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How My New Year's Day Look Like

How My New Year’s Day Look Like

New Year’s, it’s like a mixed feeling. We celebrate the year who is going, and we celebrate the coming year also. We have a party in the old year and welcome the New Year. You know, the last week of December or I should say from 24 Dec to 2nd Jan, it’s a fun week. Two most important, and the biggest celebration comes in these days. Both give us lots of happiness and new energy. You know, New Year always fills energy which lives with us the whole year. But yes, the works that come these days are just speechless. It’s like, we are doing the whole year’s work in this one week. But after that, we all do as much we all can. Because on the day of Christmas and New Year, the happiness we get. It’s just speechless. It removes all the tiredness. We automatically get the energy to do all these things. So today, I will tell you how my new year’s day looks like. Don’t worry, I will give you a little brief about my New Year’s Eve also. And first, we will start with New Year’s eve. 

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is like eating ice cream but melted. Because our 31st whole day was spent on the decoration for the night. It’s like everyone is running for the train. Someone arranging music, someone arranging dance. Mumma is in the kitchen making delicious food. I am running for New Year cakes. Because without cake how could we celebrate New Year? Friends, siblings, and cousins are doing the decoration. Dad is busy going and coming from the market, which we forget. It’s like last-minute shopping. Grandpa and grandma are wrapping gifts. And yes, how could I forget last-minute problems. Now, you will ask what problems, it’s like light is not working properly decorations are not still not completed. We had to order the New Year flower online, which we forget to do. And every year, I make this mistake. Okay, I will tell you about my New Year’s Day. 

New Year’s Day

So my New Year’s morning is completely sleepy, puffing, and dark circles eyes morning. Because of the New Year’s Eve party, we all slept late. But on New Year morning, I have to wake up before 7 am. And it’s not my story, it is my whole family story. Because my grandma does a special prayer, and worship God on the New Year morning at 7 am. It’s the exact time, none of us can be late. It’s like our family tradition, and I have a big family. I have a joint family and we all unite every year for New Year. After completing the prayer, my waiting for my special gift started. My grandma sends flowers to Mumbai for me. I also send the New Year flower bouquet to her, every year. It’s like the New Year ritual. 

After this, all the younger members of the family will touch the feet of all the elders.  We take the blessing and yes, gifts, also. After that, we all do breakfast together. And our breakfast never looks like breakfast. It’s like lunch and dinner together. And yes, none of us can miss New Year breakfast. It’s not because we are hungry, it’s because my grandma makes a delicious kheer. She makes it only on New Year’s Day. I can’t describe you, it’s taste.

The best part about New Year, all the gents of the family cook lunch. The menu of the lunch all the ladies decide. So between the time of the breakfast and lunch. We all play a game all the kids of the family do their respective parents mimicry. After that, we all do our lunch, which all the gents cook. By the way, in my family, everyone is a good cook. After finishing lunch, the whole family seat together in the lunch do lots of fun. In the evening time, we all go outside to parks, movies, etc. After coming home we all eat yummy cake. Every year on New Year, two cake cuts at home. It’s my cousin’s Riya birthday also. So we order online cake and flower delivery in Mumbai. 

So this is how my New Year’s day looks like. We believe that real fun is with your loved ones. This is the reason, why we spend most of the time together, as a family. So this is my way of celebrating the New Year. I know you will be something more exciting than me. And if you don’t have any plan for New Year, go and make. And enjoy your first day of the new year, happily and excitingly. 

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