Forget Fifty Shades of Grey, this is what men just like in bed.

What men desire in bed should not be a surprise, but it is often misinterpreted. We tend to believe that men want super sexy, unconventional sex roles all night long. Others believe that men would like the sex shown in 50 Shades of Grey.

No, believe it or not, it is not always what men want during sex.


1: Men are Looking for Good Little Things

If your first response to this notion is \”Boooring,\” reconsider. According to an Indiana University study titled Romance and affection top most common sexual habits, romance and affection were the two aspects that men desired the most when it came to women.

You heard it correctly: romance and love.

Professor Debby Herbenick, the study\’s lead author, states, \”Contrary to certain assumptions, the most attractive activities, also for men, are romantic and affectionate behaviors…

Kissing more often during sex, cuddling, saying sweet/romantic stuff during sex, having the place seem romantic in anticipation for sex, and so on.”

People, like women, want intimate, passionate soft little nothings. So, how does it work in practice: Hug your friend, whisper to him when you\’re having sex, hug him while you\’re having sex, and hold his hands while you\’re together.

Romance and love are straightforward, and that is what men want. Fortunately, ladies normally like that as well.

One piece of advice: Enjoy affection without the expectation of ending it all with a sweet, steamy orgasm. Enjoy your love and see where it leads you.


2: Men Like Hints

Men, believe it or not, want to impress you when having intercourse. And the instant he flips you on is both pleasurable for him and you!

The only issue is that a woman\’s sexual desires fluctuate from day to day and month to month. It depends on where she is in her menstrual cycle at the moment.

You already know what turns you on at this stage in your life, but you need to explain it to him.

How so? Give him hints. Offer him some guidance. Demand that he do something right there and then, at the moment. You may lead him with your side.

He would be able to satisfy you as well as himself in this manner. This will make him feel like a legitimate King, and it will also make you feel pretty amazing.


3: Men Deserve to Realize That Sex Doesn\’t Have to Be Revolutionary Every Time

A guy will believe that his girlfriend would not be happy unless he makes a huge deal about sex every time. For eg, there must be a significant buildup, or sex must be a major triathlon. Alternatively, he would have more sex than the last time.

However, sex does not have to be a triathlon every time. It doesn\’t need to be a marathon. So inform him of this. On a busy, exhausting day, that might be just what he wants to learn.


4: Outside of The Bedroom, Men Want to Feel Cozy

Don\’t separate your sexuality. Sure, the bed is the most popular location to have intercourse. However, carry the affection elsewhere. Tell him if he smiles at you and it turns you on. Yes, also at the supermarket.

Send flirtatious text messages to each other. Before you leave for college, kiss each other. Inform him how much you appreciated what he did. In short, build physical excitement outside of the bedroom and enjoy some foreplay during the day.


5: Men Like You to Be Pleased With Your Body

We all have insecurities, just don\’t tell him of the physical insecurities. Why is this so? When you attract attention to them, he is drawn to them as well. And if he is unconcerned with your love handles, he will begin to note them when all you do is point them out.

He simply wishes to behold your grace. Please allow him to do so.


6: He Needs You To Like Him

You may believe that when it comes to men and women, it all comes down to this: men are superior and it\’s all about sex, sex, sex. However, this is not always the case. In reality, sex therapist and host of the Foreplay – Radio on Sex Therapy Podcast, Laurie Watson, believes that men want to be “nurtured sexually.”

“Sexual release helps men feel like they are actually at home,” Watson states. Following the world\’s hurts and struggles, sex represents affection and caring, providing soothing and help. Though he might be suspected of \”wanting sex only,\” most men want and experience a far deeper interpersonal bond than a mere bodily release. Making love practically establishes a strong bond with his wife and fuels the friendship with generosity, confidence, and hope. Being desired by one\’s spouse may be the most reassuring aspect of one\’s relationship.”

In a nutshell, men simply ought to be provided about, and sex is one means for women to do so.


7: Men Like You to Be More Assertive

Dr. Dawn Michael, a clinical sexologist and blogger, says, \”Men are supposed to succeed all the time, which is unrealistic.\” They don\’t necessarily want to be the one to start a sexual relationship.”

Remember that it takes two to tango, and if you\’re having sex with another human being, such as your wife, you must still play your role. Don\’t be afraid to request sex. Don\’t be scared to request anything when having intercourse. Don\’t be afraid to rise to the top or to assume a more commanding position.

Nothing beats not wanting to be in charge and call all the shots now and again.


8: Men Prefer a judgment-free Setting. judgment-free

Stress, exhaustion, and distraction may all cause a man to lose his erection. But don\’t take things personally, and whatever you do, don\’t make him feel guilty. He still feels terrible about it, and your anger would do little to boost his morale.

Instead, suggest something along the lines of, \”It\’s OK, babe, I like what we did tonight.\” Whether he\’s having sexual difficulties because he\’s depressed, exhausted, or burnt out, help him find some peace and comfort in his life.

Not only will his life be infinitely healthier, but he can also do far better physically. But it\’s a win-win situation for both you and him.

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