Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Wedding Anniversary

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Wedding Anniversary

You may be social distancing during the coronavirus, but that does not mean that you cannot remember your loved ones in your thoughts. If you are stuck at home and your anniversary is coming up, here are a few things you can do at home for your Wedding Anniversary Gift.


After spending years together, your significant other would inevitably expect something unique.


If you are tired of receiving the same old dresses, watches, perfumes, and mainstream gifts upon reaching a milestone, then here is how you can win your lover’s heart.


Fine Foods for Self-Care Essentials

This one especially goes out to the couples who have held on to each other for the long haul. You know your partner better than anyone else and are aware of their favorite idiosyncrasies.


So what can be a better way of acknowledging their absolute geeky self and even allowing them to delve into their favorite indulgence? Whether it is comfort food or a hobby your partner uses to distract and relax, Gifts of Pre-Events with Loved Ones Nothing says ‘I love you’ is better than encouraging your lover’s guilty pleasures.


Give your diet-conscious, foodie significant other a break with carefully thought-out food assortments. Go for the exotic chocolates, caviar, cocktails, or candies. If they have a favorite comfort food, then order it in bulk. Or cook something special for them breakfast in bed style or a candle-lit dinner at home. Taking out time to bake and cook together can also be a gratifying bonding experience. 


If your partner is keen on self-care or has a quirky hobby here is what you can do get fancy notebooks for your stationery junkie. Dinner sets, miniature herbal gardens, and cooking books for the culinary expert. Fitness trackers, protein shakes, and sportswear for the gym enthusiast.


Spa coupons, scented candles, skincare hampers, essential oils, and bath bombs for the self-care queens and kings, loads of books, and magazines for the bookworm. There is nothing wrong with this one!

Exclusive Art Pieces

For the art lovers in your life, surprise them with a piece of art that speaks of you. Buy your lover eternity lovers or gift them bouquets every day of your anniversary month. Get your self-portraits painted or photographed.


Have intricate pieces of calligraphy or the galaxy painted? Or get your sound waves recorded while saying ‘I love you’ and have them painted to make a heartfelt centerpiece at your home.


If you are a music lover, then have all your favorite songs converted into a mix tape and spend the night jamming and dancing to your songs. Visit the theatre to watch your favorite play. There is nothing more romantic than a shared experience and appreciation of art.


Journal for Celebrating Your Love and Memories

Build a journal including all your favorite trips, memories, ups, and downs together. Celebrate each other by writing what you love about each other. This should be a favorite and life-saving keepsake for when the waters get turbulent.


Plan an Elaborate Getaway

Celebrate your years of togetherness by going on an elaborate trip, away from your routine life. Go on an adventure to the first place you two met, an aquarium, a dinner date at a five-star restaurant, or go camping in the wild and light a bonfire. Go stargazing, hike, or arrange a fireworks exhibition and renew your wedding vows or anything that marks the surrealism of your glorious journey together.


Limited Edition Accessories

Nothing screams anniversary gift better than something that is a limited edition. Buy something that only the two of you can share a gift that is as rare as your relationship.


Anything from a limited edition watch, perfume, sneakers, matching pajama sets and bathing suits, lingerie, exotic animal skin throws, and accessories. Make Birthday Gifts for Your Beloved Boyfriend One Get your partner’s Zodiac sign on a pendant, bracelet, or ring. Or a precious stone accessory that has the benefit of warding off your partner’s current problems.


These gifts are particularly anticipated when you hit a milestone in your relationship and celebrate your twenty years together with something special and rare.


Gold or Diamond Rings are Great Gifts especially because they can serve as a long-term investment. But there’s another growing trend, especially within long-term couples. If you are not too excited about the idea of buying expensive diamonds, then buy stocks for your partner, a win-win situation for both of you.


Not only will your partner be happy about your rational decision but you can both celebrate with the returns later. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West already do it! You can easily gift stocks, bonds, or securities and transfer these as gifts. Some of the big brands that you can invest in include Nike, Disney, Apple, and Amazon.

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