Experimenting in The Bedroom? How to Do It Safely and Bravely

Experimenting in The Bedroom How to Do It Safely and Bravely

If you’ve been in a relationship, especially a long-term one, you’ve probably gotten bored of the routine. The excitement of the honeymoon phase can fade away, having sex feel more like a routine than a treat. Here are some safe yet exciting ways to experiment in the bedroom to bring some spice and interest back to your lovemaking.



One way to mix things up is to add toys and props to bedroom activities. They don’t always have to be sex toys, however. Dildos, vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, anal lube and nipple clamps are all sexual stimulators that can heighten and enhance your typical sexual experience.

Outside of sext toys, bringing other props into the bedroom can be fun and exciting as well. Swings, handcuffs, whips, blindfolds, and ropes add new dimensions to your intimate experience. Make sure that you research how to use all of the new toys you want to incorporate, both from a safety perspective and a logistical one. It’s also paramount to have open communication with your partner and establish clear lines of consent.


Role Play

It might seem silly at first but playing a character can help to see your sexual partner in a new light, or allow you to explore sexual urges you couldn’t express through yourself. By buying costumes, adopting an accent or wearing a wig, a simple change in physical appearance or demeanour can unlock new possibilities in the bedroom.

It can also just be a silly experience that brings fun and joy back to sex. Sometimes sex can feel like a chore, and the ability to have fun with it through role-playing and costumes can make it a pleasurable experience once again.


Change Location

Sometimes people get so tied to the bedroom, they forget that bedroom activities can happen anywhere. Break up the routine of doing it in bed and do it in other parts of the house. The kitchen, the living room, the garage, and the bathroom are all fair game for sexual activity.

This can also help bring some spontaneity to your sex life that might be missing. If you’re cooking in the kitchen and suddenly a strong urge to have sex comes up, don’t wait until you’re in your bedroom to explore it. At least, as long as there’s no one else around.

By opening yourself to some simple yet effective options, you can bring some fun and excitement back into your sex life. Incorporating toys, role-playing, and thinking outside the bedroom can reignite that spark in a safe and scintillating way.