Long-distance, play \”Never Have I Ever\” with your SO

We\’ll be doing a series of games to play in long-distance relationships in the coming weeks and months, and here\’s the first installment… Never, ever have I.

Never Have I Ever is a traditional “get to know you” game, but it\’s also a great way to learn more about somebody you already know. And, while Never Have I Ever is typically played as a drinking game at a party, it can also be played long distances without the use of alcohol.

Well, OK, maybe I\’m overthinking this. I concede that it could be more interesting in person and with group cocktails, but let\’s make do with what we\’ve got for now. Even that we are now in a long-distance relationship, the good news is that you can always play this fun game and learn some very fascinating (or embarrassing) stuff about someone you felt you knew well!


Playing Instructions

The first person to go tells that they have never, ever done before (this is followed by the phrase \”Never Have I Ever…\”). Everyone else present who has done the stuff has to drink in the \”drinking edition\” (and often, tell their story).

However, if you\’re in a long-distance partnership, this game can easily be modified for messaging or chatting.


The text-to-speech equivalent of \”Never Have I Ever\”

  1. Determine how many lives you and your partner have. Your fingers will reflect these (10 lives).
  2. Text your mate something you\’ve never done before with the words \”never have I ever .\”
  3. When the mate does something you\’ve never done, they risk their livelihood and must \”set down a finger.\”
  4. Then your spouse must respond with a related story or picture.
  5. When either of you has destroyed all of your lives, the game is over. I\’ll let you know if this means they\’ve won or lost the game!

For example, player 1 says, \”I\’ve never shot a pistol.\” If player 2 had already shot a pistol, they risk a life (or a finger-in-play) and must share their tale or submit a related photo of themselves shooting a gun.


The Skype/Talking Version of \”Never Have I Ever\”

When you\’re arguing, take turns saying \”never have I ever…\” to see how your companion puts a finger down/loses a life. They would tell you their tale if they miss a life.

You may have it as innocent or as sinister as you like. However, keep in mind that the aim of this is to get to know your partner better and have some fun, so don\’t make comments that are too uncomfortable or dark.

Have you run out of ideas? Here are 30 examples to get you started.


30 Prompts For \”Never Have I Ever\”

  1. I pleaded, flirted, and screamed my way out of a traffic infraction.
  2. Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity?
  3. I walked for over six hours.
  4. I jumped from something terrifyingly big.
  5. Have you ever won a medal or a trophy?
  6. I\’m madly in love with someone I met online.
  7. I took the day off from work/school.
  8. Have you ever ridden a horse, a donkey, or an elephant?
  9. I stormed out of a movie because I hated it too much (or snuck into the movies without paying)
  10. I forgot my lines in a play or voice.
  11. I said, \”I love you,\” so I wasn\’t feeling it.
  12. a rifle was discharged
  13. On a date, I did something risky.
  14. I lied on an exam.
  15. I was surprised by the party.
  16. I kissed a stranger.
  17. I\’ve had stitches and a rib fractured.
  18. At first glance, I fell in love
  19. Have you ever sung karaoke, performed in a book, or participated in a talent show?
  20. Have you been in a traffic accident?
  21. I hitchhiked.
  22. I used medications.
  23. In public, I cried
  24. Have you seen a nation in South America, Africa, or Asia?
  25. Something has been stolen.
  26. Have you been arrested?
  27. I was afraid I was going to sink.
  28. Dressed as the same sex\’s attire
  29. You\’ve broken up with/been discarded by someone via email or text message.
  30. skinny-dipping/skydiving
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