Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Type of Badge Holder

One accessory that you may need for your ID cards is a badge holder. These holders are extremely convenient and provide multiple functionalities to your plastic ID card. They provide a secure holder to prevent loss of evidence, makes it easy to display ID cards, security personnel can easily spot the badge holders, and many such important functions become easy with a badge holder. 

To make things easier, there are several types of badge holders available as well. From vinyl badge holders to magnetic ones, each one performs equally great. So, how to choose the right type of badge holder for your ID card? Just go through the article and find that out for yourself. 


How Will You Use Your Badge?

ID card is always used to identify, but sometimes they have other purposes. Badges can be used to help customers easily identify employees when they need help. There are some badges that need to be quickly rendered, while other badges will be used for time tracking or access purposes. All of these uses require different badge holders.


How long do you need the Holder? 

In some cases, such as exhibitions or seminars – ID card badges use may not exceed one day. This makes the cost a factor that determines the choice of badge holders. On the other hand, if your employee continues to destroy their badges or your badge is easy to wear, you need a powerful holder that can withstand some punishment.


Orientation and Thickness

Some badges are displayed vertically, some badges are horizontal. The direction and type will help you choose the correct holder in order to display the badge correctly. You also need to consider the thickness of the badge and make sure your choice works with the thickness of the badge.



Coloured Badge Holders can help security people quickly identify different levels of access. Or you can choose a colourful badge holder, in line with the colour of your company\’s logo to highlight badges. Another option is to select reflection panels in a dark badge bracket to increase safety in low light conditions, especially when employees or tourists are in the dark.


Speciality Holders

Proximity cards, or cards with magnetic strips, needs special holders to lock the card in the position inside the bracket to prevent them from accidentally falling out. Another type of speciality holder has a unique half-style, making the magnetic strip still exposed, making it easy to swipe, especially for employees who need access to readers several times a day. 

There are also specially designed holders, designed as pocket wallets with pen holders, perfect for trade fairs and conference attendees.


How do you want to wear the Badge? 

There are several options when considering how to wear a badge. You can choose lanyards, safety badge reels, armband holder, and several different options. And each one will call for a different type of badge holder. 

Those were the factors that you should consider when choosing an ID badge holder. Apart from what mentioned above, the choice of materials too forms a choosing factor. Vinyl badge holders are common and used for enhanced safety and durability in various organizations.

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