Silly Questions That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

Silly Questions That Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry

A major challenge for people in long-distance relationships is running short of topics to discuss!

Often it seems like you’ve already discussed every minor aspect of your lives or days, and the well of discussion is running empty. You may be on the phone or video call, longing to be with them but feeling as though you don’t have anything to express.

We’re here to assist you! In those times, asking your spouse some silly, amusing questions will bring some humor and happier memories to the mix and help to break the long-distance silence.

These queries are also excellent for bringing up with somebody you just encountered online. Being playful and lighthearted will make the person you’re only starting to know to feel more at ease and loosen up the lines of communication between you.

So, don’t aim too hard to be witty or you’ll come off as corny. However, answering questions that have the power to make people laugh or recall something they haven’t thought about in a long time will help you easily get to know someone.

Here are some of our favorite questions that will get you laughing so much you’ll scream. The questions themselves might not be amusing, but they are ideal for starting a chat, breaking the ice, sparking laughter, and keeping the banter going.


1. What is the Most Amusing Joke You’ve Ever Heard?

Whether it’s cheesy knock-knock jokes, funny one-liners, or something Whittier, jokes can be a great way to start and can result in some real laughs.


2. What is The Simplest Item That You Most Get Wrong?

The response may be something from an amusing tale about losing a handkerchief before leaving for a crucial meeting to boiling milk that overflows when you look away for a minute.


3. What is The Most Worthless Ability or Abilities You Possess?

Everybody possesses at least one worthless talent. It may be the ability to turn pens, whip towels, or make your pupils vibrate.


4. Will You Even Have a Career if Your Workplace Internal Monologues Were Audible?

Internal monologue and the voice in the brain are usually free to think or utter the most outrageous things, the majority of which would get you in hot water at work if they were noticeable.


5. What Amusing Anecdotes Would You Include on Your Life’s Gag Reel?

Share some fun times in your life that will make someone viewing your memories as a video break out laughing.


6. What Is The Craziest Or Wildest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

This issue would often result in a great tale. You should start by telling a funny tale to set the tone before asking your partner this question.


7. What is The One Thing you Would not Discuss With Another Person?

Although certain people don’t mind exchanging such products, such as soap or nail clippers, others, such as loofah, razors, or toothbrushes, are strictly forbidden.


8. Which Portion of Your Body Would You Be Willing to Give Up?

There may be a couple of bits you don’t like parting from. Still, even though you’re close to it all, what aspect of it would you give up if you had to make a choice?


9. What is The Most Amusing Way You’ve Injured Yourself?

Some accidents are commonly the result of being slow-witted. Share the cringe-worthy anecdote, and your spouse will most definitely burst out laughing.


10. What is The Most Ridiculous Thing You Have Ever Been Duped Into Thinking or Doing?

Inquire into their most gullible moment and have fun.


11. What Famous Saying or Quotation Does not Make Sense to You or Ring True?

One definition of a contentious quotation is “money cannot buy pleasure.” Share them with you and chuckle at the cliché quotations.


12. What Was The Most Embarrassing Experience?

Describe a funny and humiliating scenario you once experienced and what you remembered from it.


13. Have You Ever Made a Mistake and Avoided Guilt so no One Finds out What You Did?

It might be a new snafu or a shady memory from your youth. This topic encourages vulnerability while still allowing you to reminisce about the distant past in a comfortable environment.


14. What Circumstance Did Film or Tv Have You Believe Will Occur Daily in Your Own Life?

Pop culture and television may also instill unfounded fear in real things, such as quicksand and memory failure (or speaking from personal experience here, piranhas).


15. What Have You Noticed or Heard That Has Piqued Your Interest This Month?

You should post amusing videos or stories that you found online.


16. What is The Most Outrageous Thing You’ve Seen an Instructor Do?

Our instructors have a habit of doing strange stuff in our presence that can be very distracting.


17. What is The Funniest Ad You’ve Recently Seen, and Why is it So Funny?

Many advertisements today are works of art. The most amusing advertisements or infomercials are mini-stories that can be genuinely funny and unforgettable.


18. Will You Tell Me a Cooking Tale in Which Things Did Not Go As Planned?

Cooking is an enjoyable experience for many people, but things do not often go as expected. Share your most amusing or ridiculously ambitious food mistakes.


19. What is The Most Outlandish Buy You’ve Ever Made?

We tend to purchase items that don’t make sense and that we later regret or doubt. Have you ever seen anything like this before?


Other amusing queries that may make you laugh:

20. What was your most funny childhood ambition about what you’d become as an adult?

21. If you could be a superhero for a day, what hilarious superpower did you want?

22. What is your favorite amusing quotation?

23. What is your favorite joke you’ve ever performed on someone?

24. What is the most amusing name you’ve ever heard?

25. What would you do if you could swap sex for a week?