15 Gifts That Can Make Long-Distance Couples Feel Closer in Heart

When you\’re in a long-distance partnership, any day is a good day to give a long-distance present to your significant other. However, selecting the appropriate gift is not always easy. You will want something personal, but not overly so. You might want to give them something that expresses how much you enjoy them and that, even though they are far away from you, they are still on your mind and in your heart.

If this is the case, consider having a similar present.

And do not roll your eyes. I\’m not suggesting you go out and buy a pair of necklaces with a key and a heart (though if that\’s your thing, there are plenty of options). Instead, we\’ve looked far and wide for exclusive and thoughtful complimentary presents for partners in long-distance relationships.

Here are 15 thoughtful complimentary presents for partners in long-distance partnerships that are sure to please.


Matching Wine Glasses for Couples

A lovely collection of 20-ounce wine glasses adorned with a sweet image that ideally captures long-distance love. I don\’t know about you, but being in a long-distance relationship always makes me want to drink, so this gift is almost ideal!


Coffee Mugs With The Phrase \”No Matter The Miles\”

What do you need after consuming much too much wine from your amusing LDR-perfect wine glasses? Ok, I\’d like some java. So take a look at this coordinating collection of mugs. Check out ALL of BoldLoft\’s fun, stylish mugs for couples.


Matching The Song \”Miss Us Together\” Pillowcases With Two People

And what do you like after a glass of wine and a cup of coffee? That\’s it, it\’s time to relax! Have a look at these pillowcases (one for each of you). You may not be able to snuggle up with your loved one every night, but you can snuggle a pillow that reminds you of them.


Couples Bracelets Made of Onyx

Believe designed these \”Distance Bracelets\” to help long-distance partners believe in their love, feel attached, and have faith that they will see each other again one day. Black Onyx is said to aid in the release of unpleasant feelings of tension, whereas White Howlite is said to provide soothing energy.

Distance and time away from anyone can be difficult, but no matter where they are, you can still take a memory of them with you.


Morse-code Bracelets With The Words \”Always/Forever\”

This is a fantastic concept! In morse code, one of these slim bracelets spells \”Always,\” while the other spells \”Forever.\” One for yourself and one for the other partner. Or take a look at this elegant collection of bracelets that spell out \”Mi Amor.\” This “I Am Still With You” Morse-code bracelet is another favorite of mine. Purchase two and save one for yourself.


Bracelets Made of Engraved Brass and Cloth

Purchase two of these low-cost, casual-chic bracelets. Engrave the position\’s latitude and longitude on one, and their location on the other. The way, you\’ll be reminded of where your heart is.


Bracelets With Personalized Coordinates

I also like the thought of using coordinates on a bracelet or necklace. You will get two for the price of one here. This bracelet package can be customized with any coordinates you like. You can wear mine, and they can wear yours.


Cord Bracelets With Matching \”Lover\’s Knots\”

These informal cord bracelets are made with the lover\’s knot–a symbol of two lives entwined. Each bracelet, with its contrasting colours, will remind you of the other heart that is entwined with yours.


Matching Custom Necklaces in a Subtle Way

This necklace kit is constructed of authentic leather and stainless steel, and it can be fully customized with your initials or a special date. The two hearts just fit when you\’re together… a fitting metaphor for a long-distance friendship.


Necklaces Made of Sound Waves

Record a message on your smartphone and get the sound waves printed into this collection of necklaces. You are free to say anything you wish because only the two of you can understand the significance of the message you are carrying.


Rings of \”Fingerprints\”

I adore the idea and appearance of fingerprint-engraved jewellery. It\’s private, personal, and deceptive. Wearing anything etched with their fingerprint will make you feel as though they are almost touching you. Check out this ring package that you can personalize with your fingerprints.


Rings For an Infinity Twist

If you like the thought of rings but aren\’t sure about engraving them with your fingerprints, take a look at this collection of infinity twist rings. They\’re slim and uncomplicated. The sly twist to reflect infinity adds interest and sophistication.


Corresponding To \”I Love You to The Moon and Back\” Sweatshirts With Hoods

Check out this pair of “love you to the moon and back” sweatshirts if you want to be bold and carry your heart on your chest. You can rely on it to hold both your heart and your body wet.


Keychains That Say \”I Love You to the Moon and Back\”

If you love them to the moon and back but aren\’t ready to wear the phrase, this matched collection of \”love you to the moon and back\” keychains may be more your style.

Still unsure which choice to select? The thing they most likely want to see you for is just to see you. But you just can\’t go wrong with this. Choose a beautiful photograph. Make a picture frame with your location\’s coordinates and send it to them. Don\’t hesitate to buy another frame customized with their position so you can get one as well.

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