20 Topics to Discuss as You Meet For The First Time

Did you meet on the internet? Has your heart been drawn in before you\’ve ever met in person?

If this is the case, you are not alone. That\’s how I found my husband! In reality, several couples have formed a wonderful partnership since meeting online and digitally before ever meeting in person.

This can be a perfect place to get to know others and you learn to connect when you start, uh, \”communicating\” on a more physical basis. Still, don\’t get me wrong, I\’m not going to fib… Participating online will make the first in-person meeting sound strange.

If you\’re something like me, you\’ll have some of these thoughts and concerns running through your mind until your first meeting…

  • What if it looks different in person than it does on Skype?
  • What if it\’s completely awkward?
  • What if we run out of topics to discuss?

OK, I\’m here today to send you a realistic tool to help you overcome your doubts, but first, take a deep breath.

Remind yourself that there\’s a purpose you\’ve been willing to waste hours and hours sending letters or chatting on the phone during the last few weeks/months. All would be well. You are unlikely to sound as though you have run out of topics to discuss.

Having said that, it never helps to prepare ahead of time. You\’ll be even more at ease if you realize you have a lot of interesting questions prepared. So here are 20 questions you might pose when you meet for the first time in person. The questions are organized along with four major themes. I\’ll begin each segment by discussing why I believe it\’s a good idea to discuss the subject at any stage during your first meeting.

5 Amusing Questions to Help Them Play or Fantasize

There are simple questions to pose. They might be difficult to tackle, but that\’s okay because they\’re fascinating subjects to ponder.

The responses to these questions will also teach you all of what they like doing in their free time.

  1. What would you do if you could spend the next year doing whatever you wanted?
  2. What is something you\’ve wanted to do but haven\’t had the chance to do yet?
  3. What are some of the things you would do if you got to do anything very interesting or special every month over the next year?
  4. What would you do if you could relive a life experience with someone precious to you?
  5. What talent would you prefer if you could do anything well?

2 Simple and Indirect Money Issues

People sometimes find it difficult to speak about money. However, someone contemplating a meaningful partnership can have a clear understanding of the other person\’s behavior about finances and how they use the money they already have.

Why is this so? Since money (or, more commonly, a lack of money) may create a lot of frustration and tension in a partnership. This is more possible if money is holding you apart in the first place, commuting to visit each other is pricey, and/or one person needs to pay far more money than the other to maintain the partnership going.

If you want to know how to pose money questions in a long-distance relationship, check out this post: How To Talk About Money In A Long Distance Relationship. However, your first meeting is not the time to sit down and have a lengthy and in-depth conversation regarding finances, so I suggest you begin with two very indirect and enjoyable money queries. These are not threatening questions to pose or address, but they can offer you an idea of how your spouse views money and what they value…

6.What would you do if you got a million dollars to give away?

7.What would you do if you had an additional $1,000 to invest in yourself?

5 Interesting Concerns About Their Families and Their Upbringing

Even children living in the same families had very different childhood memories. Some people recall their childhood as a peaceful and often carefree time in their lives. Others, on the other hand, do not recall their upbringing in such ways.

Regardless of how you felt about your upbringing, your memories as a kid have had a significant impact on your life. The same may be said about the individual you would be meeting. When you spend time learning about how you grow up and what your parents and families were like, you would still understand interesting stuff about each other. But here are five good questions to pose regarding their families and upbringing…

8.What qualities do you love and value in both of your parents?

9.What were some of your parents\’ strengths as parents? What are some of the items you wish they had achieved differently?

10.What were your parents\’ main points of contention while you were growing up?

11.What was your favourite family custom when you were growing up?

12.What is one way you want your friendship to resemble your parents\’? What about something different?

8 Inquiries Concerning Them\\

No matter how long we\’ve spoken to others, there are always concerns we haven\’t answered about what they think and who they are. Without a doubt.

And these are the kinds of questions that are worth answering. They can assist you with learning more about them and making them feel respected and recognized.

But here are eight things you would not have thought to ask them. They aren\’t just lighthearted and amusing. They are also not always simple to respond to. They are, though, critical issues.

The responses to these questions will reveal vital information regarding how they have evolved, how self-aware and insightful they are, and how open and truthful they are ready and able to be with you right now.

13.What five terms will your peers use to identify you?

14.What do you wish you could do more of in life but don\’t? What\’s the harm?

15.“I used to say ___, and now I think ___,” fill in the blanks.

16.What is one life lesson you\’ve learned the hard way?

17.What would you want to do for yourself?

18.What is something you want to do but are afraid to try?

19.What is the most important thing you\’ve learned from a past intimate relationship?

20.What is the most significant misalignment of your life right now between what you feel and how you act?

Here are 20 questions to consider after meeting someone you\’re interested in for the first time.

Now, my mate, go forth prepared to have a good time, sure that you\’ll be able to hold the chat going if things get a little quiet and strange. If you want some helpful tips about how to make your first meeting fantastic, don\’t forget to check out our Complete Guide To Meeting For The First Time.

If 20 questions aren’t enough, be sure to check out our best-selling book of questions for couples in long-distance relationships. That will keep you going for a LONG TIME after your first encounter. Get some pleasure.

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