9 Ingenious Ways to Save a Bunch of Cash

Have you ever tried to save more money only to end up broke as a result? And if you think you\’ve done a fantastic job. Perhaps you believe your house is haunted by greedy gremlins or that your piggy bank has a hole in the bottom?

The reality is that saving money is extremely difficult. Even if you use smart budgeting techniques and take advantage of any available discount code, unexpected expenses can deplete your savings account faster than it can expand.

But, believe it or not, even though you\’re the worst with money, you can save money. We\’ve put together a list of 9 great ways to save money more effectively.


1. Take The 52-week Challenge

This is by far the favourite most favourite well-known personal finance challenge.

The concept is simple: each week, you must save a dollar more than the week before. You\’ll save one dollar the first week, two dollars the second week, three dollars the third week, and so on.

You\’ll have saved $1375 by the end of the 52nd week!

It might not be the easiest challenge, but it\’s kind of fun to monitor your progress over the weeks and see how much money you\’ve saved by the end!


2. Keeping Track of Your Money

Start using cash instead of your credit card. This challenge will transform the state of your piggy bank!

When you buy something with cash, save the difference between the bill and the next dollar. So, for every $5.20 you spend, put $0.80 into your piggy bank.

It\’s a remarkably simple method for saving money!

If you choose not to use cash, you can download the Acorns app, which functions in the same way as cash but is fully automated.

The 365-day goal is the third challenge.

This is similar to the 52-week challenge, except that instead of saving money every week, you must do so every day.

Isn\’t it terrifying? You don\’t have to save one dollar at a time, though. You must instead save a penny at a time.

You must save a penny on the first day. Two pennies on the second day. Three pennies on the third day. You\’ll have saved over 600 dollars by the end of the year if you do this every day!

Again, it may not be a large sum, but saving a few pennies every day is ridiculously easy.


4. Sales Should Be Made During \”Shopping Holidays\”

Some purchases, of course, cannot be postponed. However, some people can. Don\’t overspend, and if at all necessary, wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday. For these shopping holidays, you will find unbelievable prices, with some discounts reaching as high as 80%.

Alternatively, if you feel like treating yourself, do so on Black Friday. This way, you won\’t have to break the bank because you\’ll be able to take advantage of one of those great deals.


5. Just keep one type of Banknote.

Choose your favourite banknote, whether it\’s a Jackson, a Lincoln, or a Washington. Put one in your piggy bank every time you get one of those.

For those who don\’t want to adhere to strict timeframes or \”saving schedules,\” this is a great low-maintenance solution. It\’s a more open-ended strategy that leaves things to chance, but it adds up over time.


6. Spending Plan For Food

Do you seem to squander the majority of your earnings?

If that\’s the case, this strategy could be useful. Set aside a clear daily food budget and stick to it. You might, for example, set yourself a daily budget of $5.

It may be difficult at first, but it will force you to think beyond the box and come up with more budget-friendly dinner options. And it is unquestionably doable!


7. Have a Week Where You Don\’t Spend Any Money

You should stop wasting money instead of investing it.

This is a straightforward challenge. You must settle on a period during which you will not spend anything or any money on going out (or making some unplanned expenses). You can buy food and pay your bills, but you can\’t go out or make any impulse purchases.

It\’s a drastic move, but it can help you gain more control over your financial habits.


8. Set a Personal Goal for Yourself.

Do you have any bad habits that you\’d like to break? Do you want to smoke or eat too much chocolate? And you keep realizing that you\’re wasting way too much money on that habit?

Establish a personal challenge in that situation. Quit the habit and save money any time you feel compelled to do so. For example, if you stop smoking, set aside $5 each time you want a cigarette. You\’ll \”take away\” the money instead of smoking.

It\’s more like a personal \”bill\” for that bad habit.


9. Put Aside Every Extra Dollar You Make.

Do you have a weekend job? Do you have a small bonus? Have you ever found money on the street? Pledge yourself that you will save any extra money you get.

This isn\’t the most effective way to save money, but it certainly helps. After all, very favourite most favourite penny matters!

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