5 Reasons To Visit France This Autumn

If you\’re always hunting for last-minute fall travel ideas in 2018, we have a suggestion: go to France. In either case, this is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country, and the autumn season is an especially lovely time to visit.

Mild weather and a variety of events make it much more enticing, and we\’ve highlighted five specific reasons to consider it if you\’re already considering a trip this year.

1. Versailles at the most beautiful

Visiting Versailles, which is about 45 minutes from Paris, is like taking a mini-vacation in and of itself. You may want to read some general visitor suggestions to learn why you might want a map, how to explore if you don\’t have a guide, how to get there, and so on.

However, as a more general suggestion, you could go in the fall. France is only a bit less busy this time of year (which we\’ll get to later), and others might say that when the leaves shift color and the autumn weather starts to settle in, the palace complex is at its most majestic.

Essentially, Versailles should be a must-see for anyone visiting France, but it should be prioritized at this time of year.

2. More Intimate Gatherings

France, and especially Paris, is about as large a tourist destination as you might expect, at least in Europe. However, as the summer season draws to a close, the crowds tend to thin out.

That\’s not to suggest there aren\’t always loads of visitors from other countries, but you\’re less likely to notice them during the fall.

3. The Wine Harvest in Montmartre

As you are probably aware, France has a stellar reputation for wine, perhaps greater than any other nation on the planet. As a result, there is a range of impressive wine festivals and competitions taking place in the autumn.

But we\’re focusing on Montmartre because it\’s probably the most special. Since 1934, this festival has honored the wine of Clos Montmartre, a kind of tiny monastery/winery. The harvest is mostly characterized by the taste and study of various types of wine, although the festival has expanded to involve nearby parades and creative exhibits.

It\’s a fantastic time whether you\’re a wine drinker or not, but it\’s particularly fantastic for connoisseurs.

4.The Ryder Cup, Fourth

This is a 2018-specific case, so it\’s always worth considering. This year\’s international golf tournament will be held at the Albatros golf course at Le Golf National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, just outside of Paris.

The event\’s locations change year to year, rotating between Europe and the United States, but whenever it is kept, it is one of the most common on the professional golf calendar. There is a more relaxed environment when players do not collect bonus money and still compete for bragging rights (and fun).

It\’s also another great reason to explore France this autumn.

5. Jazz Between The Two Tours

Jazz does not have to be your thing to experience this annual September-October festival. La Rochelle\’s port on the Bay of Biscay in western France is distinguished by two old guard walls, creating a charming, alluring harbor.

And, since the late 1990s, this harbor has been the location of a major jazz festival that takes over the whole neighborhood. There\’s great food everywhere, as well as a few other events, but the music and scenery are the main draws.

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