Easy Tips to Kiss Your Partner with Braces

Now that you two are finally alone, it is time to have some private moments beyond the glare of the world. The thought of kissing is obviously at the centre stage for both of you. But something is holding you back. What is holding you back from kissing the most beautiful person in your eyes? Can you kiss someone with braces?

Let’s explore the truth in the following section of the blog post. Movies of course have a crucial role to play in creating confusion over the matter. People, who are yet to make a first-hand experience believe kissing with braces is a horror experience overall, whereas the reality is much different. In fact, individuals with braces can kiss each other without any trouble or inconvenience, assures an orthodontist dealing in Invisalign braces. To cut a long story short, it is high time to let go of all the inhibitions of expressing your emotions through kissing with braces.   

In this blog post, we are not going to limit the discussion only on whether you can kiss with braces. Rather we are going to discuss a few relevant topics as well. The topics include: 

  • Tried and tested tips on kissing with braces and
  • The flip side of kissing with braces

But first things first; let us start with squashing the myth that you cannot kiss with braces.


Kisses and Braces – They Can Go Hand in Hand

Just because you are on orthodontic treatment with braces does never mean your love life has to be put on hold. Kissing with braces is just as easy and simple as without them. In a rough estimate, nothing less than hundreds and thousands of people wear braces every day in the UK. Had kissing with braces been really problematic, do not you think the issue would have risen to full pubic glare by now? The issue is not raised only because it is not an issue in real life at all.  

However, getting used to the braces and carrying them comfortably through every situation of life are things that one develops with time. It can be anywhere between few weeks and few months. As you start your journey with braces you are bound to have new experiences like pain, food getting stuck in the wires, pressure, small traces of blood and likewise. All these intimidating situations can be resolved. But you need a little time to get used to your new life with braces.  

A large number of people suddenly turn self-conscious about their appearance after starting to wear braces. They do have reasons enough to feel that way but they have to understand as well that does not help. There is just no point in feeling ashamed in improving your dental health and aesthetic appeal. 

If you are the one who is kissing someone who wears braces, then here is something for you. You should take your time and learn to appreciate those moments of intimacy. Just take your attention away from his or her braces and suddenly there will be a magical improvement of the overall situation. Appreciate other aspects of your partner’s beauty, like their eyes. And there is no way that you can go wrong.  

Make effort to figure out the best angles from which you can kiss your partner. Remember every set of orthodontic braces is unique and precisely customised for an individual. Therefore, it is indeed crucial to locate that sweet spot to get a great kiss. 

Kissing with braces tips

Finally, here we are! Let us now share few tips that are not only easy to follow but also of utmost help to make your romantic life spicier while you are on braces.

  • Approach kissing slowly and approach with caution. You have to avoid bumping your braces into your partner’s gums, lips or teeth can be both damaging and painful. 
  • Do not use the tongue excessively during a kiss. If your partner’s tongue comes too close to the wires and braces you are wearing on your teeth, the tongue may suffer a nasty cut.  
  • You must tell your partner beforehand the precautions to take to ensure safe kissing.
  • Remember kissing your partner is no footrace. Approach the kiss as slow and steady as you can.

If you can figure out kissing is the upcoming thing between you two, spend time cleaning the space between the braces from trapped food debris. Carry a few mints or a tiny bottle of mouthwash in the pocket to ensure you breathe fresh and vibrant while kissing.

The truth is with little preparation and clear communication kissing with braces can be as fun and romantic as without them. 


Dangers Involved in Kissing With Braces

As a matter of fact, there is no genuine danger involved in kissing with braces but certainly one has to maintain caution while moving forward to express emotions. Bumping your partner with the wires is the most dangerous thing that can happen when you kiss wearing braces. Do not rush while kissing, especially when you are on braces. Sharp edges of orthodontic braces are known to damage the teeth and cut into the gum tissues when you dive into your partner with too much force. Therefore, it is always better to practice caution in this particular matter, more than anything else. 

Now when you are kissing someone who wears braces, make sure to shift the focus of your partner in the first place. The last thing obviously you want is to cause an emotional trauma from a casual session of making it out. Try using your lips to kiss your partner so that they forget that they are on braces.

Orthodontists straightening the teeth with Invisalign braces emphasise, if you are slow and cautious kissing with braces is as romantic and fun as it is without them. Do not allow braces to control your life. enjoy every single moment of togetherness with your partner. Never do hurry; rather, let the moments unfold themselves in a natural way. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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