7 Best Explainer Video Types for Fashion Industry

Explainer videos are part of video marketing strategies that contain entertaining imagery and convincing narration. Many businesses have used this engaging medium for years, especially when it comes to boosting conversion rates — regardless of their business model, size, and what industry they belong in.

The fashion industry isn\’t an exemption. 

In fact, the fashion industry has grown significantly over the years. Thanks to the internet, the surging growth is unavoidable as more people can access the information right away.

However, with so many fashion businesses on the market, it becomes challenging to win a customer\’s heart. You\’ve to compete with possibly hundreds of competitors to get lead conversions. This can be even harder when you aren\’t equipped with the right marketing strategy.   

If you\’re a marketer yourself, you must know that using explainer videos is a stress-free way to improve your business. The short duration and clear messages have intrigued viewers to take action almost immediately. This often results in a higher conversion rate.  

Here are the types of explainer videos that work for your fashion business.


1. 2D and 3D cartoon explainer videos

With a 2D or 3D animation style, this animated explainer video is great for delivering complex information. Cartoon animation can break down complicated messages using characterization, making it easier and more fun to digest the information. 

The 2D animation allows a two-dimensional environment to produce remarkable characters and storyboards. It simply works as a moving picture that connects with your audience\’s pain points right away. 

In contrast, 3D animation involves making the character and object in a three-dimensional perspective. It allows viewers to get different experiences as they watch your clothing line in a meaningful way. 


2. Motion graphics

Motion graphics explainer videos utilize still objects, text, and graphic elements to create a motion. It\’s a part of animation; it only focuses more on the graphical elements to convey information.

This animation style doesn\’t centre its focal point on the story. Instead, it uses still imagery to live. Often, it uses text and other elements as the main component rather than animated characters.

When you want to communicate with your audience in a simple way, motion graphics explainer videos can be your best bet. Using motion graphic styles lets you connect with people quickly as there\’s no communication gap in the video. 


3. Whiteboards

Whiteboard animation is popular among online businesses. The simple approach of explaining the brand is undoubtedly excellent in bringing one\’s attention.  

This style simply uses a whiteboard to draw the artwork that represents the narration. The voiceover will speak throughout the video while a hand-drawn is being presented. 

That way, viewers can immediately imagine and process the information at the same time. Viewers will be drawn into the story as narrators deliver the message. Moreover, the whiteboard style often causes curiosity for the audience as they need to watch the entire video to know it all.  Casino Moons is a really remarkable gambling platform for Australian punters. Look at the Casino Moons review and discover all of the features of the platform. The article was written by gambling experts from Casinomech.com and just valuable details were included.


4. Live-action

If you want to connect with your viewers emotionally, consider using live-action explainer videos for that purpose. The human factor contributes to the feeling that evokes within the customer. It\’s exceptionally excellent to gain trust from your audience. 

Live-action style isn\’t as complicated as animation. You don\’t need expert skills to produce a live-action explainer video. The editing process isn\’t that harsh compared to the animation, in which you need high-tech software to make a seamless result.

That being said, you need the proper equipment to get better, professional footage, including lighting kits, high-quality cameras, and even professional crews to help you out.


5. Stop motion

Stop motion is a unique approach for your fashion industry. You get to manipulate an object in one frame continuously. This results in an unusual moving picture that attracts viewers in seconds.

With stop motion, you move the object and take a photograph individually. This can be a challenging task; however, the outcome is worth it. You need to work with a professional for this video style as it requires proper studio and equipment. 


6. Kinetic typography

Kinetic typography uses the word playing and objects to convey the message effectively. It\’s like a self-explanatory where you describe the message right away in the video. 

Through moving text, viewers can immediately absorb the information without getting confused. You can use kinetic typography to explain your fashion industry in a concise manner. Make sure to use a compelling script, format, and font that quickly catches your viewers\’ attention. 


7. Screencast

If you\’re working on your fashion app, the best method to promote it is through a screencast explainer video. This animation style demonstrates your action of using the app or software. You can record the video of you navigating the app and narrate it at the same time. 

This method costs pretty much lower than the other explainer videos, yet it still benefits your business. Many startups prefer this video style as they can demonstrate their product through screen recording right away. 



An explainer video is undoubtedly an excellent choice when it comes to promoting a business. It conveys the message concisely and helps companies improve their sales performance. To find out which explainer video styles work for your business, take a look at the list above and decide the best types for your fashion industry.

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