30+ Fantastic Christmas Gifts for Long-Distance Couples in 2021

So, hasn\’t 2021 been A YEAR? I know so many long-distance partners have seen each other less than you might think imaginable, and that many of us are pushing ourselves into Christmas and the New Year feeling exhausted by it all.

If that describes you and you\’re looking for some Christmas gift ideas for your long-distance love this year, I\’ve got you covered. Check out our best-of-2021 ideas below, and for still more ideas, visit our long-distance partnership gifts channel.


With a Skylight Frame, you Will Give Them Real-time Smiles

What comes close to magically beaming yourself over to your SO? Sending fresh images of your happy face that appear as though through magic. The Skylight is a touch-screen picture frame that can be updated by email from anywhere in the world. Instead of linked touch lights, give them the present they want to see–your face. This Holiday Season, Offer the Gift of Skylight!


When it Comes to Emails, Write Them Openly

This Christmas, keep it cheap and super-personal by giving them Open As Letters, a present that will keep on giving for weeks. Check out our cheap long-distance love quotes and Open When Letters printable package offer for 30 perfect ideas to get you started.


Provide Them With 12 Weeks of Fantastic Long-distance Dates

Download our most common resource bundle to help you create a better, deeper partnership even though you\’re separated. The Long Distance Dating Blueprint includes 401 Great Discussion Questions For Couples In Long Distance Relationships as well as our 12-week driven long-distance dates series. (Use code CONNECT for a 50% discount.) Send this to them on Christmas Day, along with a heartfelt message regarding your expectations for 2021.


Make a Picture Album

You can\’t go wrong by telling your companion of all the funny, friendly, and tender times you\’ve had together. I suggest Shutterfly for its user-friendliness and creative templates. Choose the 8 x 11 size and one of their cool travel-themed novels, and you\’re halfway to making a perfect gift. Travel-themed clothing is too out of date for 2021. Maybe you should write a book about how we survived the pandemic in an LDR. It\’s difficult to imagine right now, but I bet you\’ll look back on it with a smile in years to come. Only a bit.


Arrange a Picnic

Picnics are a common pastime. It\’s SO romantic. (Also, at COVID-times, SO much safer. Sigh.) You can\’t go on picnics every weekend while you\’re in a long-distance partnership, but planning the next picnic will make it all the sweeter when it DOES happen. So this fabulous red for-two picnic kit can come in handy in the anticipation department. It has everything you need for a casual date, including an enclosed wine bottle holder.


Join Them For a Cup of Coffee in The Morning

Coffee mugs get a poor name as presents occasionally, although I\’m not sure why. When friends gift me my mugs, I remember them. The time I use them! And enjoying a tasty warm (usually caffeinated) coffee at the same time just adds to the good vibes. So don\’t underestimate the strength of a simple mug to warm someone\’s heart and hold you in their thoughts. BoldLoft has these adorable matching Couple Coffee Mugs for LDRs.


Warm-up Their Core as Well as Their Body

If you can\’t be there to cuddle them, a fuzzy blanket printed with cute notes like \”I love you\” and \”I miss you\” would suffice. This fluffy alternative comes in over a dozen colors–one there\’s for everyone–and they\’re ideal for keeping healthy at home while watching TV (2021 themes).


Give Them a Bottle Containing 100 Letters

Isn\’t it awful to be apart from the one you care about? Enhance the dramatic romance of the situation by giving them a letter (or 100 messages) in a glass. The simplest way to do this is to import our download kit with 100 long-distance love quotes, roll them up, and place them in a glass. If you want to get fancy, scribble a little personal notice on the back of each quotation.


Send Them to Love Poetry or Success Stories From Ldrs

Check out this sensual, earthy love poetry by Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda, which inspired the iconic film Il Postino. It\’s now in a lovely gift book. If poetry isn\’t for you, how about a memoir? Love At The Speed Of Email, written by yours truly, has received a Writer\’s Digest Award and is receiving excellent feedback on Amazon. We\’ve been together for almost 13 years and are still going high…


You Should Sleep With Them

OK, but you can\’t do it in person all of the time right now. Le sigh some more. You May, however, buy them something to WEAR to bed. And they will fall asleep practically covered in your love. The tee shirt below appeals to me. It was designed for joggers, so what is a long-distance partnership if not a marathon? If you buy a size up, it will make an excellent sleep shirt.


Enable Them to go Hands-free

Well, this mobile phone stand is so utilitarian that it seems to be \”boring,\” but… wait… think of all the stuff they might do if they didn\’t have to keep the phone during facetime calls. My mother gave it to me for Christmas last year, and I just adore it. For instance, I use it in the kitchen to juggle recipe books and recipes, but there are many (many) other uses for this gift in certain other (ahem) situations.


Assist Them in Hearing you

Similarly, they can be really useful while you\’re out and around and attempting to speak to somebody at the same time. If your SO is always on the move (or you want to inspire them to stroll and speak to you at the same time, which also results in better conversations), get them some portable earphones.


Get Them Ever Happier

You may realize that just being in their life makes them content, so here\’s a clinically validated way to make them even happier… to help them practice appreciation. According to studies, expressing appreciation increases satisfaction by 25%. There are several methods for accomplishing this, however, I prefer utilizing this basic book as a tangible prompt. Purchase one for them, and write something on the front cover about how thankful YOU are that they are a part of your life.


Engage Their Emotions

Purchase a gift that is as one-of-a-kind as they are. I\’m a great fan of custom jewelry and keychains, and this collection of fingerprint necklaces is fantastic. They can digitally engrave your fingerprint into an exquisite bar-drop necklace after you supply it. If you\’re looking for a gift for somebody who won\’t carry a necklace, this store even sells keychains.


Send Them a Hidden Letter that They Will take With Them

Are you Too low-key and uninterested in gold necklaces and the like? Here\’s a quick fix that will always melt their spirit. Engrave a note on the inside of a basic leather cuff with a magnetic buckle.


Get Them Something to Eat… Kind Of

If your significant other isn\’t a major chef, help them out by getting them a meal delivery package. There are plenty to choose from but start with Blue Apron, Dinnerly, and Home Chef. Check out Freshly if you want to take it a step further. They prepare AND deliver, so all your SO has to do is heat it.


Purchase a Personalized Christmas Tree Decoration for Them

After our marriage, my husband and I have been collecting ornaments at a rate of one per year. We began the year we met, and our decoration that year was a bronze machine with the latitude and longitude of each of our places (Papua New Guinea and Los Angeles) on it to represent both of those skype dates. This postage stamp one is particularly suitable for LDR couples.


Warm Them Down to Their Toes

There are some pretty bizarre custom socks out there, but this LDR pair is a very cute way to remind them that you might be several steps apart, but you\’ll still be bound by the middle.


Remind Them Just How Happy You are that Your Paths Met

This picture print is a sophisticated way to celebrate when you meet and when you would reconcile or some such two significant dates.


Remind Them That You Value Them During The Year 2021

What might be easier or faster to bring together than a picture book? What would space out the visual affection during the year? A personalized calendar! Make them a calendar with a few happy photos (and maybe a couple of screenshots of your Skype-Dating, just to keep things real) and they\’ll remember you all year.


Other Outlandish Ideas

If you\’re searching for something a little more out of the ordinary, the internet is your oyster. In all seriousness. If you dig hard enough, you may discover some SERIOUSLY odd gifts. You can put your face on socks, a nightlight, or even… underpants. A picture may be used to create a bespoke 3D light. To heat them up, you may get mugs with all kinds of spicy words on them. You can even clone a willy (blush)… You may also keep safe by wearing couples tee shirts. In terms of those, this set manages to be quite sophisticated.

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