Is It Worth it to Attend College After High School?

Most children spend the majority of their lives in educational institutions from the age of five (at least!) until they reach the age of eighteen. As a result, going to college after high school seems only normal. And many students take this seemingly reasonable action without giving it much thought.

School, on the other hand, may or may not be the best choice for all.

That\’s why it\’s critical to determine if you should wait a year or two or jump right in. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both scenarios.


Do Degrees Imply a Job?

Many well-intentioned advisors encourage students to pursue a degree because they believe it would lead to a better career opportunity.

This could be the case or it could not. There are fewer work openings in some sectors as more college graduates graduate. As a result, it\’s important to understand this before enrolling in college, as only 27% of graduates go on to work in a field relevant to their degree.


If You Have Any Doubts?

When you\’re 17 or 18, it can be difficult to figure out what you want to do with your life. It\’s a difficult and frustrating expectation to meet.

According to Psychologist Tamar Chansky, “many teenagers hop on the first career route that anyone proposes just to stop being directionless, only to find themselves unhappy a few years later.”

There\’s nothing wrong with taking someone\’s advice or trying something different.

However, it can be an expensive choice, and college can be an expensive place to find it out. So, if you can find it out before enrolling, you can save a lot of money on tuition.


What Your Tuition Doesn\’t Include

Many people will advise high school students against beginning college too early due to the financial burden.

Of course, not all students waste their college years, but for incoming freshmen and sophomores, college is about far more than just academics.

A new social life has emerged, with forming friendships, gatherings, groups, sporting activities, committees, and so on. That\’s on top of a brand-new degree program!

It could simply be too much for others to handle safely. That\’s why, before starting college, it\’s a good idea to learn about financial responsibility.

You gain a greater understanding of money and its worth when you work and pay bills. It also gives you a clear idea of how much your tuition would cost in the long run.

Finally, high school graduates may actually be unprepared emotionally and mentally for the challenges of college life. It can be frustrating, exhausting, and difficult.

Students who lack guidance or preparation can find themselves in over their heads.


What Are The Advantages of Taking a Gap Year?

Consider taking a gap year between high school and college if all of those factors apply to you.

It\’s basically a break from school, but it\’s not a time to relax! Instead, it\’s an opportunity to visit, work, intern, or simply discover other possibilities.

You\’ve already spent the majority of your life as a student learning knowledge and repeating it back to your teachers.

Now is your chance to figure out just what you want to know and learn. A gap year will help you gain valuable experience that will help you have a more positive and deliberate college experience.

In reality, a senior admissions officer at Harvard, Robert Clagett, found that students who took a gap year in college had higher GPA scores.


Why Should You Go to College Right Away?

Everyone\’s path is different, and for some students, starting college right away is the best option. Here are some of the possible explanations.


Maintain The Momentum

Are you a self-driven student?

Have you done some research into your area of work and the job prospects available to you?

If that\’s the case, go ahead and jump in. It might be tempting to put off college for a year or two in order to work, raise money, and have a little more independence.

However, after a few years, you can find yourself stuck in a rut and unable to live the lifestyle you want. If you have clear intentions and plans, devoting time to obtain a degree can be well worth it.


Student Loans Now Have More Time to be Paid Off

Yes, college is costly, but if you get your degree when you\’re younger, you\’ll have more time to pay it off.

Furthermore, as a recent graduate, you have a competitive advantage in your profession and a great chance of finding a career that will help you pay off your student loan.

Plus, at this stage, you are unlikely to have a family, a mortgage payment, or any other significant financial obligations, so taking on this financial burden is more feasible.


Take Your Personal Development to The Next Level

You are exposed to a wide range of theories, concepts, and ideologies as a college student. This while managing a slew of tasks and duties.

This intensive immersion is an excellent way to improve your multitasking and management abilities. You gain trust, maturity, and capability as you successfully complete one semester after another.

All of these abilities and characteristics are priceless, and they can be applied to any situation.



Many people advise students against starting college right away because it limits their travel options. Many students take advantage of their gap year to explore and learn about other cultures.

However, you can do so during your college years as well.

Some universities are like international mecca, with such a wide range of programs. If you want to expand your horizons, even more, most colleges offer the option of studying abroad for a semester or even a full academic year.

You will really enrich your college education by integrating travel with your academic pursuits.

As you can see, both options have advantages and disadvantages. What matters more than anything else is that you make the best choice about your situation.

Don\’t be afraid to continue your education right now or later. Just keep it in mind!

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