14 Exciting Things to Do When You Meet for The First Time

It\’s almost here!! You met online, started a long-distance friendship, and are about to meet for the first time! SO enthralling!

But there you have it. You\’re ecstatic and eager to schedule the ideal visit.

You may already have a dozen plans in the works and another 20 ideas circling in your mind. If so, that\’s fantastic! If not, I have some advice and ideas for you…


Why Do You Have a Schedule in Place Before Meeting For The First Time in a Long-distance Relationship?

You may be inclined to \”go with the flow\” and only see what you feel like doing together on your first visit.

It might sound good (and it may even turn out great for you), but my suggestion is to schedule ahead of time what activities you want to do together.

You can schedule some events that will encourage you to converse with one another (e.g., picnics, visiting parks or museums, etc). You can also schedule some activities that will enable you to concentrate on something other than each other. And, depending on how much of an introvert you are (and therefore how much alone time you need to recharge), you will want to schedule one or two things that will take you away from chatting (movies, plays, shows, concerts, etc.).

Making plans for activities you will do together would enable you to relax and enjoy your visit more. It would even help you get out of bed. I\’ve mentioned it before on this blog, but it bears repeating: Don\’t hurry sex.

Even if it\’s enticing, don\’t hop into bed together on your first date. Don\’t feel obligated to have sex because you \”just have a few days together before you\’ll be apart again.\” This is the very first encounter. If all goes well, there will be others, and you don\’t want to live with those regrets.

So, if you\’re the one \”hosting,\” prepare ahead of time. And, if you\’re the one visiting, assist them by letting them know what kinds of activities you like doing or something, in particular, you\’d like to explore together during your tour.


14 Cool Things to Do With Your Family on Your First Visit

1.Pack lunch and go to a park or the beach.

Few things are more beautiful than a great bottle of wine shared on a picnic blanket at sunset. Picnics are also excellent for allowing you to chat without the intensity and strain of being isolated at home together. So gather some goodies and locate a nice location to spend some time breathing in the beauty of the outdoors as well as the beauty of each other.

2.Attend a Musical or a Festival

If you both like the same types of music? Is there a well-known musical that you\’d like to see? Take advantage of the chance to see a special performance together. It doesn\’t have to be spectacular (U2 at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles… Best. Concert. Ever!). It\’ll be a fun day just hanging out with friends and listening to some great songs.

3.Visit an Amusement Park

Are one of you a thrill seeker? Can you like the excitement and fizz of swings, cards, and cotton candy? If this is the case, an amusement park may be the ideal place to spend a nice day together—and there may be plenty of time to chat if you have to wait in line for the swings.

4.Participate in an Adventure Activity

Go do something exciting if you are an adventure junkie (or also if you aren\’t yet can step out of your comfort zone). What activities are available near your home? Is it possible to go ziplining, canyoning, or white-water rafting? What about go-karting, horseback riding, or parasailing? Find something that looks awesome (but not too scary) and make a reservation for it.

So here\’s a message from the wise: don\’t go bungee jumping or parachuting. When choosing something in this vein for a first visit, the target should be \”fun-scary,\” not \”OMG-maybe-I\’m-actually-going-to-die-scary.\” Keep the frightening elements for at least visit #2.

5.Visit The Zoo

I\’m not sure how you feel about animals in captivity, so taking a long walk in a nice zoo can be a perfect way to spend quality time with others. After all, who doesn\’t like seeing monkeys have fun?

6.Go on a Nice Stroll

Put on your walking shoes. Take a hike or a long stroll around the neighbourhood. Hiking is another perfect opportunity to explore the natural environment while still doing something so you can chat at the same time.

Only a note of caution on this one. Make sure you and your partner agree to what makes a \”fun walk.\” Mike once took me on a \”small walk\” to see the sunset in Los Angeles. I expected us to stroll for 20 minutes before sitting back and cracking open a bottle of wine. We were already sweating our way up a path in the San Bernardino mountains 90 minutes after we began walking, it was getting dark, and I was… irritated.

7.Shop For Groceries and Then Prepare a Meal Together

Spending time together on the first stay does not have to revolve entirely around amazing gigs or roller coasters. It shouldn\’t be.

Doing something utterly mundane together, such as food shopping and cooking, is a great way to spend relaxed, quality time together. And, as an added benefit, you can eat together rather than with a video screen in between you. Add some candles to the table, and it doesn\’t get any more beautiful than that.

8.Play Few Board Games

Playing a game is a simple, inexpensive way to spend some time laughing together as long as you can hold your competitive side in control. However, give some consideration to the game selection. Unless you are a die-hard trivia or word geek, games like Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble will make you feel, err, \”less than clever.\” Try Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, or an online game you both already enjoy.

9.Plan a Game Night For a Couple of Your Closest Colleagues

If playing games appeals to you, why not widen your reach a little and show your long-distance love to some of your friends? Hosting a games night is a great opportunity to have everybody in the party laughing and introducing everyone to each other in a low-pressure environment. If you\’re searching for ideas, Taboo and Apples to Apples are both good party games.

10.Gather The Family and Friends For a Meal

You don\’t want to spend the whole visit alone, particularly if you\’re staying for more than a weekend. (Well, you might, but you shouldn\’t.) If you are hosting this visit, introduce your new spouse to any of your mates, and vice versa.

One way to do this is to have a potluck party. This can be done as a picnic or at your home. Make it a potluck or go out to eat so you don\’t have to expend a lot of time and effort cooking for and welcoming a large party.

11.Visit Your Favorite Eatery

Do you have a favourite restaurant? Please spread the word! Great food + great business = all you need for a fun night out.

12.Take Them to One of Your Favorite Places

Similarly, introduce your long-distance love to any of your favourite locations. They\’ll enjoy seeing the places you enjoy, and you\’ll enjoy showing them around. I used to drive visitors to the Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Bowl, the Huntington Gardens, or rollerblading in the Rose Bowl while I stayed in Los Angeles.

13.Play The Role of a Tourist In Your Area

Playing tourist is another enjoyable way to get out and about in your neighbourhood. Look up your city on TripAdvisor. Find something you\’ve never done before that sounds fun and go do it with your mates. You\’ll both get a new perspective this way.

14.Watch a Film

There\’s a reason this is a traditional couples’ date night favourite, and it can be a fun way to spend time together during your first visit. Get some popcorn, a blanket, and a decent movie you know you\’ll both love (don\’t waste this time on a bad movie), and snuggle up on the sofa together. Take advantage of the cuddle time and the opportunity to unwind together. After all, how many nights have you spent fantasizing about the opportunity to do something simple like this with your friends?


I\’m hoping…

I hope you have a fantastic time together, whatever you decide to do. I believe you would most definitely. But, now and again, when you encounter someone for the first time, things don\’t always go as expected. That\’s fine, too. Both of these can be attributed to life\’s important lessons.

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