Quick Tips and Tricks to take care of your Freshly Delivered Flowers

Having a coffee table decorated with fresh flowers may sound like a picture-perfect corner where you can consider sipping your coffee while reading a book. But these picture-perfect places do not come so easily; a lot goes into maintaining the right. You can easily send flowers online and feel fascinated about the same, but taking care of it is altogether a different story. Taking care of fresh flowers is as essential as cleaning your floors, your rooms, and maintaining your house to get compliments. Fresh flowers stand to be a motto of love, affection, and thoughtfulness. So here is how you can take care of the freshly received flowers to make them bosom with beauty and pleasantness:


Get a clean vase

You cannot just pull up a vase that has been stashed at one corner of your storeroom collecting dust all these days and fill water in it to store your freshly delivered flowers. Fresh flowers need some care, and it starts with a clean and dried vase. Hence, make sure that you wash the flower vase well using bleach and hot water so that any bacteria that stand clinging to the vase can be washed off. Further, dry the vase keeping it upside down before you fill it with water to keep your flowers blossoming and spreading freshness.  


Taking care of the water needs

Just like we humans require food for survival, fresh flowers require water to stay healthy and fresh. Flowers require a lot of water. In fact, they can guzzle up all the water kept in the vase on the very first day. Thus, it is necessary to take into account the water requisites of fresh flowers and keep replacing the water in the vase every alternate day. This is advised because keeping the same water for long can cause bacterial build-up, which is harmful to the fresh flowers and can even cause the flowers to die. So keep changing the water to avoid such a case and to prevent a nasty smell that may result due to long-stored water in the vase. Also, make sure to keep the vases filled with water all the time so that the flowers do not tend to wilt or dry out.


Flower food

This may sound surprising, but yes, flower foods that usually come along with the packaged flowers are also a beneficial thing to add to your flower vase. The flower foods have bactericide contents and can help in maintaining the freshness of flowers even if you forget to change the water. And if you do not receive the flower food along with the package, you do not need to worry as you can DIY at home. All you need is sugar, lemons, and bleach, take a mixture of all the three ingredients and mix it in warm water to prepare homemade flower food for your flowers.


Prepare the stems

The stems of the flowers should be of suitable length, and thus, before going inside the water, they should be kept aside from the vase, measured, and trimmed accordingly to get better results. Also, you need to know when you cut an inch or half of the stems while replacing the water and placing the flowers again; you tend to expose the freshly cut tissues in the water, which helps in the efficient sucking up of the water. Hence, make a practice to trim the stems every time you replace the water to prolong the life of your fresh flowers.


Light and heat- No, no

You can order flowers online and feel tempted to place those bunch of beauties on sun-kissed window sills. But wait, all you are going to end up by placing flowers directly under sunlight is wilting them before time. Potted plants do require sunlight in abundance, but the same is not the case when you talk about fresh flowers; excess heat can cause them to mature early. So instead of placing flowers under the sun, consider keeping them in the dark and shady places to make them last longer.


Keep the flowers at bay from fruits

It is alluring to place your fresh flower arrangement on the dining table, but wait, do you also have a fruit basket kept beside the flower vase? If this is the case, then probably you need to stop here and separate the two. Though there is no enmity between fruits and flowers, placing your flowers next to a ripening fruit basket is one of the biggest mistakes that you may commit while maintaining your flowers. Ripening fruits tend to emit an odourless gas known as ethylene that can prove to be detrimental for flowers and plants, and it may cause flowers to shed off their petals. So all you will get are dead flowers in no time so keep your flowers at bay from fruit baskets to maintain them fresh for long.



Ordering online flower delivery and failing to maintain the same can make your fresh flower arrangement goals go in vain. So instead of taking fresh flowers too casually, follow the above-mentioned tips to enjoy your fresh flower beauties and their fragrance for long.

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