Sleeve Boxes-A Highly Desirable Combination of Style, Durability, and Affordability

If you talk about the most stylish, and the trendiest types of packaging boxes, the list is certainly incomplete without the mention of sleeve boxes. These stylish boxes are a perfect fit for the products which need to be protected from pollutants and yet be presented in an alluring manner.

The sleeve boxes have a tray at the base which is wrapped around by a snugly fitting, sliding sleeve. These boxes can be made with a variety of stock options and can be customized completely according to your product’s requirements. Custom sleeve boxes are a great choice for presenting luxury items in style. Ranging from expensive watches, perfumes to mobile phones and electronics, these can be used to package everything. 

Besides, sleeve boxes are mostly made with cardboard or kraft. These are completely recyclable and hence eco-friendly. This is a great plus in establishing the goodwill that every business needs. Sleeve boxes provide the required durability with style while at the same time they are not excessively heavy on your pocket especially when you order in bulk from a wholesale boxes company. The best thing about these boxes is that the customization options in sleeve boxes are literally unlimited. 


Customization of Sleeve Boxes

One of the main reasons for the immense popularity of sleeve boxes is that they allow a wide range of customization in design. For example, one of the very popular trends with sleeve boxes is to order them with a die-cut window. It allows an enhanced display while protecting your product from repeated touch by the customers who want to have a look at the product before buying it. Besides, the tray of the sleeve box can be given custom inserts. It can have separate compartments to hold various small items at once and that too with maximum protection and in style. 

You can get a ribbon or stylish handle attached to the tray for easy opening and quick access to the items inside. When the space provided by the sleeve boxes is used diligently it can provide a pleasing outlook that is aesthetically appealing. 

Moreover, the custom printing enables the sleeve boxes to act as your company’s ambassador and help attain a unique identity. 


Pay Attention to Durability

Providing protection to the products inside is the primary function of any packaging. Make sure your sleeve boxes are sturdy enough to fulfil this purpose. Choose your stock thoughtfully. And make sure that your sleeve boxes are reinforced at crucial points with multiple layers to ensure secure transit. 

Packaging manufacturers offer a range of stock options to choose from. The cardboard stock can range from 12 pt stock to 24 pt stock in most cases. You can select according to your budget and the requirement for durability. If you are into e-business particularly, make sure your boxes are strong enough to handle the challenges of long, rough transits and careless handling. A damaged image box is very much equivalent to a damaged image and that is the last thing any company would want. 


Never Forget to Ask for Mock-Ups

With the packaging playing such a central role in any company’s marketing regimen, it is important that you should have a thorough examination of the box quality before placing the final order. The packaging companies mostly offer complimentary 3D or flat samples of the boxes. This can be very handy in judging how the final box would look after all the customization. 

The makeup packaging set recommended is made out of various unbiased boxes, everyone portrayed by a sleeve, redone as indicated by the substance. The sleeve has a straightforward and viable visual communication: on the front side of the bundle, there is just the necessary data, for example, the logo and the thing type, while on the posterior there are largely the item particulars (fixings, and so forth… ). The utilization of a solitary graphical component in different shadings as indicated by the kind of article makes the distinctive product offerings effectively unmistakable, albeit the actual containers are liberated from any portrayal. 

Sleeve enclosures with embeds are accessible in various sizes and shapes. Along these lines, you can place different things in it. I felt that sleeve box printing was the most exceedingly terrible thought that one can seek after. Since they are two separate pieces that are combined. One is the plate and the other one is the sleeve. It makes it somewhat hard to keep the two things together.

Besides, it is always recommended that you ask for a physical sample. It can be used to ascertain the size and dimensions of the box. You can actually put your product inside the box and see how snugly it fits inside. Moreover, it gives you a chance to physically feel the final coating. A physical sample allows you to make necessary changes to the size, shape, and printing of the box and saves you of any unwanted disasters in case anything isn’t according to your expectations. It is your final chance to make any corrections if something is not up to the mark and the packaging company must not hesitate to provide you with a sample if it is dealing above board with its customers.

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