6 Signs of a Cheating Husband

The topic of cheating has no place in a healthy and happy relationship. Therefore, if you are unsure whether your partner is cheating on you, you should find out as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the fear of cheating, as well as possible infidelity, can destroy your relationship. The reasons stated here are not sure proof of cheating, but it is one of many possible signs you should definitely watch out for.


1. You\’re Sex Life Has Changed

Huge changes in your sex life can also indicate cheating. Those who cheat learn new ways to be intimate with one another. So if your partner suddenly comes up with ideas they\’ve never talked about before or just want to have sex with you in a certain way, it could be that they learned it from their fling or affair.

You should also pay attention if your partner suddenly barely wants to have sex with you. If he\’s having an affair, he may be getting fulfilling sex from the other woman and no longer have any need.

2. He Makes Sudden Plans

Men who cheat have a strict schedule. He needs to make time for you and the girl he is cheating with. He needs to set up a schedule that is not very suspicious to you. Guys become experts in instant planning regarding cheating, but women are unsurpassed in a game of careful planning.

If you suspect your husband is cheating on you, suddenly make plans for an evening or just a simple date every now and then. In this way, you can be sure that your husband does not have time to cheat on you. These sudden plans can ruin his schedule and cause him to confess his infidelity.

3. He\’s Always Distracted Even When He\’s With You

Physically, your man could be next to you. But his mind will be occupied with some other thoughts. He will be absent-minded around you, not paying attention to what you are doing or saying. Maybe he is thinking of you or because he is daydreaming. He can also sleep more than usual when he cheats on you. The idea is he\’s home with you, but he seems distracted. 

4. Your Husband Suddenly Has a \’Secret\’ Hobby

New interests can always develop in the course of life. But if your man suddenly has a hobby that you could never imagine in your life and he doesn\’t tell you anything about it, it can be a sign of cheating.

The advantage for the person cheating is clearly the regularity of his hobby. Either he goes there and spends time unnoticed with her or the hobby is even made up, and in that time, the two do something completely different.

If your man says little to nothing about his new hobby, you should follow up. He is silent because he has a guilty conscience. After all, all the stories are connected with his affair.

5. His Best Friend Avoids Your Eyes

To know if your man is cheating, spend some time with his closest friend and ask him questions about his outing with your husband. Was there live band music in the bar? How does the food in the Mexican restaurant taste? His friend seems clueless but will cover it up. You will find that his closest friend will be uncomfortable around you. That\’s because he also bears the burden of his friend\’s extramarital affair.

6. Lots of Overtime and Appointments to Cover-up

Has your partner been coming back home from work very late recently? Or has he been particularly busy lately? This could be because he is not at an important business meeting but spends time with his beloved. Meetings are not sure proof of cheating, but it is one of many possible signs.

If you want to find out if your husband is really working late into the evening, you can call the secretary on your own or sniff your partner\’s business calendar – but don\’t get caught! Otherwise, it could be embarrassing.

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