Sex Machines: 400 Bucks and Lifetime Satisfaction

Any sex dolls have found their way into popular culture. Vibrators, for example, are now so popular that almost everyone has at least one in their apartment. Also, edible toys, while sometimes ridiculed, are deemed fairly common.

Although there is one toy that is barely mentioned. Many people are unaware of it, even those that are aware are hesitant to do it. Although, for the most part, these toys are only used in pornographic films.

An enigmatic toy is a sex machine.


What are Sex Machines, Exactly?

As the name implies, a sex machine is an electronic instrument designed for sexual intercourse. In other terms, it eliminates the male counterpart by doing the \”job\” mechanically. It wouldn\’t be that far off to refer to it as a sex robot.

A sex machine is made up of a motor that passes reciprocating force to a rod that is fitted with a dildo. It can provide a remarkably genuine sexual experience because it has both piercing and throbbing features.

Though the workings of most sex machines are somewhat common, there are several variations.

The Sybian, which has a cult following, is one of the most well-known sex devices. It was invented in the 1980s by Dave Lampert, who aimed to build a computer to assist women in practicing woman-superior sexual roles. In contrast to many futuristic sex machines, the Sybian resembles a saddle with a vibrator strapped on top. It\’s specifically intended to vibrate, allowing the \”rider\” to monitor the behavior.

The Sybian has risen to the top of the sex machine market thanks to its innovative nature, soft contact, and erotic helping versatility. Today, tens of other saddle-type sex machines are affordable, even on Amazon.

Along with saddle-type machines, reciprocating sex machines are the second most common, providing deeper penetration and a thrusting sensation comparable to real intercourse.


Are Sex Robots Superior to the \”True Thing\”?

What one individual finds pleasurable might not be so for another. Many accept, though, that sex robot certainly does not compare to actual live human intercourse.

As one Quora user put it, sex machines don\’t offer her much satisfaction while she\’s single, but it\’s a different story when her boyfriend uses one.

But, in terms of physics, will the computer provide you with a more powerful orgasm? “More orgasm from a machine?” Yes, and very often, but only through nerve-to-brain stimulation. There is no feeling, no touch, no whispering… But only for the sake of an orgasm? Yeah, indeed!” When questioned whether sex machines could improve orgasms, a Quora user responded in the affirmative.

Sex toys are often a question of personal preference. Some consumers also discovered that sex toys add a different dimension to their sex life by including more choices. “It only makes actual sex better,” one Quora user clarified after exploring sex toys with her partner for a couple of years. Another consumer agreed, adding that it\’s a good addition to a toy range, offering further choices.

“I don\’t believe the computer is designed to compete with a human partner. And the most pleasurable self-pleasing sessions pale in comparison to genuine fluid, electricity, and chemical exchange. The only way to use these bad boys, in my experience, is to improve your love life,” said Dainis Graveris, a relationship expert and director of a sex toy review blog.


Why do you Think of Using a Sex Machine?

Even if the computer can\’t fully replace you in any role, it has several advantages that are worth considering.


It is Beneficial to Investigate your Sexuality

Sex can be a stressful experience, particularly if you\’re new to it. It doesn\’t matter whether you\’ve been seeing anyone for a long time or whether you\’ve just begun seeing someone; it\’s simple to stress out and feel guilty or even embarrassed.

As Highsmith said, sex machines enable people to have sex in private and learn how to have orgasms. You\’ll be able to experiment with and exercise different rates, places, thrusting power, and even sensuality. In this sense, sex machines are extremely motivating instruments that enable you to reconnect with your sexual side.


Orgasms are Easy (and Almost Always Guaranteed).

Orgasms are rather personal, and as users have stated, some can experience an orgasm any time they communicate with the computer, while others require their spouse to interact with the machine.

In certain instances, though, sex machines deliver an orgasm any time because of their capacity to produce up to 180-240 thrusts every minute, rendering them ideal for assured enjoyment.

Sex machines are particularly useful if you don\’t yet have a boyfriend. Aside from assisting you in exploring your identity, you will have authentic intercourse without needing to think about having a \”friends with benefits\” situation.


This is a Fantastic Way to Make a Long-distance Friendship Steamy

One of the most serious issues of any long-distance partnership is a lack of affection. And if your girlfriend is not present, sex machines will add an extra spice to your existence.

Smith suggests that you document your sex machine session for your girlfriend or that you have a webcam session together. You can guarantee he won\’t see that one coming, but he\’ll enjoy it!


It Adds More Flavor to Your and Your Partner\’s Lives

Sex machines add some freshness to the bedroom by offering new choices if your sex life is either hot enough or could use some spice.

A threesome is one such choice. According to one Quora user, a sex machine will play the position of a third party, so you don\’t have to think about choosing the right guy. This way, you can pursue a devil\’s threesome without the drawbacks that you could face if you were to add another guy to the intercourse.

Sex machines may also be used for steamy activities, such as blindfolding the girlfriend and playing around. Alternatively, the husband should let his fingertips do their thing as the computer does its thing.


Is it Possible to Use a Sex Machine?

Sex machines seem frightening at first glance: a large steel frame, a generator, and a soft attachment for penetration. Understandably, the sight of a computer thrusting you may be disturbing at first, and you might question if it\’s safe to use such a toy.

There have been several sex-related accidents in the past, but much of the time, complications arise because the toys are not handled following the manufacturer\’s instructions. A Maryland woman was involved in a sex-machine crash in 2009, but only because the instrument was homemade: a sex doll was connected to a saber saw blade, which unfortunately sliced through the dildo attachment.

No accidents can occur as long as you do not use homemade instruments or change the professional sex-machine.


How do I Pick a Sex Machine?

Although choosing a vibrator is not difficult, purchasing a sex machine may be difficult.

Many first-time users could make the mistake of purchasing the cheapest model available. However, as many sex-machine fans have said, now is not the time to cut corners.

“I haven\’t used a low-end laptop, but I\’ve read nothing but negative things about them. They crack or lack the strength needed for prolonged intercourse,” one Reddit user wrote. “Choose consistency over appearance,” said another.

Since sex machines have a motor and several moving parts, it\’s particularly crucial to choose a toy made by a well-known manufacturer. And, since it\’s not anything you\’d like to purchase every month, investing in a high-quality toy would pay off handsomely.

And the cheapest sex machines aren\’t cheap. A typical sex machine costs between $400 and $500. That is very close to the price of most Highsmith sex machines, which are regarded as among the best by consumers. (Note: If you use the code 7BX GPA at Highsmith, you can get a 5% discount.)

In most instances, the price ranges between $500 and $1000, but depending on the model, it may go as high as $1800. Brands such as Love Botz are typically less expensive and can be found in most adult retailers, including Hustler Hollywood (which carries a range of sex machines).

High-end devices, such as Shockspot sex machines, will cost up to $4000.

When it comes to mediocre computers, you will always get high-quality machines for under $400. Users also favored Highsmith models because they are relatively silent, have a strong engine, and are remote-controllable with an app (which is available for both Android and iOS).

However, aside from price, there are numerous other factors to remember, such as:

  • Materials – For obvious purposes, the machine\’s frame should be as robust as possible. Steel is a popular option since it is less expensive and more durable.
  • Attachment range – One of the major drawbacks of certain versions is the scarcity of attachment options. Few computers only come with a few different accessories, but most people like them a lot more. The more the better!
  • Settings and configuration – Certain computers come with a plethora of settings and customization tools, while others only have a handful. Which is better is a question of preference – if you choose a simple configuration, fewer configurations will be preferred.
  • Storaging – Sex machines aren\’t everything you want to see on the show in the center of your living space. Most Highsmith sex machines, for example, are collapsible, allowing for more discreet storage.

Sex robots, like other sex dolls, are shrouded in a cloud of shame. However, if you\’ve been considering how to take your sex life to the next stage, add something different to your bedroom, or simply practice your movements and test your sexuality, sex machines will help. And, in any event, you may be certain that a decent sex machine can almost always guarantee your fulfillment.

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