Doing The Wrong Things For Love

Will you have a history of doing the wrong thing for love? You may intend to do just the best thing for the one you love, but what if such actions are detrimental to your relationship?

What began as expressions of empathy, generosity, or sympathy might have turned out to be major blunders. We must use caution to ensure that we are not doing anything in our partnership that is unhealthy and unstable. So, what are those cases of wrongdoing in the name of love?


Doing The Wrong Things in The Name of Love

  1. You are doing the wrong stuff for love if you give too much to yourself and get too little in exchange. You would respect yourself if you love your girlfriend. You are a part of this friendship, and if you are not receiving the love you are giving, you must avoid what you are doing. Take some of your affection for him and offer it to yourself. Recognize that you are deserving of more and avoid dropping the expectations. From consistently expressing your feelings about someone else if you just get the same or none in exchange. Pull back and allow them to come forward.
  2. You are doing the wrong stuff for love if you have taken on the part of a parent rather than a lover. There\’s nothing wrong with assisting those you care for, but they can\’t act like an infant and refuse to take responsibility for themselves. When they don\’t get their way, children turn on their parents, and when they are told what to do, they hate them. Take a step back from the parent position you\’ve taken on. Do the best thing by encouraging them to take better care of themselves and become less reliant. There is nothing wrong with assisting others, but once they become too reliant on you, you will quickly have a kid on your side. They should not be so dependent on you that they take advantage of you or take you for granted.
  3. Combining finances and passion is always a recipe for disaster. At the moment, it may seem that assisting the person you value financially is a way to express your love. It is better not to use money as a way of showing affection unless it is a present that does not trigger suffering and you do not require it back. Very many, these financial transactions result in frustration and, in extreme cases, financial catastrophe. Whether you\’re trying to make a banking transaction, do that lawfully or don\’t do it at all. Your legal arrangement would ensure that there are no misunderstandings on if and whether you will be compensated for. It also prevents you if the partnership ends. It isn\’t the most exciting thing in the world to get in attorneys, but financial misunderstandings or errors may and sometimes do spoil the romance.
  4. If you don\’t do enough to create and maintain healthy limits in your partnership, you\’re not doing the right thing for love. It may seem to be more caring to let stuff slip, but this is not the case. It is your responsibility to set and uphold your limits, and it is the responsibility of your loved ones to set and enforce theirs. Without good limits in a partnership, the potential outlook is bleak.

There are only a few instances of wrongdoing in the name of marriage. Looking back on your previous marriages, what actions did you take that you now know were incorrect?

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