Top 10 Indicators You\’re In The Wrong Relationship

Do you ever question if you\’re in the wrong relationships? Too many individuals are in marriages that are just not working out. They try to persevere because they believe/hope the partnership can change. They assume that the partnership should be improved to make it better and more secure. But what if you\’re in a bad relationship and unable to consider it? A decent relationship will go through a tough patch now and again, but what if yours is a poor relationship that is going through one rough patch after another? Here are several indicators that you might be in the wrong partnership.


Top Ten Indicators You\’re In The Wrong Relationship

  1. Where there is some sort of violence. Violence, whether verbal, behavioral, social, or physical, can never be accepted. Anyone who is subjecting you to such treatment should be shot. You should not even imagine including this guy in your life until you get some real support. Relationships like these can only deteriorate until there is a need for improvement and assistance/support from an outside party. Many criminals would never change their ways, even with support.
  2. If you\’ve been disappointed in a relationship for a longer period of time than you\’ve been happy, it\’s an indication you\’re in the wrong one. What you think was a perfect match was focused solely on the honeymoon period. Your relationship\’s truth is as it is RIGHT NOW. That\’s how it WAS.
  3. If either of you (or both of you) are remaining in the partnership for the wrong motives, it is a dead giveaway that you are in the wrong relationship. You may be in a financial arrangement. You can just have a romantic partnership, similar to a friends-with-benefits arrangement. You could be continuing because of the children or a way of life to which you or they have become accustomed. It is not an intimate friendship, and if it is not a loving relationship, what are you doing there?
  4. If you are unable to share your feelings or articulate your sentiments to the individual with whom you are in a relationship, this is a clear indication that you are in the wrong relationship. Sharing is an essential aspect of how a friendship develops. The partnership cannot develop if you are unable to talk or share your thoughts and feelings. As a couple, you never get closer; however, you grow farther apart. If you are afraid of the repercussions of sharing your thoughts or desires, you are almost certainly in the wrong partnership.
  5. If you are in a relationship with someone that lacks values and honesty, this may be a HUGE indication that you are in the wrong relationship. If this individual doesn\’t seem to know right from wrong and you wouldn\’t put some horrible deed past them, it may be time to let go. Someone who ignores values and honesty lacks a basic sense of dignity. They\’re not really sorry for what they\’re doing to you! Things you might never think about doing or doing would be done at the drop of a hat! What kind of friendship would you have with anyone like this? What is the answer? You can\’t do that. At least not a romantic, stable one. Is it poisonous and dysfunctional? Without a doubt.
  6. You could be in the wrong partnership if you don\’t spend enough time together, especially quality time. Of course, children, careers, and a variety of other factors may all interfere with the amount of time a couple spends together. We\’re talking about something else. Whether you\’re dating or in a friendship with someone and they have time for anyone except you, it\’s time to call it quits. Work cannot often be used as an excuse, can it? And if you think it might bear in mind that this individual may be employed for another decade, two decades, or even three decades! You\’re going to make so much of a wait to spend time with them? If you are, you are not in a relationship; instead, you are looking for one.
  7. If you split up a lot just to get back together again, you may be in the wrong relationship. It is not natural, stable, or sane for a couple to constantly split up. It prevents the partnership from being stable and progressing. How would you progress if you keep taking a step back? And why do you keep splitting up all the time in the first place? It\’s either because the guy you\’re dating is always breaking up with you for no apparent purpose, or because your relationship is dysfunctional. Just try to patch things to get the hell out of there.
  8. If either or both of you are struggling with alcohol, the friendship is doomed. An addict\’s primary relationship is with whatever they are addicted to, and that is not with you. Your friendship will never come first, nor will you. You can\’t save them if you continue, but if you go, you can save yourself and hopefully them. If you are an alcoholic, you can leave and get support. Whether they are addicts, avoid encouraging or attempting to stop them and just quit. If it would be their \”rock bottom,\” and they will pursue assistance. Whether they don\’t, you\’ve spared yourself a lot of heartbreak. A friendship with them is a losing fight before they overcome their addiction.
  9. If your partnership involves more than two individuals, you could be in the wrong relationship, unless you have an open relationship and both of you are fine with it. So, whether you or your wife is cheating, one of your partnerships must stop. Either with you or with the individual with whom they are cheating. If you\’re cheating, either stop the affair to preserve the relationship or leave it. Why sit before you\’re apprehended? Why period we wait for it to get worse? Why waste another person\’s time if you\’re never going to leave? You will have a partnership whether you (or they) are SINGLE. Avoid being in two bad marriages before the time comes.
  10. A long-distance partnership could even be the wrong relationship for you. If you don\’t see each other for a year or so, your partnership isn\’t legitimate. In a friendship, the computer, messaging, and skyping cannot substitute physical touch. If you do not have adequate in-person interaction and it may not seem that this may improve anytime soon, you might be in the wrong partnership. You might have a friendship, but it is not dependent on one of the basic needs of a relationship – having time together in person.

If you believe you are in the wrong partnership, it is time to explore the other choices in and around your life. Being in the wrong partnership would eventually lead to unhappiness, and the relationship will fail in any way.

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