The Dating World\’s Struggle: Often People Go on a Date Only to Get a Free Meal

It\’s no secret that the dating world is difficult. Although many people are worried regarding first dates, men may have far more cause to be concerned, according to new data, about 23-33 percent of women date just to get free food, participating in a so-called foodie call. And though it was done on occasion, several women admitted to setting up a date with someone they weren\’t romantically involved with only to get a free lunch.

Unsurprisingly, the women who find foodie calls appropriate often ranked higher on darker personality characteristics and manipulative behaviors such as narcissism, faking orgasms, one-night stands, and other such traits.

Since admitting a foodie call paints anyone in a negative light, it\’s obvious that the study\’s findings might be inaccurate and certain women do not confess to engaging in such activity. Furthermore, the researchers agree that a foodie call is not just a \”female thing\” – all genders can participate, particularly when traditional gender roles fade.

Foodie calls are becoming more popular these days, but the practice is not recent. The New York Post provided insights into the culture of foodie calls in 2017 by using the example of women who purposefully sought out men who might drive them to lavish restaurants they couldn\’t manage on their budget. As one woman admitted, she picked a date solely because the man was popular and lonely.

Many New Yorkers participate in foodie calls daily because it encourages them to try amazing restaurants without breaking the bank.


Is it Unfair to Label Anyone a Foodie?

Foodie calls present a true moral quandary. On the one hand, there\’s the obvious deception: you\’re going out with somebody despite thinking you\’re not going to speak to them again.

On the other hand, there is a \”service\”: certain women explain why they are giving their time and talk in exchange for a regular lunch. Many men realize that the attractive woman they\’ve taken out might not be interested in them, but they always love her business, even though it\’s just for one night. In certain ways, it\’s a two-sided position in which all parties grasp the other\’s endgame.

How, is it unfair to make foodie phone calls? It all depends on the moral compass.

To make a foodie call more \”legitimate,\” don\’t lead the guy on too much. Keep true to yourself and be frank, rather than pretending to be involved in his hobbies. Around the same time, don\’t dismiss your date too quickly – even though you don\’t think you\’re interested at first, you could end up like your date.

If you offer the appearance of being sincerely concerned, drive the guy on, and give him hope, you cannot be morally challenged.


How to Tell if Your Date is Genuine and not Merely a Foodie Call

Traditional gender stereotypes remain difficult to break, yet they are being broken gradually and progressively. Even if foodie calls are more popular among women, the opposite may be true, especially if you\’re a successful (and probably older) woman. Men can \”hunt\” in the same way that women find men who seem wealthy and capable of paying hefty restaurant bills, swiping right anytime they see a potentially successful woman.

So, how can you tell if your date isn\’t out for free food? Here are few pointers to remember.


1. He is Overjoyed to Go on a Date

Have you ever dated a man who hardly spoke to you before pressing you to go on a date? Until deciding whether or not to go on a date with anyone, it\’s usual to at least chat a little to see whether you\’re compatible.

If a man is too insistent on going on a date, that\’s a big red flag.


2. He is Opposed to The Notion of Not Heading to a Meal

A bigger red flag appears anytime you consider traveling anywhere without food, such as going for a stroll or having a picnic in a forest.

To determine if a guy is just interested in a free meal at a luxury restaurant, first offer to go for a stroll. If he is opposed to doing something that isn\’t food-related, it\’s an indication that he isn\’t involved in you. If he likes you like a girl, he wouldn\’t mind hanging out with you no matter where you\’re going.


3. He Just Recommends Luxurious Restaurants

Even if you want to go to a restaurant on your own, things get shady when your date insists on pricey restaurants and disagrees when you suggest something more reasonably priced. Similar to the New York women mentioned above, many men can seek out successful women who will carry them places they cannot afford to go.


4. He Does Not Want to Talk Much

Things get much shadier when your future date is uninterested with what you have to suggest and gives you just one-word responses with the odd proposal to go on a date and maybe chat more. This misleading technique is all too common and shows a potential \”fisherman\” who isn\’t searching for a true partner.

Whether he\’s interested in you or looking for a girlfriend, he\’ll have a text or phone chat with you as well as a face-to-face meeting.


5. He Boasts Excessively

If a guy is too addicted to material objects or lavish encounters, it may be an indication of someone who is only looking for a foodie call in an extravagant restaurant to add to their \”achievements\” – after the date, they will share an impression of a luxury restaurant without ever having paid for the meal themselves. Braggers are suspect and can be stopped!

Have you seen a foodie date or do you think this dating phenomenon is socially dubious? In any case, hold this recent dating pattern in mind to effectively stop \”foodie dates.\”

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