It\’s Complicated And It\’s Dysfunctional

An unstable partnership is complex. Have you ever questioned anyone about their partnership and all they might say was, \”It\’s complicated\”? Have you ever heard anyone describe their relationship status as \”complicated\”? I suppose pretending it\’s confusing is more appealing than saying it\’s dysfunctional, but the reality is the truth. The plain, uncomplicated truth is that your partnership will most definitely end, and you should be aware of this.

All partnerships are dynamic, yet we often confuse them more than they ought to be.

Occam\’s razor is a line of logic that states that the shortest solution is most definitely right. This line of thought is utilized by cops to solve murders, physicians to diagnose diseases, and so forth. It would be fantastic if people followed this same logic to simplify their partnerships rather than confuse them. Let\’s take a peek through certain situations for complicated marriages to see how we can cut through the BS once and for all:

  1. If you are married but divorced, simply write divorced instead of the dramatic mark \”it\’s difficult.\” If someone wants to know the specifics, they already know, or you may inform them directly. People who are working on or struggling to preserve their marriage should get married. There is no need to get over specifics. Simply put, marriage is unhealthy.
  2. If you update your Facebook status to \”It\’s Complicated\” any time you and your boyfriend clash or have problems, you need to grow up and avoid looking for publicity. It\’s not complicated; you two ought to either split up for good and avoid being publicity whores, or evolve and focus on your partnership like mature adults. It\’s not complicated; it\’s all broken.
  3. If you just ended a relationship with an ex, you are Alone. It makes no difference if you are still hanging up on them, want to get back together with them, or still enjoy them. It\’s done, and you\’re no longer alone. If anyone wishes to date you or shows curiosity in you, simply inform them you are not yet ready to date. See how simple it is? It\’s not difficult at all.
  4. Whether your friendship ended but you\’re both sleeping together, it\’s not complicated; you\’re either partners with benefits or a booty call, but you\’re still Alone. You\’re buddies with benefits or a booty call if you just see him for sex so he never brings you out. It\’s not difficult; you\’re simply being exploited for sex and unable to consider it.
  5. Whether you cheat on someone or have an affair with someone who is still in a relationship, THEY are in a relationship and YOU are having an affair. You are in a dysfunctional relationship at best, but it is not difficult. You\’re having an affair, pure and easy.
  6. If anyone views their friendship as \”complicated\” when dating you, they simply intend to lie to you. They don\’t want to belong to you or leave their friendship with you. They are in a broken partnership or choose to have multiple dysfunctional relationships at the same time. You should be wondering why you\’re living with someone who isn\’t single and can\’t even offer you a clear response to the state of their partnership.
  7. It may be difficult if you are in a relationship with someone emotionally unavailable, but it is not. The simple answer is to flee because he will still be mentally inaccessible to you. After all, this is a dead-end friendship that is often unstable.
  8. It is not difficult if you are in a long-distance relationship with somebody you have never met, and when you do meet, it is just for sex and to hang out here and there. You\’re a long-distance booty call or in a fictitious engagement that doesn\’t happen. If the individual does not want to spend time with you in person, the basic truth is that you are spending your time on a friendship that you think will become true but is just an illusion. You still have no idea whether he has another individual in his life, but odds are he does. Often, someone seeking a genuine friendship wishes to chat. Those that should not, should not. As simple as that.
  9. It is often not difficult if your partnership status varies often when you are often on and off. You\’re in an on-again, off-again friendship, which is one of the most unstable. Your partnership cannot and will not expand, and you will have to split up and re-couple regularly. What is the easy solution? Disassemble. That is what there is to it. Don\’t get back together until anything significant happens.
  10. It is not difficult if you are in a relationship that has run its course and wish to find someone different but have not yet finished the relationship. You\’re hoping that someone else can walk along and offer you the courage, balls, or protection to quit. But, instead of beginning a rebound relationship that would eventually collapse, simplify and end your relationship.

Often people identify their partnership with the phrase \”it\’s complicated.\” When you question a guy if he is in a relationship and he replies, \”it\’s hard,\” it\’s a major red flag to you that you don\’t want to get involved with him. Unless, for instance, you are still complicated/dysfunctional.

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