25 Non-Cheesy Long-Distance Ways to Say I Love You on Valentine\’s Day

You\’re in a long-distance partnership, correct? And Valentine\’s Day is quickly approaching. And you\’re not exactly how you felt about the entire Valentine\’s Day thing in the first place.

Isn\’t it, after all, yet another holiday conceived to make us waste money on cheesy gifts?

You may be shocked to hear that Valentine\’s Day is not a marketing creation! On Valentine\’s Day, couples have been greeting each other with candles, tasty nibbles, and cards since the 1400s. And, particularly if you\’re in a long-distance partnership, you shouldn\’t give up the chance to say \”I love you\” over the miles.

So how do you do it? That\’s the million-dollar issue, because when you\’re in a long-distance partnership, the logistics of Valentine\’s Day may seem doubly difficult due to the distance between you (not to mention the lack of a million dollars.)

Never doubt, we\’re here to assist you. On Valentine\’s Day, here are 25 completely non-cheesy ways to suggest I love you around the miles…


Can You Adore Them? Explain Why

Most of us value thoughtful messages of affection and affirmation as much (if not more) than tangible gifts. So, this Valentine\’s Day, why not spend some time asking your partner why they are so important to you?

There are several ways to do this…

Get imaginative if you\’re on a tight schedule. Create an alphabetical collection of explanations you enjoy and stuff you respect in them. You might write \”you appreciate other citizens\” for A, for example.

Alternatively, gather some of your favourite love quotes and create some Open When letters for them.

You are fully capable of doing this task on your own. Make a list of these things on plain paper or index cards. Alternatively, dress it up in glitter, stamps, and fancy stationery. Put them together, mail them on schedule, and you\’ll have a fantastic Valentine\’s Day love-bomb box on the way to them. (And for even more fun and ease, check out this awesome printable package of 100 LDR love quotes and 30 Open When topics for LDRs.)

If you like something more polished, check out KindNotes\’ Valentine\’s Day presents. You can choose between a glass container and a tin case, and you can customize the colour and shape of the filling, envelopes, and ribbon. You can choose from their library of messages or order this gift of blank cards so you can handwrite your love notes.

You may also use LoveBookOnline to build your love story. These books are fully personalized, allowing you to mention all of the reasons why you enjoy somebody and justify your words with casually charming stick figures. No matter how far apart you are, this gift will get you closer together.

Based on this concept, you might even use Post-It notes to offer a lovely surprise. Enlist the assistance of a coworker or roommate. Give a stack of Post-It notes to your accomplice and ask him or her to plant them around your love\’s workplace or dorm room for them to discover on a special day.


Make a Video For Them

If you\’re more of a talker than a blogger, you should always record a video on your phone and remind them how much they mean to you. You may discuss the following topics:

  • What was the first thing you noticed about them?
  • What are the two aspects you adore about them?
  • What are two qualities you love and value in them?
  • What is it that they are most skilled at?
  • What has reminded them of you this week? Where have you missed them the most this week?
  • How would you want to spend this day if you were all together?
  • What are your expectations for them today and this week?

If you want to go all out, call 5-10 of their dearest friends and ask them to create a brief 30 second-2 minute video about everything they love and enjoy about your spouse.

Put all of those videos together in a big \”we love you\” montage, and I promise you\’ll have given them a present they\’ll never forget.


Show us How to Have a Fun Time

Did you realize that recalling the happy days of your life made you happier? If you\’ve been together for a while, you\’ve already got hundreds, if not thousands, of visual pictures of the two of you, laughing, smooching, and doing enjoyable stuff. Why not compile any of these into a highlight reel of happier memories?

You should do this the old-fashioned way by using a blank notebook, a bunch of pictures, and a glue stick.

You will also save time by looking at Custom Photo Books at Mixbook. Mixbook enables you to rapidly and conveniently produce elegant picture books and other presents (calendars, puzzles, and so on). They can even stretch your pictures onto canvas for fast hanging.

This is something that can be done online. Make a slideshow that shows the tale of your friendship and highlights some of its highlights. Set it to audio, power it up, and you\’ve got something you\’ll want to repeat over and over.

(If you\’re looking for ideas, here\’s a slideshow I created for my husband for our 5th anniversary.) We spent most of the period in Laos, which is why there are so many photographs of temples, waterfalls, and elephants.)


Sing Them a Lovely Tune

Why not build a playlist for them? (Yes, this is the updated edition of \”making them a mixed tape.\”)

Music has a tremendously strong impact on feelings and attitudes. It can uplift, boost up, settle us down, or offer a voice to our pain and longing. So choose music that you believe your love would like (or music that expresses what you want to express) and give it to them.

If you have some blank CDs lying around, you might burn them one to listen to during their commute or when they\’re cooking dinner at the end of the day.

You might even give them a new mixtape with all of the old-fashioned romantic glamour of the old-school ones! This inventive retro cassette flash drive has a nostalgic feel whilst still allowing you to store up to 2000 tracks!!


Give Them Something Sweet

Since Valentine\’s Day is commonly associated with roses and chocolates, we can not overlook the fundamentals in this list.

When it comes to shipping flowers, you have several choices, but I prefer VIVAROSES. There\’s even a lovely love tale behind these family-farmed roses. (Use my code, MLD15, to save 15% on beautiful roses at VivaRoses.com!)

One of my favourites is to decorate Hershey Kisses with red heart stickers in terms of sweet sweets. Red heart stickers are available at every dollar store.


Give Them The Most Precious Gift of All Time

Flowers and chocolates are beautiful, yet they pale in contrast to a gift that genuinely expresses, \”I want to learn more about you and develop closer to you.\”

The best present of all on Valentine\’s Day, in my mind, is the message that you\’re looking forward to the future and want to develop a better bond with them—that you want to give them your time and energy.

We\’ve got just what you\’re looking for! Have a look at the Great Dates package. It includes 401 Great Discussion Questions For Partners as well as the Long Distance Dating Blueprint, an enjoyable 12-week series designed to help couples in long-distance relationships develop closer and stronger.

Buy the package now (use the code VALENTINE to save 25%), download the images, and then send them to your spouse on Valentine\’s Day with a heartfelt message.


Give It To Them

If you like offering a gift that requires you to package it, these are a few of my favourites…

This one-of-a-kind necklace \”marks the location\” with your fingerprint rather than numbers. This sterling silver (or gold or rose gold) bar necklace has the fingerprint etched on it. It doesn\’t get any more intimate than that! (See this article for more jewellery created with coordinates and fingerprints.)

There are a couple of bad pillowcases and mugs out there, but I like this one…

And what about this bowl…

Also, who doesn\’t like wet, cuddly blankets? This is ideal for holding the special person safe and comfortable even on the coldest nights, and the message will warm their heart as well.

Finally, put on your thinking hat and can get them something you believe they\’ll like or need. Consider alternatives to traditional romantic gifts. What about a fitness tracker? A portable speaker so they can listen to music everywhere they go? A panda calendar to help you stay positive in your daily life? The options are limitless.


Assist Them in Doing Something

We are all aware that money cannot buy pleasure, however, it does purchase experiences. And, as it points out, encounters will both deliver and create pleasure. But, if you want to see your loved one happier (and who doesn\’t? ), my last recommendation is to treat them to an encounter.

Either book them a local event that they can do alone—a massage, a pottery workshop, a wine-tasting evening (though you may want to gather a group of friends for this one, because who wants to go wine tasting alone? Nobody.)

Alternatively, plan an activity for the two of you to do together until you soon see each other. On this one, go for fun and novelty. Is there an awesome restaurant you’d like to try? What about hot-air ballooning or parasailing? Investigate interesting tourism activities and make plans to strengthen your friendship by experiencing something fun together for the first time.

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