Is Online Matrimony Safe

Is Online Matrimony Safe

In recent times, Online Matrimonial Sites have gained enough traction. The traditional matchmaking culture in India is being slowly replaced by online matrimonial sites. With their large dataset of users and rigorous matchmaking algorithm, you can view large amounts of potential brides or grooms that was not simply possible in the past years. But uploading your information to online sites makes you prone to cybercrimes. 

The rise in the number of users on online matrimonial sites has directly increased the number of online thefts. Users create fake profiles on these sites where they make false claims about their occupation and hide the truth when filling out personal information.

This has led to families being duped multiple times by asking them for money by creating made-up emergency scenarios. Though online matrimonial websites have a set of rules in place to avoid such an event from repeating, you must still be cautious while using them.

Let us look at a few measure you need to take while surfing these online platforms:


1. Look Through the Profile for Any Discrepancies

When you get a match or are interested in a profile, always remember to verify a few facts before engaging in a conversation with them:

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  • The age of the individual should somehow match with the profile picture. There are multiple cases where they upload photoshopped images just so that maximum people match with the profile. In some cases, there is no profile picture which should raise an alarm.
  • Another important point that you should consider is checking for information about the individual on his/her social media account. This gives you a kind of relief when you see the individual has been active on social media and is not a fake profile created a few weeks back in order to dupe clients.


2. Don’t Entertain Any Monetary Requests

There have been instances where certain individuals have requested money citing health reasons or any other emergencies during the conversation with the family. This is a big red flag. Please keep in mind that marriages are not made on monetary grounds but when the two individuals are compatible with one another.

Another red flag in these cases will be that the individual will always be in a hurry and continuously pressurise you into Accepting The Marriage Proposal. 


3. Don’t Reveal Personal Information or Photographs Online

Online platforms are prone to cyber-attacks and imposters that use your personal information against you through blackmailing. That is why do not reveal too much of your personal information and personal photographs on online platforms as they can be misused. 


4. Meet in Person in Outside Before Accepting the Proposal

Online profiles are easier to navigate but can be misleading at times. The best way to beat this is to meet them in person in order to clarify all the questions that you have for them some of 5 Tips for Preparing a First Date that can boost your confidence.

The demeanour in which they reply may give showcase his/her qualities good or bad but at least you will be sure that you are getting into a marriage knowing the other person completely. Meeting them in public places is also considered safer in case you feel the other individual is cheating you.


5. Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

Private detective agencies provide pre-matrimonial investigation services to their clients. This involves gathering information regarding the opposite party with discrete measures. They conduct rigorous background checks to verify the occupation, family background and other personal information of the person in question. This gives you a sense of satisfaction after you have agreed to a match.

It is considered very effective to evade any online matrimonial frauds.

Numerous families have conducted a pre-matrimonial investigation in order to verify the person so that they can comfortably agree to the marriage proposal for their children.

Marriages are a sacred relationship that works on compatibility and trust. Though these online platforms have made it easier for you to meet new people, you must keep in mind the negatives as well. Never hesitate to ask for any clarifications if a  doubt arises. It does not mean that you are offending the other person but instead are just looking out for yourself. Conduct pre-matrimonial investigations just to be sure before taking such a huge step like marriage.


Author’s Bio:

Mr Baldev Kumar Puri

Mr Baldev Kumar Puri is a professional, Private Detective and investigator experienced in this field for 30 years. He is also a distinguished member of the Association of Private Detectives and Investigators- India. He is working there as the Deputy General Secretary-National.

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