Unique set of gifts to give newly wedded couple


The gifts we give to someone on their wedding day can be really hard for our pockets sometimes. If it is not very expensive then it might offend the other person with how much basic gift we got for them. You always have to face problems while choosing the gifts that fall within the space of not overrated or not underrated. The ideal gift for a newly wedded couple does not need to be too much spendthrift. It only has to look extraordinary in such a way that it wows the new couple. You can always choose the way of presenting thoughtful gifts to them that have a special meaning to them or can be counted by them as a really useful gift because half of the gifts people receive on their marriage day is quite useless and it ultimately goes at the back of their closet and never used again. So why to spend your valuable money on something which is not even of any use for the pair. 

Serving you here on the plate is a broad track of plans which you can consider gifting to the new couple, that will be useful to them and will be pocket friendly for you definitely, just have a glance at it:

Bar Bundle

This is a set of twelve best glasses which are made up for drinking wine, whiskey, champagne, and other drinks that the couple would need after their marriage. You can comfort them from buying on their own and can help them out by gifting this set to them. It is basically a glassware kit that also has a tray along with it. The tray and glasses gives it such a rich look altogether. Additionally, it also possesses an ic bucket to store the ice for the couples who love having the rocks drink. You can have it as personalized gifts, by making some love lines added on the outer body of the glass for the couple.

Sweet water decor wedding day candles set

The couple who are wedded just now must be needing candles of course to plan their new balcony dates, or decorate their rooms. Candles are a unique sign of love and just brighten up the room like paradise. You can consider gifting the couple a set of twelve candles which will mark love in their relationship.

Pottery barn Providence Woven Picnic basket

If the couples plan any weekend dates or picnic dates together or with their families, even if they have a separate day out with their respective social circle, this gift can always prove to be useful for them as they can keep plenty of their belongings, food, and beverages inside this basket and carry it in a very handy way with themselves where ever they go.

Marble Appetizer Serving Platter 

Any food item which is served on this Mark and Graham wooden Platter would make the meal look even more tempting and delicious and will give it a royal touch for being catered like that way. You can search it for online gifts delivery in Pune. It consists of a wooden platter that is designed of mable and is of a solid structure. Three condiment bowls are also attached to it which are fabricated of handmade marble. 

Personalized couple printed wall hangings

You can gift this item as personal room decorating stuff which the pair can hang on the walls of their bedroom. It will signify the love that the newly wedded couple has. This wall hanging will have a picture printed on it which will be of a boy and girl sitting together. You can absolutely customize it before gifting it to them if you have any other special design or you want a love quote to be printed on it.

Skyline Wine glass

This set of glass which is used to store wine and drink from it, will supremely take the couple to nostalgia and make it a serene for them to have this set kept on their center table. You can even choose one different glass from each set and make it a combination according to yourself. You can pick a skyline according to yourself related to whichever city the couple lives in.

We hope this article was of some help to you, and you will consider buying gifts for the newly wedded from the above-mentioned ideas soon. 

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