Exquisite Romantic Ideas to Revive the Love in Your Relationship

Romantic getaways are special for ample reasons. A good one can add spark to a relationship since it is free from distractions like kids, work and our phones. Props like heart-shaped balloons, chocolates and flowers can spread cheer. Romantic movies, dinner dates and long drives are special add-ons. A study by McKinney states that one date-night per week is sufficient for couples. Americans were planning to spend a whopping $25.9 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2023. But why restrict it to just a day? Love is a lifetime commitment so try making each moment exceptional!

Having a plan in place is the first step to make your partner feel valued. Celebrate it however you like depending on your relationship type: short-term, casual or serious long-term. The best way to accommodate all is to book a hotel to savor delectable dishes, watch your favorite artist perform or sip on signature cocktails together. These are highly recommended because the coronavirus forced us to spend the last two years at home. It is a good idea to step out and celebrate with your loved one. Read on. 

Taste Specialty Alcoholic Drinks 

The best ocean-front hotel has a drink for every mood. Pick the ones with ingredients like olives, oranges, pineapple, cranberry and lemon for a fruity punch. Taste well-crafted signature cocktails like Pink Paloma, Nola and Kentucky Mule available throughout the year. You may also ask for beer and other specialty drinks. Atlantic City holds countless opportunities to romance the right way. Lapping ocean waves, twinkling lights and a thrilling nightlife can make for a whirlwind couple’s retreat. 

Try Your Luck at a Casino 

Make sure the resort you are planning to go to is equipped with a casino. This is one of the easiest ways to feel an adrenaline rush together with thousands of slots and table games. Start with lower denominations if you are a beginner. There are jackpot multipliers, hold & spin features, automated games, roulettes, and games inspired by 19080s television shows. Combine classic and new games along with cocktail services. For instance, choose from Craps, Blackjack, High Card Flush, Face Up Pai Gow Poker and Lucky Ladies. 

Turn It Into a Galantine’s Day

It is right in the name – Galantine’s means for your ‘gals’. It celebrates the closest platonic friendship among women. After all, our girl-friends are important for us to thrive in wellness since they form highly intimate, emotional and strong bonds. Fret one if you are single. Grab your lady friends and plan an exciting brunch session. Indulge in delicacies like Whoopie Pie Dup and Raspberry Cheesecake Waffle. The word ‘cocktail’ was searched 102,000 times per month in 2021. If you too have a strong interest, pick from these specially made for girls:

  • Lemon Kiss
  • Caramel Surprise 
  • Berry Chocolatey.  

Dress in style, click plenty of pictures and do not forget to update your social media handles. Make reservations beforehand to avoid missing a seat. 

Spa and Bathhouse 

Book a full-service luxurious couple spa. You can spend some time with your partner in a quiet space free of external disturbances. It is just both of you, experiencing the same kind of positivity and relaxation, and creating special memories. A spa or a massage session can ensure both physical and emotional well-being. 

You also communicate better in a serene environment to nourish your relationship. The release of oxytocin makes you happy and more affectionate towards your spouse. Stress reduction and relief from the hustle-bustle of life are other benefits. The best bathhouse comes equipped with jetted pools, Himalayan Salt grotto, jacuzzi and a lounge area. You may enjoy it here for an hour after your spa therapy. 

Experience the Pool Life

Look for hotels that have both outdoor and indoor pools open all year. There are plenty of similarities between swimming and a romantic relationship. Pretty surprising, right? Well, the moment you see your partner and the first time you dip your foot in the water- aren’t there butterflies and immense joy and happiness? So, take a plunge into a pool that runs along the Atlantic’s stunning views and bask in the sun with your lover. These are the ultimate ways to unwind and freshen yourselves. 

Reserve a Suite 

Book a sprawling one with ocean views. The best resort in Atlantic town may offer a bottle of drink like Jeio Veneto Prosecco Rose, a duo of chocolate-covered strawberries and swag bags. Pick from studio suites or one-bedroom suites as per your budget and choice. Enjoy an overnight stay and relish breakfast in bed in the morning. This is the best chance to celebrate a romantic night without having to put in effort. The concierge will take care of your needs. Do use your previous loyalty points, if any, to get special offers. 

Exotic Meals 

Explore a wide selection of international cuisines with your partner. Let your taste buds run wild with snow crabs, steamed lobsters, roasted suckling pig, steaks, salmons, meatballs, risottos, seafood, burritos and tacos. Each dish is uniquely handcrafted for an extraordinary culinary experience with your loved ones. Spanish and Italian menus are available to help you choose exactly whatever you are craving! 

Choices like fine dining, casual dining and quick eats help you pick the best-suited one. Enjoy a cozy in-room meal if you do not wish to get off the bed! Do not forget to pair the dishes with spirits and alcohol for a wholesome day. 

Thrilling Nightlife

Close-knit settings blended with high excitement and energy can create a few unforgettable hours together. Plush seatings, interiors with rich textures and finishes, light bites, open-air staircases, social gaming, a sportsbook bar, live game nights and exclusively prepared cocktails ensure an ultimate experience. Look for a resort which houses top cafes and eateries of America like Serendipity3. You can check out other gastro pubs and nightclubs where skilled bartenders can serve customized drinks. 

Celebrating love is easy. The tricky part is how to plan a special day without overwhelming yourselves with too many choices. A smart idea is to go to a resort that offers everything under one roof. You can benefit from exclusive offers on availing multiple services. Book a room for enhanced privacy or simply enjoy in the open with food, spa, games and shows. Your better half is sure to sing praises for the rest of the year!

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