How to Bag a Job at Walmart

Brief introduction

Walmart a US giant brand that is a multinational retail corporation operating chain of the hypermarket since 1962. Getting a job in such a brand is an honour. It witnesses thousands of applications every day out of which only a few get selected. Do you also want to be in that category? Walmart careers might not be a walk in the park for freshers but still, you can be the one. All you need to do is to follow basic steps about Walmart. After which you can easily be the one in that category. Here we go then.

Its popularity can be denoted from the fact that it has over 1.3 million employees overall out of which approximately 15000 to 50000 openings comes out every time which is huge if you go by this number. 


Types of Job openings at Walmart

But before going to an important step to grab a lucrative job, first of all, it\’s crucial to know the types of jobs opening you may want for Walmart. They are. 

  • Store management jobs include store manager, assistant manager, area manager, market manager, and many more. 
  • Sam club management job like a fresh manager, development manager, supply chain management, and a lot more. 
  • Sam\’s club job that includes customer service associate, maintenance technician, equipment operator, etc. 
  • Hourly retail jobs like cashier and front end, general merchandising, online order filling, stocking & unloading, auto care centre, fuel stations, and many more. 

As of now, you must be aware of various types of job openings at Walmart. Proceeding forward, we shall be looking at how you can apply to this prestigious company. 


How to apply at Walmart?

The foremost step to apply for the particular opening at Walmart is to go through their Walmart career page where you shall be entitled to all kinds of information and steps to undergo further. 

Next, you shall be identifying the broad category that compliments you after which you shall be finding the sub-categories where you can find the available position. An important step is to note down the location. If that particular location is near your site then you are good to go where you can easily go for up-down without any delay. Travelling overall is very tiresome, therefore, nearby location can always be fruitful. This is the very basic step for Walmart online application


Make sure you are reading each step carefully which is the first step to test your ability to pay attention to details. For an hourly job, you don\’t require a CV or resume to apply for the hourly rate. However, you still require your job experience in the course of application. 

But if are applying under the healthcare category, in that case, all you need is your standard resume which is a compulsory aspect over here. 


Step by step guide to apply

Now let us all go through the step-by-step guide about how we can apply for the position at Walmart. 


  • Step 1- apply through the internet

While you are on the Walmart career page, you will witness numerous applications. As mentioned before, if you too get along that job opening that resonates with you as mentioned before. You are one step closer. After that visit where you need to enter the username and create your password. 

Then visit to finish off your application. Make sure you have 45 to 60 minutes for such a thing. Before you apply, you should have certain things to keep in mind like

Phone numbers

Career accomplishments &

Job history


  • Step-2 complete the assessment

As in every school or college during academic years, you go through the test. Same case over here. Here too, you need to undergo the test where you need to answer 65 answers within 30 minutes. Certain maths questions and comprehension-type questions will come depending on the position you are applying for. But make sure you avoid neutral answers in that. 


  • Step-3 call the store where you have applied

Though it is not a compulsory step but a bonus step that can help you out in long run. Don\’t just simply rely on written communication. Instead, verbal communication brings the key to your success. Call and ask them that is they have received the application or not. You don\’t know one day you come to their office for your round of interviews.


  • Step 4- give the interviews

The plural form is used over here because at Walmart, there are two rounds of interviews. The first round is like a group on one session. Here, the first impression will be the last. Dress neat and formal and foremost thing is to arrive on time. You don\’t want to spoil the party but not being punctual. Some of the common questions which they might ask you are 

Tell us about yourself

How you handled difficult situations in the past

What you would like to change from your previous position

Passing the first round is a great bonus after which you shall be invited to a second round. But if you clear the second round of personal interviews as well then congrats you have become an employee in Walmart. 

Step 5- background check

They will check your background like criminal background and other things before giving the final agreement. 


Step 6- passing a drug test

The last but not the least vital step is that you shall be undergoing the drug test. Many would call it a formality but looking at today\’s world, drug consumption has spread its feet. Nullifying this is the main challenge of our government. Considering this, as you have cleared all rounds. A drug test is been undertaken to check for any inhalation of a controlled substance. Better stay away from these drugs. These can spoil the person completely. This whole process generates two to three weeks to undertake. 


Final words

Thank you all for your time here in going through the entire article. Do share this article with someone needful. Walmart is a big brand and getting a job there is always prestige. Have a good day. Cheers!

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