6 Ways to Help The Leaky Bladder

It\’s never easy to confess to developing a leaky bladder. Perhaps you have just given birth, gained weight, are going into menopause, or suffer from other urinary disorders.

Whatever the case might be, you want to stem the leak and postpone surgery. Here are six suggestions to help you regain control of your bladder.


1. Appropriate Exercise

One of the most common causes of a leaky bladder is that the muscles in the bladder\’s floor have relaxed. Pelvic floor exercises are one way to help avoid a spill. Kegels are an excellent way to improve the muscles, but they are only effective if performed properly.

Consult the doctor to ensure that you are doing Kegels properly. You may also get the advice of pelvic floor physical therapy for any helpful workouts.


2. Prevent Heavy Lifting

Lifting large loads brings more pressure on the pelvic muscles than they are used to. This extra squeeze can cause some of the urine that your bladder is working so hard to hold inside of you to escape.

There is no pride in asking for assistance while lifting heavy items, and it can save you any humiliation.


3. Loss of Weight

Weight gain will make your pelvic muscles work harder to hold liquid waste inside of you. If you gained some weight and later started having problems with a leaky bladder, you may want to consider losing some weight before resigning yourself to a life in an adult diaper.


4. Prevent Constipation

Constipation places a lot of strain on the bladder. When you strive to relax, you are still overworking other muscles in your body.

If you are experiencing constipation, you can see your doctor. They can recommend stool softeners or a shift in your diet. Certain foods, such as berries, will help you clear your bowels without putting too much pressure on your body.


5. Fluid

It is important to remain hydrated. That being said, there is such a thing as having so much of a good thing. Drink lots of water, but bear in mind that what goes in must come out. Try not to drink too much water that you leak.

On the other hand, when deciding whether to drink, always strive to pick water. Alcohol, caffeine, and sugary beverages are not good for the leaky bladder.


6. Bladder Conditioning

Those who have a leaky bladder need to use the toilet more often to prevent an injury. Although this makes sense, it can end up doing you more damage than good. You are unintentionally preparing the bladder to become more responsive and incapable of holding the volume of urine it is capable of.

Bladder fitness strengthens the muscles of the urinary tract and teaches the body to go long periods without using the toilet.

You need not be afraid of your leaky bladder. It is, in reality, a common issue that many people face daily. You are not alone in your struggle, and you should be able to avoid the leak with a little work on your side.

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