25 Sexy Open Letters That Will Make Them Squirm

You certainly don\’t need me to remind you that being apart from your main squeeze and beloved togetherness-buddy for a prolonged period is difficult, given that you\’re reading this on a platform dedicated to long-distance relationships.

We\’ve published a slew of resources on Modern Love on various ways to keep linked and get closer when you\’re separated. There are blogs about games to enjoy, books to read, and stuff to do. There is a fantastic compilation of over a hundred motivational long-distance relationship quotations, as well as another for long-distance relationship presents. I\’ve also published a three-month set of weekly dates that you can do (if I can say so myself, it\’s a decent series). But one thing I haven\’t done yet is write anything about sexy topics.

There are few reasons for this, including the fact that I believe it is still very risky to get naked on a webcam (revenge porn is real, people) and the fact that if you start having phone sex, it is very easy to find yourself spending less and less time TALKING to each other about the kinds of things that will build a solid and strong relationship, and more and more time breathing sex.

I also believe that many people in LDRs, especially younger people, may feel compelled to say and do sexual things with a long-distance partner before they are ready and that if the heat is turned up in a long-distance relationship, it is tempting to hop right into a sexual relationship when you meet in person.

So I\’ve mainly avoided mentioning sex on the web, except to educate you about the hazards of revenge porn (videos live forever nowadays, people) and casual intimacy as best I can.

However, this has indicated that I haven\’t looked at the options for all of you who DO wish to add some saucy sweet talk into your long-distance relationships. And it\’s a shame because there are already plenty of opportunities to experience this aspect of sexuality while you\’re in a long-distance partnership.

This article is for all of you who are capable, able, and excited to incorporate sex into your LDR. It\’s about all of you who like to hear more about your partner\’s interests (as well as your own, and it\’s fascinating what you will learn for yourself when you write about it.) It\’s for all of you who are willing to experiment with fi… uh… crank on the fire.

We\’ve got something very spicy for you today. There are twenty-five enticing Open As Letter subjects.

Only one second… You might be curious. When Can LETTERS Be Opened? Are you SURE you\’re not joking? I assumed we were going to discuss SEXY Things!!!

O you who have no confidence. Have you forgotten that our brain is the most strong sex organ we have? Are you completely underestimating our imagination\’s ability to start fires? I believe so.

If you\’re curious but skeptical, give this a shot. Pick 4-5 of these subjects and compose something on them. If you\’re shy, begin gently, ease into it, and feel your way forward… I\’m certain your companion would adore it.


When is it Open? You Wake up Remembering me

There are few things more satisfying than being the first thing anyone thinks about when they wake up. Include a touching letter and a pretty photo. Let them think about them first thing in the morning.


Do You Want to See What Pushes me Insane?

We\’re not just about what makes you mad (though, believe me, that\’s always worth writing letters about as well). Right now, though, we\’re discussing what makes you cry. What makes the heart sing? What piques your interest? What sends shivers up your spine? What energizes you? If you write it in this letter, you\’ll be well on the way to making your wife insane as well.


Do You Want to Hear About One of My Favorite Fantasies?

Sharing your dream is an excellent way to increase intimacy. And it\’s often simpler to express a fantasy or blog about something you\’re embarrassed about than it is to use words in person. So get a pad and imagine the fantastical. What thoughts come to mind? What are elevators? What are vineyards? What are yachts? A restroom on an aircraft (I know, it\’s gross.) I don\’t believe someone who travels daily has the fantasy, do they?)


Do You Want to Hear Anything About Yourself That I Find Extremely Appealing?

Desire is a big turn-on for both men and women. Seeing what it is with them that piques your interest can pique theirs.


Do You Want to Hear Something About me That I Adore?

This does not have to be just about sexy chat. A \”melt-their-heart\” moment is as valuable as a \”jolt-of-lightning\” moment. So tell them everything you adore about them, even though it has nothing to do with sex.


Do You Want to Hear Everything I Think is Lovely About You?

Telling them something about themselves that you think is beautiful can make them blush and spice things up.


Do You Want to Hear Everything I Adore About You?

Good morning emails, getting tagged in memes, a shoulder kiss while we\’re together… When it comes to fostering love and attachment, small movements may be extremely effective. Tell your mate how much you appreciate the small stuff they do.


You\’re Curious About What Brings Me The Greatest Satisfaction

Knowing what switches you on makes it easier to turn them on. You should keep this fully PG by mentioning hand-holding or describing something sensual, such as a backrub by candlelight… Alternatively, you will increase the ranking and the sizzle factor.


You\’re Curious About My Sexual Boundaries (Soft/Hard Limits)

Discussing sexual expectations is important in a mature partnership, and writing it down is a simple way to be clear to get the point across. A hard limit is something you refuse to undertake, while a soft limit is something you wouldn\’t necessarily do but can try for the right guy. The individual reading the letter might be overjoyed to hear that they are the unique someone permitted to test your soft limits.


Do You Want to See What I\’d Do to You if I Had Immediate Access to You?

Take the time on this one. A lengthy, informative, drawn-out tale of all the stuff you\’d do to them is guaranteed to start a fire.


You Deserve to Get Your Hands on me Right Now

Again, be specific. Tell them just what you want THEM to do right now if they could have their hands (or mouths) on you.


Do You Want to See me in My Pajamas?

There are a variety of approaches you might take for this. You should explain how you appear in your underwear. The letter may have a pair of panties. Alternatively, you should use images. Be cautious if you want to use images!!! Submit no images that display your identity or may be used to tag you. Yes, you are sending a photograph, not a digital file. But we all have cameras on our phones. Nowadays, it\’s easy to take a snapshot of a picture and… presto… digital image. But go ahead and take some abstract artsy images.


You\’re in a Romantic Mood

Write a heartfelt letter to this one, and maybe even propose a date night for the two of you. Here are a few suggestions for long-distance dates.


You Should Know How Much I Adore You

The need to realize how much you\’re valued sometimes arises after a war or a difficult day, so strive to be compassionate and nice while writing this one. They can need both reassurance and cheer up.


You Must Smell me

Okay, this may sound a little creepy, but smelling your companion has been shown to relieve tension and provide warmth. Spray some of your scents on the letter to give it a wholesome, homey sound. Alternatively, package up a tee shirt you\’ve worn for a day or two.


Do You Want to Know What I Felt The First Time I Saw You?

First experiences are essential, and we usually don\’t have access to this knowledge. Sharing your first impressions of others and the first stuff you learned about them is a good way to make them happy and might even result in a few laughs.


Do You Want to Know What My Biggest Switch on is? Do You Want to Know What My Biggest Turn-off is?

It\’s useful to understand what turns your mate on and off. The reader may be turned on by the switch-on message, while the reader may be turned off by the turn-off letter. Win-win situation.


You Seem to Be Without me

This letter will help to alleviate the pain of being divided by time. Tell them how much you appreciate them and how much you miss them and strive to do anything that can make them smile. A photo of the two of you is a nice addition to this letter.

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