How would you be comfortable in life?

If it is your sex life or your friendship with your family and friends, the only thing most people find want is ‘Happiness.\’ We seem to gravitate toward the individual for whom we are more content. This, though, is not the case with all. Many of us will claim, \”I am not pleased with everyone or something in my life,\” and we will be right. I am the most extreme definition of an individual who was simply dissatisfied with anything and everything about my life. However, after suffering from the blues for 25 years and contemplating many topics based on my perceptions, I began to understand that our happiness is entirely in our possession. 


How Would You Be Happy In Life?

If you get happier in your life, the first thing you must realize is that no life can be perfect; not yours, not mine, not everyone else\’s in this universe. You would undoubtedly feel fantastic until you have grasped this crucial aspect of happiness. You have food to feed, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and, of course, internet access to read this blog… for happiness Consider others that can\’t even arrange their bread and butter, or others that don\’t have a roof over their heads, and you\’ll sound like the happiest individual on the planet.

Another major source of grief is a sense of selflessness. Yes, you read it correctly. Putting others\’ interests and desires ahead of your own can be a major source of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. I\’m not suggesting you should avoid caring for your loved ones, or that you should be greedy, but I am saying you should be more concerned with yourself rather than always thinking of someone else. You will see a significant difference in your life’s happiness as you begin to devote time to yourself and prioritize your desires over all others.

Another factor that comes to mind as I think about happiness is financial independence. I\’ve seen people who don\’t work and depend entirely on their husbands or children. They can\’t even buy a simple thing to make them happy because they don\’t have any money. Any time they want something, they have to ask for it. On the other hand, if you are self-sufficient, you would be able to realize your small dreams, and believe me, nothing is more satisfying than realizing your dreams with your resources.

The last and most significant item that has the power to spoil your joy or fill your core with all of life\’s satisfaction is your romantic connection. Get rid of someone who doesn\’t love you, someone who does not think for your hopes or ambitions, and get away from the guy who still makes you cry. Yeah, girl, don\’t waste your life for someone who isn\’t deserving; you deserve ultimate respect, caring, and happiness in your life!

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