manner, otherwise, the partnership would break down.

Whether it is coming from inside you or him and not from the partner, the individual needs to address their problems. It is up to them to address these problems before they contaminate yet another friendship. It is not your partner\’s fault that this is occurring, and it is not their responsibility to appease you. To a degree, they can be forgiving, but only if you are really striving to improve.

If you are unable to improve on your own, obtain clinical assistance. You can\’t trust anyone to stick with you while you\’re merely \”trying\” to improve. Have things finished until they\’re sick of waiting? If you are really terrified of missing him, try whatever you can to alleviate the anxiety, because the best way to do so is to resolve the problem rather than brush it under the rug. Do not let what you are scared of happening because you failed to do what was required of you.

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