Send Your Love and Good Wishes Through Fresh Blooms of The Season

The rise of e-commerce is hardly surprising in the age of the digital revolution, but many people might be surprised to know that most of the growth in online shopping is due to gifting portals. India is the fastest-growing market, and its customers are going through a mind shift as they tend to choose online stores rather than their old local stores. With the rise in income, online stores have begun to offer a wide range of gifts and customers have responded positively. The unique range of gifts in online stores can hardly be gotten anywhere else. In addition to shopping from the comfort of your own home and the advantage of saving a lot of time, you now get the options of personalized gifts. The gifting experience is made more special when the gifts are structured specially for the receiver. The whole emotional reaction is more favourable, and online gifting sites like Oyegifts know that and use that knowledge in creating their collection.

Another notable issue is the ease of online delivery, as customers are saved from the worry of postage charges as online gift stores handle the process of speedy delivery of gifts. For example, sending a gift to Noida is not troubling anymore, and your loved one will not have to wait for a long time either. Oyegifts has the option of express Gifts delivery and the process of quick online delivery to Noida can be done within the span of a single day. This is a remarkable achievement on the behalf of modern technology, something that was unimaginable just a few years earlier.

Unforgettable Fragrances

Gifting flowers is not a new fad by any means, the ancient Romans and Greeks were doing it long before us. Fresh blooms are a beautiful way to express emotions like love, passion, and sympathy. This way of communication was popularized by the Victorians, and the ritual is still present today. Bouquets are a popular gift, and they are appropriate for numerous occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Here is a list of well-known flowers that are often used in bouquets.


Irises are pretty and they have a mythological background as well. In Japan, they are popular for their purifying elements as well as their strength to keep off bad energies. Irises are known to symbolize strength and hope. The meaning of this flower changes with its colour, for example, purple irises are used to represent admiration for somebody, while white irises are often included in wedding bouquets.  They are the perfect gift when you want to express deep sentiments to your loved ones.



 Rose bouquets are great when you are thinking about gifts for your close ones. This flower has held popularity throughout the ages, and the red roses are still one of the most chosen gifts for Valentine’s Day. Just as red roses are undeniably expressions of passion and love, white roses are associated with purity and innocence. The yellow roses are used to invoke joy and cheeriness and they are often considered as a symbol of friendship. People use lavender roses to convey feelings of enchantment and majesty.



Sunflower bouquets may not be as popular as rose bouquets, but they are beautiful just the same. These yellow flowers always seem to stand for joy and positivity. They can be used to express unconditional love and purity, and they are wonderful gifts for your loved one. On the next occasion, you can choose to gift your relatives and friends a pocket full of sunshine instead of traditional gifts.


Daisies may not exude exuberance but they have a simple and positive vibe to them. These colourful blooms mainly represent purity and innocence, and they are also used to signify new beginnings. They also have stories of Roman and Nordic mythology associated with them, and these flowers also have numerous different species and types. Daisy bouquets are a good choice if you want to wish congratulations to someone.



They are the king of flowers in China and Japan, in a general sense, they are perfect representations of luck and honour as well as love. They come in different colours, and as expected their meanings differ according to the shade. Pink peonies are popular choices of wedding bouquets, as they symbolize prosperity. Just like red roses, red peonies symbolize love and passion.

Flowers have been used sing a long time to convey emotions and messages to loved ones. And till this day, we continue this tradition of surprising our loved ones with pretty blooms to express our feelings. In Oyegifts, there are many fresh bouquets to choose from. You can even mix and match different flowers to suit your tastes, and they take the responsibility of fast delivery in perfect conditions.

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