7 Exciting FaceTime Dates You and Your Partner Will Enjoy

A FaceTime date isn\’t perfect, but when you and your sweetheart may be separated, it can be a nice way to keep things interesting while also spending quality time together. You must make arrangements to hang out, even though it is just by video chat, no matter how far apart you are. Indeed, several people discover that spending time with their SO when in various locations will strengthen their friendship and expose them to fresh and exciting encounters and conversations. Try doing something with your hands (such as working on a craft collection while talking) or organizing your happy hour and game night date. Here are a couple more suggestions to keep the sparks between you flying.


1. Host a Cocktail Contest

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a trend: virtual happy hours, which are growing in popularity with people in long-distance partnerships, others who travel often for jobs, and friends who have spread out to various cities and towns. It\’s a fantastic opportunity to keep in touch and be interested in each other\’s lives. But, instead of a Friday night Skype date, make it a special happy hour or even a drink competition. Get imaginative if you have a variety of ingredients on hand. Anyone for lime, mint, and a pinch of chili?


2. Create Anything as a Community


Crafting or creating something with your hands is a wonderful activity and it helps to relieve stress and anxiety. So, why not pair a facetime date with a craft project? You could attempt a diamond paint pack, cross-stitch, model construction, painting, knitting, whittling, or something else.

While you\’ll be concentrating on your respective projects, you can provide each other with ideas and talk as you practice. It\’s a great way to pass the time and collaborate on something. When you\’re done, put on a little art show so everyone can look at each other\’s work–may be even couple it with some champagne and a cheese plate.


3. Get a Meal Together

Demonstrate your cooking abilities by serving the same dinner in various kitchens! If you\’re the competitive kind, you can make this a friendly rivalry to see who can create the most artistic or aesthetically appealing variation of the same recipe. You can either schedule a grocery shopping trip before the date to ensure you have the necessary supplies, or you can be imaginative about what you both already have at home. If one of you has a special recipe, consider sharing it and guiding the other individual through the preparation process step by step. Once you\’ve eaten, set up a candlelight dinner FaceTime date. Share dinner/breakfast if you\’re in a separate time zone.


4. Watch a Film

Netflix recently launched a new feature designed to let friends enjoy time together even when practicing social distancing, but this is still a perfect opportunity for two people to spend a romantic night together from separate locations. Netflix Party is a program that enables users to watch the same movie on their laptop or desktop computers while still using a community chat function to discuss the movie as though they were in the same place. If you want to go old school, you can simply FaceTime and watch a video at the same time. Of course, it may be a second or two off, but it should be near enough that you can share a movie night while separated.


5. Host Your Private Wine Tasting

Wine connoisseurs would adore this date night proposal. Obtain a couple of your favorite wines and request that your SO do the same. Then, pour a sample of each and talk about the wines through video chat. If you have a passion for some kind of cocktail, you should adopt this concept to every type of tasting—beer flights, whisky demos, etc. At the end of the date, both of you can choose your preferred wine or other alcoholic beverage and then go out and buy the other person\’s favorite. You should try each other\’s choices and share your feelings the next time you FaceTime. This is a perfect place to pass time together and try to share about each other\’s passions while having a good chat.


6. Go on a Virtual Vacation

Nothing beats a true trip to a different place, but it\’s not always possible to take off at the last minute. If you and your SO are apart for an extended period, you can take a virtual trip to a location you\’ve always wanted to see. Many national parks, museums, and nationally renowned landmarks are also providing interactive tours of their sites, allowing visitors to enjoy the uniqueness of these locations from the comfort of their own homes. Although it does not replicate the joy of wandering about and discovering a new destination, it is a perfect way to experience something fresh and research fun ideas for possible actual vacations together.


7. Collaborate to Play a Game

Everyone enjoys a nice, entertaining game night, whether with a group of buddies or with you and your sweetheart. Change up your date nights by using other video messaging sites including Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet to play online games with the screen-sharing option instead of the usual FaceTime. There are hundreds of fantastic virtual games for two people that can make you chuckle, make new inside jokes, and learn more about each other. If you just want to mix things up, attempt a drinking game like Never Have I Ever or Truth or Wine, or check out these 10 saucy LDR apps.


Get Facetime Dates More Enjoyable!

Being separated from a loved one is difficult no matter how near or distant the gap, but with today\’s technology, it\’s simpler than ever to remain interested in each other\’s lives. Plan your dates and determine if you want to launch a craft project or hold a dinner cook-off. There are so many interesting opportunities to learn more about each other while also having fun over a video call. Book a gaming night or a happy hour where you can show off your inner mixologist. You will still have nice, thrilling LDR dates no matter how you want to connect if you let yourself get imaginative.

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