7 Reasons Divorce Rates Are Exploding

Recent unions and weddings, such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as Ellen Page\’s recent marriage to her partner, talented dancer Emma Portner, have created quite a stir on social media.

It\’s thrilling to fall in love and marry – and to see others do the same – yet for many couples, the prospect of divorce is a huge deterrent. However, understanding why divorce rates are rising can help you determine if marriage is right for you.


1. Couples Who Marry When They are too Young will End Up Divorcing.

Perhaps, the older a couple is, the higher their odds of having a long marriage are. Marriages that began when the individuals were under the age of 25 do not last as long as marriages that begin when the pair were in their early thirties.

This makes sense with the numerous life transitions that arise during a person\’s twenties. Many changes occur in college, work, marriages, finances, and other areas. You may even go through many lifestyles and attitude changes, rendering the twenties a turbulent decade.

However, when you approach 30, things begin to settle down, providing a more secure environment for a longer-lasting marriage.


2. Earning a College Degree will Affect Your Marriage.

We are motivated to attend college to obtain a degree, but this is usually because it offers you a comparative advantage in your profession. However, it points out that earning a college degree increases the chances of having a marriage that does not result in divorce.

Whether that has everything to do with the dedication and determination that both college degrees and relationships need. If you will adhere to one, you will be more inclined to stick to the other.


3. Is Your Position a Factor in Your Divorce?

According to the United States Census Bureau, where you reside will affect the status of your marriage. Nevada, Maine, Florida, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Kentucky, for example, have the highest divorce rate, whereas Utah, New York, New Jersey, and California have the lowest divorce rate.

The most of the country, like the United States, has different degrees of divorce. Divorce, for example, is very popular in Russia, Belarus, and also the Maldives, where there are about 11 divorces every 1,000 inhabitants per year.


4. Divorce is More Likely if You Have a Mental Illness.

It goes without mentioning that psychiatric illnesses can and do impair one\’s quality of life, whether single or married. Unfortunately, psychiatric illnesses such as depression and drug misuse will devastate what should have been a happy marriage.

The thesis, dubbed “A global study of mental illness, engagement, and divorce,” reported that their results “contribute to studies showing detrimental impacts of mental disorders on life course-altering activities through a wide spectrum of social and cultural settings.”

In other terms, behavioural illness may have a detrimental effect on significant life experiences (such as marriage), and this applies to individuals from both social and cultural backgrounds.

This is because relationships necessitate each spouse showing up and being there, not just for the other party but also for themselves. Unfortunately, in the case of psychiatric illness, it is very impossible to establish a functional and safe environment for not just the partner but also the rest of the families.


5. Can Your Job Have a Detrimental Effect on Your Marriage?

People who served as game administrators had the largest divorce rate, at approximately 53%.

According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau\’s Five-Year American Community Survey, some occupations are correlated with higher rates of divorce.

People who served as game administrators had the largest divorce rate, at approximately 53%. A casino\’s environment can lead to infidelity. Bartenders were ranked second. According to Amy Saunders, a family law and divorce lawyer, “it\’s a prescription for partnership disaster” because their work requires pleasant customer care and sometimes flirting when under the influence of alcohol.

Due to their erratic hours and simple ways to sacrifice their relationships, gaming service personnel and flight attendants are often at a higher risk of divorce.

Operators, rolling machine setters, and tenders are even more likely to terminate their relationships. This is more definitely because they work irregular hours, rendering it more difficult to maintain a close relationship with their partner.

Finally, it seems that switchboard operators and telemarketers have large divorce rates as well.

And it\’s not exactly obvious that this is the case. That may be because of the chronic discomfort they are subjected to at college. It may also be related to the partnerships they develop as a result of seeing other people regularly and permanently.

If you or your partner are currently working in either of these fields, it is essential to remain linked and accountable to one another.


6. Do You Marry to Fulfil a Cultural or Societal Expectation?

There is a popular trajectory among young people, particularly women, that goes something like this: date, get engaged, marry, buy a home, and have children. So we marry because we believe it is what we are meant to do.

And if we see red flags or have a gut feeling that we shouldn\’t proceed with the marriage, we do it anyway because societal pressure and expectation are too high. Many spouses can end up divorcing as a result of this.

In the end, they did not marry to fulfil their desire or to survive following their ideals. Instead, they marry and it is what other people do.


7. Failure to Maintain Open Lines of Contact About Your Finances

Finances may be a major cause of conflict and stress in relationships.

However, finances may be a cause of divorce as each person treats money and resources differently. For eg, if your wife is a major spender and you\’re more cautious, anything from budgeting to saving to investing will get more complicated.

The causes of divorce are many and varied. By becoming mindful of these seven causes, you will ensure that you marry for the right purposes and maintain the strength of your marriage.

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