Lisa McKay’s 14 Free Valentine’s Day Gifts 

Lisa McKay's 14 Free Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day gifts that enable you to tell “I love you” without investing any money

This year, we’ve already released a fantastic collection of long-distance partnership presents, but what if you’re on a tight budget? If you’re saving up for a plane ride and looking for Valentine’s Day gifts that won’t break the budget, here are 14 free Valentine’s Day gifts (ok, ok, some of these may require postage, but that hardly counts).


1. Create a Slideshow Featuring You

You’ve already got hundreds, if not thousands, of digital images of the two of you, laughing, smooching, and having fun. Make a slideshow that shows the tale of your friendship and highlights some of its highlights. Set it to audio, power it up, and you’ve got something you’ll want to repeat over and over.

2. Explain Why You Adore Them

Make a list of stuff you like or respect about your mate using the letters of the alphabet. For eg, you might write: “you appreciate other people” next to “A.” You might write “you are Brave” next to B. Your wife would be overjoyed to get this.

You may even do something for Post-It notes. Enlist the assistance of a coworker or roommate. Give a stack of Post-It notes to your accomplice and remind him or her to plant them around your lover’s office or dorm room for them to spot on Valentine’s Day.

3. Build a Playlist

Yes, this is the updated iteration of “making them a mixed tape.” Choose music that you believe your lover would appreciate. Organize them into a Spotify playlist (or any playlist website) for your SO to listen to when commuting or cooking dinner at the end of a hard day. This TechApp article explains how to legally build and upload music playlists online.

4. Submit a Perfume to Yourself

Did you realize that your sense of smell can elicit strong feelings and memories? This is because the nerves that carry knowledge about smell connect directly to the region of the brain involved in memory development and emotion processing. You will take advantage of this by sending your precious one something that smells like you. Take an old tee, wear it, spritz it with more lipstick, aftershave, or deodorant, and return it to them.

5. Create Open-ended Letters

This is a present that will keep on giving for weeks. You only need any stationery, envelopes, and a pen to make Open As letters. If you’re lost for topics, this page has 30 Open When Letter Suggestions and this one has a ready-made printable of 100 love quotes.

6. Bake and Deliver Cookies

Receiving special goodies in the mail from your significant other is often enjoyable. It’s much more special if they created them themselves. Roll up your sleeves and catch a rolling pin if you’re short of currency.

You should still render the classic crowd-pleaser, chocolate chip cookies. Whether you want to be a bit more daring (or if your partner stays far away), consider this recipe for Anzac Biscuits. Since they don’t go stale quickly, women in Australia and New Zealand baked them and sent them to their army partners fighting overseas during World War I. After all, if anything tastes good after being delivered around the ocean on a steamer, it’s a recipe worth attempting, right?

7. Make Ios for Them

My family moved a lot while I was growing up, so getting an IOU instead of a real gift became a bit of a family ritual. I can’t claim we loved receiving IOUs at Christmas, but I now agree that the good old IOU has a spot, and that place is in the preparation of enjoyable experiences.

According to research, money will buy satisfaction if you invest it in experiences rather than things, so start dreaming about the kinds of experiences that will make good gifts. What will you do together at your next meeting that would be unique? A spa day together with couple’s massages? Where do we go for a classy dinner? Tickets for a musical? A flight in a hot air balloon?

If you wish to hold this gift open, give your spouse IOUs for various personal moments that you have (a half-hour massage given by you, a free pass out of cleaning up after a meal, etc).

8.Give Them Your Time and Energy

Suggest that you have a weekly “themed” Skype date for a month. You all choose the themes together. You may select a book to read and share, something to watch on YouTube together, a list of questions to inquire or respond to or play video games. There are several ways to fill four dates with enjoyable activities that go beyond the usual banter.

9. Create a Note in a Bottle for Them

Had a spare wine bottle? Get imaginative to wash it away. Create your message in a glass. Put a personal notice or a rare poem inside. You might make a puzzle or sketch a personal treasure map if you choose to be very adventurous. What kind of treasure do you want them to discover? That is entirely up to you to know.

10. For A Week, Submit Personal “Kind Letters”

Every day for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, send them an email with a personal “kind message.” Choose a romantic quote or a poem. Tell them about everything that prompted you to think about them this week. Share a memorable event from life that included them. Send them your ABCD collection of qualities you admire about them. Remember to leave the best for last and finish Valentine’s Day with a boom.

11. Send a Care Box to a Scavenger Hunter

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day or your wedding on a budget this year, consider making a scavenger care package. Make a care box gift out of items you already have. You might have a book or a CD that they would enjoy. What about some cold and flu medicine, Vitamin C pills, and a box of instant chicken noodle soup for the next time they catch a cold? You might bring a plush puppy, a bar of chocolate, or a kitchen utensil you realize they need.

This gift is only constrained by your creativity, your possessions, and the scale of your box. A word of warning, however: Scavenger care packages perform better if the recipient is aware of what you’re doing and why. Don’t forget to remind your companion about the game. Much better, why don’t you all agree to deliver scavenger care packages this year?

12. Get Creative

Not all may weave, crochet, or deal with wood. I most emphatically cannot (not well, anyway). However, if you like crafting, this is the ideal choice for you. A decorated wooden box with my initials engraved into the cover was one of the most romantic presents I’ve ever got. There were a dozen laminated photos of sunsets inside the case.

Did he spend a lot of money (aside from time) on this gift? No, it does not. The wood was sourced from a fallen tree on his family’s farm. He was the one that took the pictures. But, also after more than two decades, I recall this gift fondly. So start dreaming, and then start becoming imaginative.

13. Make Paper Fortune Cookies for Valentine’s Day

You don’t have to be a super-crafty person to create your cute fortune cookies using the recipes in this blog post. Create a dozen lovey-dovey fortune cookies for your girlfriend out of leftover gift paper. Another present you should store around their space or dorm for them to discover in installments is this one.

14 Keep a Loving Diary

Consider repurposing a blank notebook as a love diary if you have one sitting around. Place it in wrapping paper or decorate it in some way. Take it with you on holidays or journeys whether you’re in a long-distance partnership. Exchange it and use it to compose messages or letters to each other. You may still use it to hold a scrapbook of your shared memories. If you write one letter to each other after each tour, your little book will soon be filled with love and memories.

If you live together, consider sending a letter to each other once a month for a year. You’ll have a treasure chest of fun to look back on at the end of the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everybody!!

If you have a lot of resources or are on a tight budget, I hope this list has provided you with plenty of ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts and various ways to tell “I love you.” Even if you’re looking for more ideas, take a look at this longer collection of long-distance presents.