The Best Gadgets and Accessories for Photography Lovers

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Photography has become increasingly popular amongst young adults and social media has a huge role to play in this, as it has given people a good platform to showcase their talents and learn from the global community as well. As a photographer, you must be willing to expand your creativity with the help of cool and practical gadgets and accessories. 

Here are a bunch of photography gadgets that can let you achieve greater creative freedom. 


Best gadgets and accessories for photography 

  1. Level camera cube

You must have seen a bubble device in almost all tripods that photographers use. The bubble level device is important for aligning the tripod as it shows whether or not the tripod is properly levelled or tilted towards one side. Photographers use this to create various types of compositions, but mostly for ensuring that all their shots are perfectly aligned. 

If you are an on-the-go photographer and don’t like to carry a tripod, you need a more portable bubble level device. Instead of carrying the whole equipment with you, just invest in a pocket-size bubble level device that you can put on top of the camera and see whether or not the camera is correctly aligned. 

FOTYRIG Camera Level Hot Shoe Level is one of the best-selling and highly rated level devices. It comes in a cubic shape, featuring a 3-axis design that lets you align the picture vertically and horizontally at the same time. The device mounts up on the hot shoe of the camera, which is very easy to slide on or off in a matter of seconds. 

2. Smartphone attachable lens

Photography is no longer limited to capturing pictures with heavy-duty cameras or huge scale equipment. It has now become a lot more versatile, and mobile photography is now a legitimate category. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have developed a keen interest and love for photography in many people. Our smartphone and high-speed internet services such as Spectrum gold package have made it easier to capture and upload pictures of a moment instantly a lifestyle. 

The good part is that smartphones are all equipped with advanced cameras and we cannot help but admire the picture quality these phones can generate. However, these lenses still lack some features, such as interchangeability. To solve this problem, get your hands on attachable lenses for smartphones. You will be able to satisfy the aspiring photographer inside you with these portable, budget-friendly and creative attachable lenses. 

The Phone Camera Lens, TODI is a wide-angle attachable lens that can work with most smartphones, including iOS and Samsung devices. It is an excellent choice of product for capturing landscapes, and ideal for travel photography. It’s no distortion and 4K resolution is the most notable features. 

Another product you can get is the Kenko REAL PRO. It is available with a variety of different types of lenses. You can opt between a telephoto lens, super-wide lens, a wide + macro lens and a fisheye lens. It has a compact design with an easy-to-use clip that attaches the lens to the smartphone.

3. Photography prism sets

The crystal ball photography trend is one of the latest trends in photography. Many Instagram influencers and famous photographers are using a crystal ball to create special effects in their pictures. To experiment with this photography technique, a prism set is a good investment. 

You can try out the 4 Pack K9 Optical Crystal Photography Prism Set that is a complete package, including a crystal ball, a crystal cube, a crystal pyramid and a crystal triangular prism. Each of these has a width of 50 mm. They are great for manipulating lighting effect in your pictures. You can take a cool and creative picture of your friends or even architectural structures. 

One type of crystal missing in this set is a long triangular prism. For that, you can buy the Amlong Crystal 6-inch Optical Glass. It is a lead-free optical glass with a length of 150 mm and a width of 35 mm. It comes in a cover for safety purposes. 

4. Portable lights

Even if you are a beginner at photography, understanding the concept of lighting and manipulation of different lights for creating effects is vital. To get a good hand at lighting no matter where you are, portable lights are a must-have. These are usually battery powered or rechargeable lights. You can even recharge some with USB cables or electric adapters. The market is full of a wide range of products, and as technology advances, there are some portable lights that you can charge with solar power! So, even if you are going out camping or on an adventurous road trip, a portable light can be your best friend. 

For use with your DSLR or mirrorless cameras, Rotolight NEO 2 LED Camera Light is a good option. It attaches to the hot shoe area of your camera and lets you adjust the lighting in terms of temperature. So, you can shoot with either tungsten or daylight setting, just like any other larger lights like the Kino Flo. It also has other flexible features such as flash mode, where the light flashes continuously in shooting mode. It has a bunch of high tech features such as aperture settings detection. 

A slightly budget friendlier option is YONGNUO YN360 III Upgraded Pro LED Video Light. The most notable feature of this light is its RGB colour pallet that you can use to create any colour of the light. It also has a remote control capability, so you don’t need many people to help you get the perfect shot. It has 10 lighting modes, is portable, does not heat up with large heat transmission holes, and requires a DC power supply for charging. 

5. Storage bags

Since we are talking about many accessories and gadgets that a photographer must carry for capturing moments creatively, you must be wondering how you can carry all these gadgets while travelling.

You will find a load of gadget organizers and camera bags that let you carry all your hard-earned gadgets with you as you travel or move to an outdoor location with all the equipment. These bags and organizers have compartments for various gadgets, including small pockets or zippers for storing cables and memory cards. 

G-raphy Camera Backpack Photography DSLR Camera Bag comes with a water-resistant and robust body that can not only protect your equipment from moisture or harsh conditions but also guarantee the bag lasts longer than others. It has a tripod strap as well, so you no longer need to invest in handheld tripods and just carry the larger one easily. The bag is available in a variety of colours, so choose the one that best matches your personality! 


Final thoughts

Save up those extra bucks and invest in a good quality photography gadget to motivate your creative side even more! You can easily find all products you wish to add to your photography set up on Amazon, backed by a bunch of helpful customer reviews and ratings.

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