Potted Plant Inspirations for Container Gardening

Potted Plant Inspirations for Container Gardening

The word gardening generally evokes a notion of green plants with beautiful flowers carefully planted in a grass-filled garden, with butterflies and hummingbirds. Well, not all types of gardening are garden-based, some like it in containers. Yes, container gardening is a popular choice amongst people. 

If any of you don’t know what container gardening is, it is putting pants and flowers in your place, and instead of a garden, one uses planters. Some people like container gardening because it is easy to manage, and incorporate in any place. Not everyone can afford a space to plant a garden in their house.

In that case, potted plants and using planters is an ideal options for everyone. It does not require any land, nor it is expensive to maintain. On top of it, there are planters available in so many unusual shapes and sizes, that can be placed indoors and outdoors. Well, the best part about container gardening is that it opens up so many creative ideas to play around with plants. With these ideas, you can creatively put plants in and around your house to enhance the decor.

Thankfully, We live in a world where we can never run out of ideas because ideas are just right at your fingertips, whenever you are feeling out of ideas you just need to open up your online world. Not only you can Buy Plants Online but can search for a number of endless unique ideas on how plants can look even better and make better use of the planters. Keep scrolling for the latest ideas that people popularly use. Quick Tips and Tricks to Take Care of Your Freshly Delivered Flowers.


Vertical Living Garden

First on the list is an idea that will save up your space if you have a shortage of it. Well, vertical gardens is a newly coined word that means that your garden is hung up vertically on your walls. This way, you can cover up the empty walls of your house, if any, and also add a tint of greenery in your space while still saving some space for your other decor.

This idea of gardening is in trend because of the fact that apartments or condos usually don’t have much free space and gardens require ample spacing. So, to get the best of plants and their beauty, people tend to shift to vertical gardens. For this, you can use succulent plants because succulents come in various colours and these colourful plants will make a beautiful piece of art for your wall.

Also, since it’s vertically placed, the water may easily Drip Down and Succulents will easily manage with a lesser water supply. 


Galvanized Suitcase Planter

Another amazing way or you can say a unique container that will be a great planter for your green buddies is a galvanized suitcase. Now, suitcases are commonly present in every house. If you search the storeroom in your house, you will find some really old galvanized steel suitcases that your mother has been saving up for god knows what.

You can make proper use of these old suitcases and transform them into planters for your container garden. You can transform it with some DIYs at home, to make it match the theme or vibe of your garden. Fill it with little plants of your choice and it becomes a perfect travel-inspired trunk box of your favourite plants.


Quick Tips and Tricks to take care of your Freshly Delivered Flowers


Ladder Planter

Have you ever seen a ladder as a planter? If not, it’s time that you use a ladder other than just climbing up walls. Well, ladders can be an ideal planter if used wisely. Start your search for an old, rusty ladder because you are going to upcycle it and transform it to make better use of it other than getting rot in your store.

Add a fresh coat of paint of your choice that gets along with your beautiful container garden and hang your containers step by step on the ladder. You can also hang the containers instead of placing them.  


Pocketed Planters

Another amazing idea to use if you have a shortage of pacing in your place. You can hang an old canvas that consists of lots of pockets and fill them with soil and little pants.

These are some unique inspirations that can be useful for your container garden.

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