Sex vs Intimacy: How to Be Intimate Without Having Sex

Intimacy and sex are often confused – often people believe that sex means intimacy and that there is no intimacy without sex.

Some partners would also have sex daily to preserve intimacy in their partnership. That is why sexless relationships are always considered to be unlikely, so how would you be in a romantic partnership if there is no sex? When sex ceases happening, intimacy is irreparably damaged! And there can be no passion without affection.

Intimacy and sex can be linked, although not to the degree that is commonly assumed. As many asexual partners demonstrate, a partnership may be romantic without the need for intimacy. There\’s nothing wrong with not having to have sex if you can preserve pleasure in some respects. As psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini, author of RE-COUPLING: A Couple\’s 4-Step Guide to Greater Intimacy and Better Sex, states in Chron, \”Intimacy is the desire to communicate with the other person\’s soul.\” You will be intimate with a large number of individuals without doing anything.”

How do you do this in your relationship? We\’ll look at several options that any pair may try to improve their relationship and become happier than ever.


1. Take a minute to comfort others

“We visit each other every single day and embrace more in a single day than most couples do in a month,” one pair says. We\’re so similar that one more measure and we\’ll be duct-taped together. So why will we need sex?”

Many partners can not engage with each other\’s bodies as often during intercourse as they do during a simple embrace. When you hug, you fully immerse yourself in the warmth of another human. It\’s one of the most extreme forms of intimacy – you will feel secure. Nothing says \”romantic\” and \”intimate\” like a nice, tight embrace.

Taking a couple of minutes per day to hug if you and your wife don\’t already. Say nothing, do nothing – just stay and embrace for a few minutes. See each other\’s heartbeats and body heat. You will soon learn that a simple embrace establishes a closer connection between you than sexual contact ever will.


2. Watch TV while cuddling

This is similar to kissing, but it entails having more time together. Instead of sitting in opposite corners while the TV makes background noise, set aside some time to enjoy a movie or a television show together and leave everything else aside – lie on a sofa as next to each other as possible and cuddle.

You\’ll not only spend more time together than you will during an embrace, but you\’ll still talk like you could share your feelings when watching TV, and this interaction will strengthen your bond with your girlfriend. TV conversations should not take place during sex!


3. Go on a stroll outside.

Communication is important in every partnership; without it, the relationship can crumble when you know you don\’t have the same outlook and point of view. The more you chat about life in general with your mate, the happier you can get when you discover more and more connections between you two.

Moving and conversation come into action here. Walk around town, visit museums, go sightseeing, or just take a walk in nature – whatever feels right for both of you. On a stroll, you\’re likely to chat more than normal, either about your everyday life or about what you see outside. The more you speak, the more you express feelings you\’d never communicate with others (or even care about), which tends to build a closer relationship between you.


4. Make Eye Contact

There\’s something oddly romantic about hands – and perhaps more so about grasping each other\’s hands, whether on a stroll or just sitting next to each other.

Technology has also attempted to understand the phenomena. Holding hands raises levels of the \”pleasure hormone\” oxytocin, which makes us feel calmer, content, and optimistic. Aside from that, research has identified a so-called grab reflex, which babies use as a safety response to communicate with their mothers. Holding an infant\’s hand makes him or her feel better and, of course, more comfortable.

Holding hands is an important aspect of bonding with your partner, and it often happens to be one of the most important parts of developing further intimacy.


5. Discuss Your Doubts and Wishes

People, as previously said, crave connectivity. There is, though, a significant contrast between superficial chit-chat and deep discussions through which you open your heart to others. Although it can be frightening, expressing your darkest feelings, worries, and wishes is one of the most effective ways to communicate with another individual and achieve the highest degree of intimacy.

The only touch can establish the level of intimacy; no amount of sex can. There is no feeling that compares to being that deeply frank and genuine with someone and seeing that reciprocated.


6. Spoon Without Having Ever Had Intercourse

How well do you know the sex and spoon routine? Many partners abide by this as though it were a constant mantra, but it lacks the intimate impact you would have hoped for.

Spooning, on the other hand, will increase a couple\’s intimacy. Instead of spooning just after intercourse, spoon for spooning, much like you can for kissing. Spend a few minutes per day lying down and spooning vigorously, or do it every night before going to bed.


7. Do the Morning Workout Concurrently

Many men and women ignore each other in the morning before they have completed their morning ritual (like a shower and makeup). It\’s difficult to chat about true affection if you can\’t get that connection in an intense loving relationship where you don\’t feel relaxed being noticed by your girlfriend until you put on your makeup.

Doing the whole daily ritual side by side is the first move toward intimacy. Be nude in front of each other, dress in front of each other, perform beauty and facial treatments together, or even add lotion to each other.

Be honest with everything you do – the only one you should be allowed to discuss this stuff with is your family. If you can\’t, that may be a sign of something more serious than a loss of affection.


8. Share the Joys and Sorrows

Sharing one\’s feelings is a wonderful thing. If you will laugh, weep, and giggle with your husband while sharing all of your feelings (and making him express his emotions with you), it demonstrates that you are free and feel confident enough to expose your heart to such a degree. Emotions, like expressing your feelings and worries, are a pure expression of intimacy. Don\’t be ashamed to express your feelings.


9. Go Camping in a Remote Location Where There Would Be No Distractions

And when you\’re heading to bed in today\’s \”cool environment,\” it can be very difficult to detach from the outside world. It\’s difficult to concentrate on your mate, let alone embrace or spoon in silence if your phone is continuously beeping.

Go camping in a spot where there is no internet access to get away from it all and have an opportunity to deeply bond with your girlfriend. You\’ll be able to rely solely on each other and spend quality time together without being distracted by social networking.

This helps to clear your mind and gain fresh momentum for other facets of your life, in addition to creating intimacy. Win-win situation!


10. Give Each other Letters

In a culture where a few clever emojis tell-alls, letter-writing is a soon-to-be-forgotten craft. Instead of giving each other instant messages with eggplants, hearts, and kisses, take the time to write each other handwritten notes.

Letters are more deliberate, organized, and carefully written – they need time, commitment, and enthusiasm to make. What could be more romantic than receiving a letter that somebody has worked hard to create?

To push it a step farther, write heartfelt love letters you\’d never communicate to someone else – this demonstrates a greater degree of intimacy than you might attain by intercourse, let alone text messages.


11. Lock Your Gazes on Each Other

As all of us already realize, the eyes are reflections of the spirit. Surprisingly, looking others in the eyes can be difficult – which can also cause you to feel uneasy. This should not be an issue if you value anyone. Looking others in the eyes intensely and longingly demonstrates that you are fully at ease in their company.

There are only a few ideas to consider if you believe your partnership is lacking in real intimacy. If you\’re not doing one of these things, you\’re on the right track! However, when it comes to a long-lasting stable friendship, a little extra intimacy, hugs, and touch can never harm.

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