5 Things that Couples Should NOT Talk About While On Romantic Getaways

Travelling together is one of the most exciting things that you can do as a couple. Actually, more than fun and leisure, it is very rewarding and worthwhile. In the midst of your busyness as individuals, going on trips is a great chance to bond. Being together outside your comfort zones, you learn more about each other. It’s not every day that you get to enjoy the world with your beloved’s company. That’s why you must treasure the times you get to go on romantic getaways and every single moment in it. 

A significant segment of couple trips is being able to speak with each other face to face and heart to heart. Yes, you find pleasure in taking on adventures, trying out new food, meeting travellers like both of you, experiencing different cultures and seeing the world from various angles, but aside from these, when travelling, you have the opportunity to mutually communicate well. It enables you to reconnect with each other while de-stressing and setting aside your daily responsibilities. This is indeed more important than you know. 

But here’s one thing that couples must take note of: Lovers’ quarrels during trips are common. Even happy couple travels are not exempted from possible arguments. They’re almost inevitable as if they’re required. And one of the major reasons is talking about the wrong things during the trip. Truly, sincere conversations are necessary in building and strengthening relationships, and they make romantic getaways even more romantic and unforgettable. However, there are things that you should not bring up if you don’t want to ruin the nice mood and the whole trip itself. They cause good things to go wrong and make one or both say, “Let’s just go home.”

Here are 5 things that couples should not talk about while on a romantic getaway. Know what they are to avoid them! 

1 – WORK

Say you’re already married; it’s not easy to be a working couple, especially when you have kids. Even when you’re not yet married, when both of you are working, you’re surely busy as individuals. Everything that happens at work, you tend to share it with your significant other, including your frustrations and stresses. Most of the time, you talk more about problems at work than about accomplishments.

Well, talking to your partner about work matters is essential, especially when you consider them as your best friend, the one you talk with about your day when you get home. You consider them your comfort, so when something is annoying you at work or when you’re feeling exhausted, you sit beside them and vent. 

Contrastingly, work is listed here in the common things not recommended that you talk about on romantic getaways. Why? Because work will just stress you out even more, and that’s not why you planned and have gone on a relaxing trip. Instead of being able to keep your eyes and mind off of anything related to work, you’ll just be reminded of your tasks, also of your previous disappointments. You’re having days off from work, so don’t talk about work while you’re travelling with your significant other. They might not be pleased to hear of their business obligations, too, while on an invigorating trip. 

At the same time, don’t work while travelling with your partner. If it’s somehow forgivable to work when you’re travelling alone, then when you’re travelling as a couple, it’s not. Not only will you waste your time together but also will you sadden or anger your partner. Make sure you file your vacation leave before anything else for an untroubled trip to be possible. 

Although it’s more often than not very natural to talk about work topics wherever you are, they shouldn’t be your focus. Have fun. Unwind and recharge. Work when it’s time to work. Relax when it’s time to relax. 


One of the reasons why entering into a relationship with someone is serious is because finances are involved. This is a lifetime commitment, involving the need for savings and budget to live life well today and in the future. You can’t merely step into a relationship with just the thought of affection and not of financial necessities. It’s essential for couples to value discussions of the family’s finances because it’s not only for one but for all. 

While on romantic getaways though, avoid talking about your finances. This is particularly if things are not really sailing smoothly with regards to them. Bills, salaries, debts, profits from businesses and other money matters are best not to be conversed about while on the beach or while on the zipline. Especially when you know that you always bicker when this subject is on the table, don’t dare bring it up there.

Dialogues about finances are vital among couples, but there’s a right time and place for them, and your couple trip is not it. What’s more, you will just feel burdened when that’s the topic of your supposedly sweet convos. It’s a refreshing trip, and you should be rejuvenating yourselves. Unless you’re gladly talking about your dreams of getting rich and successful together, don’t talk about them.  


Although they’re already in bygone days, past arguments still spark a fiery fire sometimes. To talk about them during a lovely trip is only acceptable if those disagreements have been resolved for a long time already and if you know that you’re both comfortable hearing about it now. That means wounds have already been healed, and you can just laugh it out now that they happened many years ago. 

Oppositely, if your past arguments are horrible and too sensitive to be talked about, probably caused you to almost break up and hate the other or each other, you should never attempt mentioning them. Accidentally bringing them up in your conversations during a trip is the party pooper you never ever need but is regrettably, suddenly there. You will wish you could turn back time, so be careful.

Even as a joke, they would not sound and feel good for your partner who is uneasy and still has some hurt from your past circumstances as a couple. The more you talk about these past disputes, the fresher they seem in one’s memory and heart, specifically if there are some pains left to be healed. 

While you may use the time of your couple trip to set things straight and solve those past arguments, doing so is risky because you might not know how your partner would react and respond. Do that some other time, at home, which is a more private setting, so you can enjoy this trip now.


For sure, the time will come when both of you don\’t get jealous or angry anymore while talking about your former relationships. Of course, you don’t randomly talk about your exes, but when related topics are suddenly brought up, you’re both fine and comfortable with it. That’s when you’ve become more mature and more trusting with each other, seeing that both of you have already moved on from those and are now living a beautiful, truthful and healthy relationship together. 

That sounds so delightful, but unless you’re both in that level of maturity and sureness, this is a huge no-no! This could be one of the most terrible sub-topics of the roots of past arguments, and they should not be talked about during your romantic getaways. Because you know that it won’t lead to anything good, don’t drop names or situations related to their or your past relationships. Even when you’re being subtle, for whatever reason you have to slightly touch the topic, your partner will feel bad when they notice hints of the matter. 

It’s your special trip as a couple, so don’t focus on other people, especially if they’re your exes. Who does that though? But just in case, be mindful.   


As you know, when it comes to family, all individuals have a spot that no one can wrongly touch, or else, they’ll be ready to fight anytime. That’s why you should never be reckless about what you say about your partner’s family. He/She has loved them first before he/she has loved you, so bashing them is like bashing him/her too. It’s the same for you, so you understand that. 

It’s not an unusual thing for some people to dislike some family members or friends of their spouse, probably because of differences in attitudes, incompatible personalities and unpleasant treatment they receive from them. If you can relate, you know what this means. But know that you should be considerate about your partner’s feelings as well.

While honesty is key to staying strong together and living life better, don’t talk about what you dislike about your partner’s relatives or buddies during your couple trip. It will ruin your precious moment. No joke, it’s going to be really bad! It will lead to an argument, specifically when you’re being rude about how you speak.

You feel like his aunt is always rolling her eyes on you. You think that her friend is not a true friend. You think that his cousins are talking behind your back. Calmly tell your partner about these because they make you feel sad and uncomfortable, but don’t do so when you’re travelling. It will destroy the joy of your trip. At home is the appropriate place for you to let your husband or wife know your feelings about their personal circles.  


Truth be told, it takes a lot of effort for you to be able to travel as a couple, yet it may take just a single wrong topic of conversation to spoil and wreck all those efforts. Make your romantic getaways memorable by filling them with heartwarming dialogues with your loved ones. Catch up and have a good time together. Choose your words wisely and the things you talk about more wisely! Talk right, love!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Kims, a beachside retreat in Australia offering awesome beachside lodges like no other. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University-Manila, the Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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