8 Unusual Christmas Gifts for Your Partner

As the holiday season arrives, several of us are faced with a difficult decision: what is the best Christmas present for your partner, particularly if your partner already has everything?!

Another unflattering (but endearing) Christmas sweater? Shaving cream? What is a necktie?

Shopping for your spouse is one of the most difficult tasks. However, you wish to see his joyful expression as he tears up the packaging and discovers something wonderful in your gift box.

But have you ever considered that the greatest Christmas present you will ever send to your husband is something you would all enjoy?

Instead of sending him another shaving kit that would only contribute to the pile of discarded items, be motivated by the sexy Christmas gift ideas below that will spice up your bedroom and make some unforgettable Christmas night moments.


1. Sexual examinations

If you have some dreams or kooky thoughts that you\’d like to put into the bedroom but feel awkward asking? Or maybe your spouse has any hidden urges but it\’s too awkward to express them openly? That\’s when \”sex tests\” come in.

This romantic chequebook contains 60 checks, 30 of which are for both you and your girlfriend. Many of the proposals in the chequebook are not only erotic, but they also promote having more time together and noticing each other. You may pay your girlfriend for \”your undivided attention\” or spice up your evening by paying for \”a fresh sexual investment plan.\”

It\’s the ideal present for couples who want to spend more time together but can\’t yet put their thoughts into sentences. It\’s fun, attractive, and romantic.

2. A Wacky Version of Jenga

Do you and your buddy like playing Jenga?

Hollabanana\’s \”O-ing Tower\” adds a modern dimension to the classic game of Jenga by adding Truth or Dare on its wooden bricks.

The game is made up of 27 questions and 27 tasks, such as \”Confess 1 lie regarding your body parts\” and \”Hug your lover from behind.\” Furthermore, the wooden blocks contain some pretty raunchy material, resulting in some real laughs and sexy moments.

3. Intimate Gift Package From Kama Sutra

If you\’re preparing a Christmas getaway with your spouse or just want to pamper yourself, this travel-ready gift package from Kama Sutra is ideal.

Though body oils and powders do not seem to be the ideal present for your husband, this travel package often contains kinkier items such as a lubricant and feather tickler that could be used for some raunchy action. Why not book a luxurious hotel room for the two of you and make good use of this kit?

4. A Sultry Red Babydoll

Lingerie is one of the most attractive things to many guys. What is sexier to them than flaunting your assets in a lovely babydoll or chemise.

This Avidlove babydoll is available in sizes S to 4XL and has over 1000 Amazon ratings, the majority of which complement its excellent fit. And, what\’s more, it\’s very moderately priced!

PS: It\’s available in 12 different shades, ranging from dark red to pretty pink and even orange.

5. Create a Novel Based on Your Husband\’s Life

It is that simple with Bella Mom Press\’s fillable novel. The book has blank prompts for you to fill in to show your husband how much you love him. It\’s not only a romantic gift; it\’s also a genuine one-of-a-kind one because you have to put in some work to fill out the book. It demonstrates that you considered him when planning the gift.

Though not a kinky gift, it will undoubtedly rekindle your love for one another.

6. Phanxy 3-in-1 Prostate Massager/Vibrator

This little method would surely heighten your sexual life. PHANXY\’s 3-in-1 massager/vibrator often comes with a cock ring and ball loop to boost your husband\’s erection and strength.

The toy is secure to use due to its waterproof nature and medical-grade silicone. According to the brand, you should experience some out-of-this-world orgasms with this toy. It\’s all rechargeable and can be operated remotely from up to 12 meters away.

Amazon reviews seem to like it as well, thanking it for its ability to find the sweet spot. And it is suitable for both men and women!

7. Classic Erotica\’s oral sex gel

This is a present that, yes, is supposed to be used to provide another kind of gift.

If you\’re having trouble with sex, this gel can help because it\’s intended to relax the gag reflex. It also has a sugary sweet flavour as a bonus but.

Several Amazon reviewers said that this gel enabled them to \”explore deeper feelings.\” In certain ways, it\’s a treat for you as well, as it might make the trip more fun, and your husband would be in for a wonderful surprise.

8. K-Y lubricant for you both

To round off this wacky collection, we must not forget about lubricants. Hundreds of Amazon reviewers conclude that K-Y is one of the most trusted products on the market.

This deal includes two lubricants, one for you and one for him. Enjoy a sensual massage or go on when experiencing a tingling feeling. When mixed with sexy lingerie and a kinky Jenga game, you\’ll have a memorable night!

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